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Homeworld 2 Space Backgrounds

USE DOWNLOAD to get full-sized version with each panorama 1600x480 pixels big.

Compilation of awesome space backgrounds from strategy computer game Homeworld 2 by Relic Entertainment. I used editing tools to extract them from the game, so everyone can enjoy them.
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Hi Walter, thanks for doing this! Wondering if I could use these pics in my Homeworld mod? I will credit you of course.
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Soooooo great! thx!
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If someone is interested, i wrote 2 articles about these backgrounds:


But i have no idea how you got these unfolded version of the backgrounds :D
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Very informative articles. Thanks :)
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Smashing job extracting these! How do you map them? To a sphere or something?
dactilardesign's avatar
Thank you. How did you get this?
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It was a complicated import/export job done in several stages. It was done years ago, so I don't remember 100% - is it important for you?
dactilardesign's avatar
Not so much, I was wondering because I am a big fan of HW series, and I was wondering how hard is to get this... sounds complicated :)
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Here there be real treasure.
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//?Thank you SO MUCH! I've been looking for these to remake the Homeworld intro-cut-scene in Maya, and you just made my day.
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How did you get these out? I was looking into getting them all individual without watermarks.
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WOW, great!

Instant :+fav:!!!

But ... how the **** were you able to extract those backgrounds? What programs were you using?
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Gorgeous; I've never seen them unwrapped before, thank you!
Michel-le-fou's avatar
Incredible technique!!!I love them!
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Homeworld 2 Backgrounds are so beautiful.
Thanks for the compilation.:thumbsup:
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Wow, these are pretty good looking--is there a way to get a nice high-res individual image rather than a compilation?
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Did you try downloading the full-sized picture? Each panorama is 1600x480 pixels large there.
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Ah, no--sorry. My brain is pretty much dead to the world right now. Thanks again for extracting these though!
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