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Strip Search Elimination Day 6

So I've become addicted to Penny Arcade's reality show Strip Search. It is basically American Idol for Webcomic Artists.

Each day ends with their elimination challenge. Which is to draw a comic strip in 90 minutes based on two random words. The words this week were 'MYSTERY' and 'NAUGHTY'. This is what I came up with.

90 minutes is deceptively short...

Check out the show here [link]
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Tin-Foil-Hat-101's avatar
Heh. Guess he can't take a hint.
I-Was-Ato's avatar
This is awesome!
I freaking love strip search. I'm totally addicted to it!
Walter-Ostlie's avatar
I can't believe there are only 4 people left. Don't know what I will do with my tuesday/friday morning when it is over. Hopefully they do a second season.
I-Was-Ato's avatar
I know! I want Abby to win so badly. I didn't even care about her until half way through the series and now she's my favorite person ever! I am in love with Junior Science Power Hour.
snarebang's avatar
I totally dig Penny Arcade it was one of the first web-comic that I read regularly. Love what you did :nod: awesome.
Walter-Ostlie's avatar
I got to admit, I don't read Penny Arcade, but I love all the side stuff they do. I watched their Penny Arcade the series and also watched some of their other video series stuff. And of course Strip Search.

I have read a few of their strips and I've liked them. I really liked this strip [link]
lucas-irineu's avatar
Haha, oh man. That is great.
Loaded-Kahones's avatar
XD That's hilarious! I've never heard of Strip Search. I'll have to check it out! :D
So how's Shiver Bureau coming along?
Walter-Ostlie's avatar
Slowly but surely-ish getting back into the swing. I've almost finished thumbnailing the next chapter. My thumbnailing is part art and part writing. I have a very small, loose outline written, but while I thumbnail pages, I am also writing dialogue and figuring out the story details. I wish I could do pages as quick as I did this strip.
Loaded-Kahones's avatar
Ah well. Writing is hard. So is drawing. I'd prefer waiting for some good quality webcomic stuff things than quickly getting some sub-par webcomic stuff things. So take all the time you need! Your fans can wait I'm sure. :D
SeanMcFarland's avatar


Maybe next time he should bring the flashlight. ;)

I too have become entirely too invested in that show. Haven't tried any of the 90 minute challenges though.
Walter-Ostlie's avatar
You should give it a go. It is fun, though 90 minutes does really eat up a good chunk of your day. I wonder how boring it was for the crew to be filming 4 people basically sitting down for 90 minutes.
SeanMcFarland's avatar
Thank God for the heckling/banter. ;)

I imagine that's probably the peril for the majority of reality show crews, 90% of the footage has to be incredibly mundane.
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