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Disney was founded on October 16th, 1923, by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and travel. Taking on its current name in 1986, it expanded its existing operations and also started divisions focused upon theater, radio, music, publishing, and online media.
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Disney Space Jam A New Legacy part 5[the fourth quarter starts with 12 minutes of the game remaining][Minnie throws the ball to Kobe and then Kobe see Jose blocking Gianna’s away]Kobe Bryant: Iso. Clear out.[Jose does so as Kobe and Gianna look at each other face to face]Minnie Mouse: [running] I wonder what move he’s gonna do.Oswald: The post-up?Goofy: Maybe the fadeaway.Donald Duck: He’s gonna dunk all over him. Look at that kid! She’s too small.[Kobe comes closer to Gianna and then stops]Gianna Bryant: Dad, what are you doing? We’re in the middle of a game. Mickey Mouse: [running up] Hey, what’s goin’ on?Minnie Mouse: I don’t know.Gianna Bryant: Dad…Kobe Bryant: Gianna, your game is amazing. But I guess I would’ve known that if I would’ve listened more. Sorry I didn’t. For me, when I was a kid, the things that I went through to get where I am now, I had to be a certain way. [sighs] Yeah, it helped me win games, but not so much being a dad.Kobe Bryant: I’m still learning how. You’re teaching me. I want you to be yourself. Do you understand how much I love you? Do you understand how important you are to me? How very special you are? I mean, I don’t even know if I’m saying this right.[throws the ball to the side]Gianna Bryant: Sounds right to me. [Vannessa similes]Gianna Bryant: [hugs Kobe] I love you, Dad.Kobe Bryant: [hugs back] I love you too, sweetie.[crowd applauding]Pete: Oh now that’s beautiful.Mrs. Beakly: Let’s go![Clara clucks]Minnie Mouse: I think I’m gonna cry.Mickey Mouse: Not me. [wailing]Minnie Mouse: Mickey, pull it together.Vanessa: Gianna! Gianna![both Kobe and Gianna turn to their family in the audience]Gianna Bryant: Mom! [Bianka waves] Hey, Bianka!Antwan: Are you serious? [walks up holding the ball and turns to a cheering audience] [in distorted voice] Zip it![crowd quiets][turns towards Kobe and Gianna]Antwan: You two are a joke, you know that?Gianna Bryant: I got this, Dad.Antwan: Oh, what? You got something to say?Gianna Bryant: Yeah. I think you want people to fear you more than anything. And I’m not about that, Antwan I’m playing with my dad.Antwan: Oh no you’re not. You’re playing against your dad. See what this says? “Goon Squad.” You already made your choice, Gianna. Right, Uno? He can’t…[Uno whimpering]Antwan: Uno, are you crying? There’s no crying in the Serververse, Uno! [Gianna walks back to the Mouse Squad]Antwan: [scoffs] All right. Yeah, all right. I see how it is, Gianna. [in distorted voice] I see how it is. I gave you everything!Daisy: Good to have you, girl.Donald Duck: Great spot for you right here, kid.Goofy: We got ’em now!Panchito Pistoles: Bienvenido, senorito! Somebody get him a new jersey.Big Bad Wolf: Welcome to the hunt.[Luicifer meows happily]Mrs. Beakly: I made this, just in case.Kobe Bryant: Thanks, Mrs. Beakly.Mickey Mouse: Oh, it’s so nice to meet you.Goofy: Glad to have you on the team![Kobe gives Gianna the jersey]Kobe Bryant: here you go, GiGianna Bryant: Thanks, Dad.Antwan: Fine. [everybody turns] Antwan: You wanna join these losers? You go ahead, Gianna. ‘Cause, it’s not your game anymore. [in distorted voice] I am the game. Chernabog ain’t got nothin’ on me![Chernabog gasps, grunts insulted][Antwan starts to upgrade and enlarge himself]Darrel Waltrip: I don’t believe what I’m watching, BobBob Costas: Uh-huh.Darrel Waltrip: The man just grew, like, five feet.Antwan: [distorted laugh as he grows into a massive giant sporting the Goon Squad uniform as the Goon Squad approach behind him] [in distorted voice] Yo, Kob. You’re about to lose your family, your friends, your team, everything you love.Kobe Bryant: I don’t think so.Mickey Mouse: Oh, it’s on.[fists bumps Kobe] [game starts up again as the crowd cheers][Kobe shows the ball to Minnie]Minnie Mouse: [steps on to a power-up] Count it![Mouse Squad score goes up][crowd cheering]Kobe Bryant: Yeah, Minnie!Mickey Mouse: All right!Minnie Mouse: Nice pass, Kobe![crowd chanting Let’s go, MQ!]Antwan: That’s cute. But I thought I told you… [snaps and reverse the shot as the scoreboard shows the title “Cheat Code”]Kobe Bryant: What?Minnie Mouse: Ugh!Antwan: …it’s my game now.Kobe Bryant: Yo, yo, switching everything. Yo’, stay home. Bump out.Antwan: [dribbles the ball] Sic ’em, Goons.[both teams charge towards each other]The Brow: Get back, mouse. [flaps his wings and forces Mickey backward]Mickey Mouse: Ow!White Mambo: Come here! [catches Minnie in here clutches][Arachnneka leaps on White Mambo and flings web over Ajax][Ajax grunting][the other Goons pile upon him as Wet Fire ignites the court, blocking Gianna’s way]Antwan: [leaps climbs over the Goon Squad and is about to shoot][Kobe attempts to block Antwan, much to everyone’s worry, but no avail as Antwan scores and kicks Kobe to the ground]Antwan: [to Kobe] Whoo! I’m a monster! We are about to break the internet, baby! [to the Mouse Squad] It’s over.Kobe Bryant: Time out.Donald Duck: Oh, brother.[Goon Squad score goes up]Minnie Mouse: Did you see that? He’s cheating!Goofy: well groush, that plain ol’ sucks.Kobe Bryant: Listen, it’s all right. All we gotta do is get one bucket.Mickey Mouse: How can we score if he controls the game?Antwan: Whoa! Where are my Goons at?[celebrates with the Goon Squad]Antwan: No mercy![Mouse Squad look angrily at him]Donald Duck: That no-good, despicable Son of a glitch! [gets into his iconic temper tantrum]Gianna Bryant: Yo! That’s it! Your move, Dad. Remember? The step-back glitch. both Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant: In and out, crossover, step back, shoot. Gianna Bryant: That move froze my whole game.Kobe Bryant: And that’s good because…Gianna Bryant: If the game crashes, Antwan won’t be able to control it anymore. Minnie Mouse: And if he can’t control it, he can’t stop us from scoring.Gianna Bryant: Right![Mouse Squad agree to this]Gianna Bryant: Wait. That’s not gonna work.Kobe Bryant: Why not?Gianna Bryant: When my character did the step-back, it got deleted.Donald Duck: So, whoever does the glitch move…Gianna Bryant: Will get deleted.[all gasp]Goofy: so I guess we’re drawing straws. [holds up an armful of straws]Minnie Mouse: We are not doing that. We’ll think of something else.Oswald: What about the old alley-oop?Kobe Bryant: I’m gonna do the step-back.[all gasp]Gianna Bryant: What? No. Dad, you’ll be deleted.Kobe Bryant: I’m not a video game character. I think I’ll be okay.Gianna Bryant: Dad, you don’t know that. I’ve done the calculations.Kobe Bryant: Gianna. Somebody’s gotta do something.Minnie Mouse: Kobe, you don’t have to do this.all: No!Kobe Bryant: Listen, just get me the ball. Hands in. [the Mouse Squad does so] Mouse Squad on three. One, two, three…all: Mouse Squad![siren goes off as the Mouse Squad head to the court with Mickey having an idea] [crowd cheering]The Brow: Here we go.[timer sets to 10 seconds]Antwan: Yeah, this is fun, huh? We should just do it again, and again, and again. Just over, and over, and over for all eternity. How’s that sound?Bob Costas: Ten seconds on the clock. The Mouse Squad are one style point play away from victory or defeat.[Uno blows the whistle and the game begins][Kobe and Antwan block each other as the other team members scatter out on the court]Bob Costas: This is their last chance.[Minnie throws the ball to Kobe, but Mickey catches it]Kobe Bryant: Mickey, what are you doing?Bob Costas: And it looks like a broken play!Mickey Mouse: In and out, crossover, step back…Minnie Mouse: [In slow motion] Mickey, no!Mickey Mouse: [In slow motion] Shoot! [everything including Mickey starts glitching][Kobe and Antwan charge as Mickey continues to glitch]Darrell Waltrip: Mickey’s shot is gonna be short.[Kobe leaps up into the air and catches the ball]Darrel Waltrip: But wait, Kobe is flying through the air!Gianna Bryant: Come on, Dad.[but it looks like he’ll miss]Mickey Mouse: Oh, no.Bob Costas: He’s not gonna make it. He’s… He’s not…Minnie Mouse: Gonna make it. Vanessa: No.[Gianna throws the power-up in the air to which Kobe lands on and powers up]Antwan: That’s cheating![he reaches towards the hoop and scores as the timer goes off][Kobe and Antwan transform into a poster as everything around him in tat poster tears including Antwan]Antwan: Great. Posterized.[all cheering]Gianna Bryant: Posterized. Yeah![Mouse Squad cheering as they transform back to their 2D animated forms]Bob Costas: The Mouse Squad wins! the Mouse Squad has won! Unbelievable![Chernabog and Paul Bunyan fist bump] Darrel Waltrip: Man, do you see that, Antwan just got turned into a literal poster.Antwan: [sighs] This is not how I wanted to go out![Uno flies in and destroys the piece containing Antwan][the Mouse Squad celebrates as the Goon Squad disappear]José Carioca: [laughs] Tchau, Goons!Donald Duck: We won! Whoo-hoo! We won! Give me a hug! [about to hug Oswald only to be pushed away by Big Foot who picks up Oswald and hugs him][Archaican Bird runs past Donald]Donald Duck: [angrily] Somebody hug me! Anybody?[gets sandwiched between a hugging Goofy and Ajax]Kobe Bryant: I love y’all. Gianna Bryant: All right, Dad!Kobe Bryant: Great assist, Gianna! [both Kobe and Gianna hug]Uno: Whoa![crowd cheering as they get transported back into their respective worlds]Darrel Waltrip: Yes! I never doubted you for a second, Kobe! We are going home! Thank you so much! You are the Akron Hammer. The chosen one!Kobe, man! I love you! We going home. [laughing] [both Darrel and Bob get transported back][Kobe and Gianna take notice to the Mouse Squad gathering around and mourning over Mickey]Kobe: Mickey…Mickey Mouse: How’d I do, Coach?[glitching]Minnie Mouse: Mickey, I am so proud of you [hugs Mickey in her arms].Mickey Mouse: But taking care of the people you love is fundamental. Kobe Bryant: Thank you.Minnie Mouse: Goodbye, Kobe.[Kobe and Gianna get teleported back to the real world as Mouse World gets magically get reconstructed back]Both: We did it.[all sniffling]Mickey Mouse: We’re all back together again.Minnie Mouse: Mickey.Mickey Mouse: [sings When you Wish Upon a Star as he disappears into a star and exploseds].[back at the human world]Kobe Bryant: sweetie?Gianna Bryant: Dad.[both hug]Kobe Bryant: You’re all right, right?Gianna Bryant: I’m good.Kobe Bryant: You’re sure?Gianna Bryant: I’m good.Kobe Bryant: All right, let’s go home.Kobe Bryant: Come here. [both hug again][reunites with their family]Bianka: Daddy!Kobe Bryant: Baby, hi. Bianka, hey!Gianna Bryant: Mom!Kobe Bryant: Missed y’all so much.[all hugging]Natalia: Bro, that was amazing.Vanessa: I’m so proud of you!Kobe Bryant: All my family. My goodness. I love you, guys.Vanessa: We love you, too.Kobe Bryant: Come on, Russell. Come on in, man.Russell Westbrook: [tearfully] You the Kobe, man!It’s a family affair, man. Come on in.Russell Westbrook: [sobbing] Kobe! Kobe.Kobe Bryant: Hey, Russell Westbrook, you good?No. No, man.Kobe Bryant: You cryin’?Russell Westbrook: What?Kobe Bryant: All right.Russell Westbrook: I ain’t crying, bruh.Kobe Bryant: Okay.[cuts to one week later]Kobe Bryant: So, Gianna, you ready for basketball camp?Gianna Bryant: Yeah. I’m actually pretty excited.Kobe Bryant: Yeah? Because I know how much you really wanted…Gianna Bryant: I think I'll just take a break from video games for now. You know, after we…Kobe Bryant: Got sucked into one?Gianna Bryant: Yeah.Kobe Bryant: Really? Because, like… I mean, I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I mean, we can turn around right now if you want to.Gianna Bryant: What are you talking about? Look.[show up to the entrance to a Game Design camp]Kobe Bryant: I mean, I figured it’s about time for you to do you.Gianna Bryant: Thank you, Dad. [both hug]Kobe Bryant: You’re welcome.Gianna Bryant: Hey, have fun.Kobe Bryant: Yo, Gianna. Ball?Gianna Bryant: [looks at it happily] I think I'm gonna hold onto it.[Gianna proceeds to head to the entrance with Kobe proudly watching]Mickey Mouse: Aw, that’s so sweet. Kobe Bryant: Mickey! How did you…?Mickey Mouse: Come on. You didn’t think you’d get rid of me that easily, did you? I told ya, I’m a cartoon character, Doc! I can survive anything!Kobe Bryant: It’s good to see you, buddy.Mickey Mouse: Oh, by the way, you think I could crash at your pad for a few days?Kobe Bryant: Of course. There’s more than enough room for you.Mickey Mouse: Great! I’ve never been to Tinseltown. I wanna go on a Star Tour. I hear they love drinking juice here. Oh, do they make carrot juice?Kobe Bryant: They juice anything for you here.Mickey Mouse: Oh, hey, can I stay for Taco Tuesday?Kobe Bryant: Taco Tuesday! No doubt.Mickey Mouse: Hope you and Mrs. Kobe got bunk beds ’cause I got some friends who wanna visit.Kobe Bryant: Hold up, hold up. Bunk beds?Mickey Mouse: That’s right. I brought the whole gang with me!Kobe Bryant: What do you mean, “the whole gang”?Mickey Mouse: You can’t get rid of us now. We’re family!
Disney Space Jam A New Legacy part 4[cuts to the changing room of the Mouse Squad as we see Kobe getting a water from the cooler and see the others injured and depressed]Minnie Mouse: Come on, guys. Don’t give up. There’s a whole other half to play.[Panchito exclaims in Spanish]Minnie Mouse: I’m telling you, we can still win this.Daisy Duck: How? We’re getting decimated.Donald Duck: We need a boost. A pick-me-up. A secret weapon. Mrs Beakly: [with a martini] We need a miracle.[Donald snatches it from her and throws it on the ground and stamps on it repeatedly]Goofy: I don’t know if this counts as a miracle, but I found Elton John! He was in the audience. I know he can help.[Spirit in the Sky plays]Donald Duck: You found him?Pete: I can feel his power already.Panchito Pistoles: I can hear his shoes.[footsteps thudding]Donald Duck: At guard, 6’6″, from Middlesex…[Mouse Squad cheering]Donald Duck: Number 27, Elton John…[reveal to not be Elton John much to the Mouse Squad’s shock][music stops][Donald’s jaw drops]Kobe Bryant: Come on, man. That’s Elon Musk. The engineer.Elon Musk: I was just getting some popcorn, and then this tall dog grabbed me.Donald Duck: We couldn’t get Elton John, so we got Elon Musk?Pete: [grabs Goofy by the neck to torso] How could you think he was His Airness? They look nothing alike [turns his head towards Elon Musk].Lucifer: It’s been 25 years. I thought he aged gracefully.Elon Musk: This is awkward, um….. I believe in you guys, okay? Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. You hear me? Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! Say it with me…[Kobe non verbally tells him to knock it off]Elon Musk: Yeah, y’all got this. I’m… I’m too much. You’re right. I’m sorry. I’mma go back to my seat. You came back three-one.[Donald write “wrong guy” and “fire Goofy” on a clipboard][Elon Musk leaves]Donald Duck: [sighs] Well, that was a bust. Anyone else got any bright ideas?[Kobe sits down and looks down in greif]Minnie Mouse: Come on! Get it together, guys. The Mouse Squad doesn’t give up at halftime. The Mouse Squad doesn’t give up ever.Kobe Bryant: We’re down a thousand points. No team is coming back from this.Pete: Well, why don’t you try coaching us better, bub!Kobe Bryant: I’ve been coaching y’all this whole time! Goofy over here getting the wrong E-on, Mrs. Beakly’s out here having a martini at halftime [Mrs Beakly hides martini behind her back], and Bigfoot might as well be playing for the other team!Donald Duck: Your daughter plays for the other team.Jose Carioca: Yeah, you’re a terrible father.Kobe Bryant: I’m a bad dad? I’ve been trying to save my daughter and coach y’all at the same time. What y’all doing?Minnie Mouse: We’ve been trying.Kobe Bryant: Trying to do what?Minnie Mouse: Trying to be like you. Mickey Mouse: [sadly] And it’s not working one bit.[Mouse Squad sadly look at Kobe]Kobe Bryant: Because you’re not me. [looks down at her daughter’s name written on his shoes] “You never let me just… do me.” Kobe Bryant: Okay, I got it. New game plan. [pulls down white board from celling] Mickey. [Mickey stands up and looks up at Kobe who then hans him the marker]Time to do what you guys do best.[Mickey looks at his team mates]Mickey Mouse: You know something? If we're going out, we're going out with style! Let's go, team! [Mouse Squad cheering][cuts back to the game]Bob Costas: It seems bleak, but let’s remember, there’s an entire half left to play.[buzzer sounds as the lights dim down][Gunta’s ship powering up]Captain Gantu: Oh, that first half was interminable. [ramp door falls on him] ARE YOU KIDDING ME?![the the Archaican Bird shows up singing his song while constructing a billboard based on the intro from every Mickey Mouse short complete with a Mickey Mouse head silloute]Donald Duck: [pops out of the bilboard] show time![Pete, Goofy, Panchito, and Daisy pop out as the billboard falls in the progress][all cheering][Kobe and Mickey walk down the ramp]Kobe Bryant: Yeah! Let’s go, team! Yep, we in here. Are we ready? Mouse Squad, we in the building![the Goon Squad stand up from the benches][Antwan stares at Kobe who then pulls a face as Mickey, Minnie, Clara, Orville, and Bigfoot pulls faces and taunts them]Bob Costas: Hey, they may be down a gazillion points, but Kobe Bryant and the MQ are coming back out here for the third quarter with some renewed energy.Darrell Waltrip: And I don’t understand why. These guys are losing really badly.[game starts]Bob Costas: All right, here we go in the third quarter.[Orville holds the ball up as the brow corners him]The Brow: Yeah! Bird versus baby bird.[Orville the backs away as the brow follows to appourch a giant slingshot made from a bike tire]The Brow: uh oh[catapult fires him as he then hits the barrier hard][imaginary Orvilles are then scene flying around the Brows head][Orville throws the ball to Mickey]Wet Fire: Give me that ball, Mouse[Big Bad Wolf appears and blows on Wetfire to the turn into a wave, which splashes a few Disney characters in the audience, much to their excitment] Mickey Mouse: Someone's not a fan of doing the wave. [giggles] [Mickey throws the ball to Kobe]Kobe Bryant: [whistles and passes the ball to the Archaican Bird][the Archaican Bird builds a stone wall at a rapid pace causing a dust cloud][dust cloud disappears]The Brow: Where's the ball?the Archaican Bird: [calls the goon squad and teases them with the ball][The Brow, White Mamba, and Arachnneka charges towards the bird only to be smashed by the wall with a moving painting of the the Archaican Bird][Oswald jumps with the ball in hand and shoots and scores][scoreboard then shows wall to wall bonus][Antwan and villains groan over this]Antwan: Oh, no! Are you kidding me?! Wall to Wall?! It's the oldest trick in the book!Kobe Bryant: Yeah Ossy!Oswald: Ooh, slam dunk![Mouse Squad cheering]Donald Duck: Just like I drew it up.[White Mamba throws the ball to Gianna and then throws it to the Brow]Bob Costas: Oh, what a no-look pass ahead to Gianna. [Gianna passes the ball to the Brow]Bob Costas: Looks like the Goons are playing keep-away.[transitions to an old live sport reel with Mickey dressed as a 1930s reporter] Mickey Mouse: Gianna passes to Wet Fire. Wet Fire back to Brow. He’s gonna dunk… Oh! But he freezes at the rim![Brow freezes midair]The Brow: Oh? Huh?[crowd exclaims]Antwan: What are you doing? Mickey Mouse: Giving new meaning to “suspended from the game”!Antwan: Give me that. [snatches microphone from Mickey] oh but the Goons fast break, take it to the other end. Those barn animals don’t have what it takes to win. [light shut out as the screen reads “Hip-Hop Bonus Round”]Antwan: Oh come on! I wasn’t trying to start a…[Mouse Squad show up dressed as rappers]Donald Duck: Oh, we rappin’ now? We rappin’?[hip-hop music playing]Kobe Bryant: Hey, Oswald, burn ‘em.Oswald: brun 'em? Me….? [hands Donald Duck: Show 'em who you really are[mic feedback whines][people laughing]Oswald: Oh... Oh, boy. Here goes nothin'. [mimicking record scratching] [rapping] What up? It's Oswald! They call me Lucky Muzzle! Antwan step to me! He don't want no trouble Kobe Bryant: Yeah!The Brow:Boo!Oswald: ♪ I was famous Before it started with the mouse. Since 1928 I’ve been outta da house!♪ [Mickey and Minnie dancing on the dance floor] ♪ This bun is lit I’m super ticked. Every time I’m out in public People askin’ me how’s my schick. You, nobody knows you When you walk the street. How your last name Rhythm And you still off-beat. ♪Donald Duck: Off-beat![Kobe points and laughs at Antwan]Oswald: ♪ From beginning to the end ♪♪ I’m here for all the smoke ♪♪ Your squad ain’t all-star Your squad is all jokes ♪Donald Duck: All jokes!♪ End this with one without getting sued for dezee quotes♪♪ This battle is now over ♪♪ That… That… That’s all folks ♪[drops mic][crowd cheers]Minnie Mouse: Yeah, Oswald!Kobe: That’s all, folks!The Brow: Get off the stage![scoreboard shows the Mouse Squad’s points gone up rapidly, with the title “Mic Drop points” being shown]Kobe Bryant: Style points.[Mouse Squad dances]Bob Costas: I’m not exactly sure what we just witnessed here.Darrel Waltrip: [laughs] He just got bonus points for those bars.Bob Costas: He was spittin’ hot fire.Darrel Waltrip: Yeah![Jose dribbles the ball]Darrell Waltrip: Joes brings it up. He sure can really pat the rock. [the ball get stolen by a passing Brow]Darrell Waltrip: ohhhh! And gets slammed by The Brow!The Brow: Back to Barzil, polly [mimicks parrot squack].Kobe Bryant: Jose! bola passada![Jose spins around transitions into wearing a soccer uniform and rushes to the Brow and slide under the brow and jumps and kicks the ball as it flies across the court and into the the Mouse Squad’s hoop] [crowd cheering, including Kobe’s family][scoreboard reads Soccer pointsAntwan: Are you serious?Kobe Bryant: Yeah!Antwan: Make a call, Uno![Uno refuses to]Antwan: Oh, you wanna swallow your whistle? [throws a chair to Uno and hits him causing him accidentally swallow his whistle]Antwan: Yeah! How’d that taste?[tooting]Antwan: Now call the game![crowd cheering]Antwan: How did I lose control? I didn’t lose control.CLU 2.0: [gives a signal say that he didn’t see anything]Antwan: You lost… You…This one lost… I haven’t lost any…Kobe Bryant: Yeah, baby, let’s go. Let’s go!Minnie Mouse: Yes!Natalia: Yes! Let’s go, Mouse Squad![all] Let’s go, Mouse Squad!crowd: [chanting] Let’s go, Mouse Squad! Let’s go, Mouse Squad! Let’s go, Mouse Squad! Let’s go, Mouse Squad! Let’s go, Mouse Squad! Let’s go, Mouse Squad! Let’s go, Mouse Squad![Mickey and Minnie high five]Bob Costs: Wow! Check out this crowd. Everyone really getting behind the Mouse Squad.Darrel Wartrip:You know somethin’, it’s about time.[shot of marching foot steps are seen as it then shows that its a line of Goofys]Bob Costas: Coming off the bench now for the MQ is Goofy, and…..[shocked] dozens of them.[whistles][three of the Goofys climb on top of each others and as the others keep passing a ball towards them who then place into the hoop]Darrell Waltrip: I don’t believe what I’m watching here, this is some of the most maddest sportsman ship I’ve seen![the last Goofy passes the ball to the ladder of Goofys who, again, place it into the hoop, thus finally placing the Mouse Squad at a thousand points]Bob Costas: And just like that, the Mouse Squad have a thousand points on the board.Kobe Bryant: [to Gianna] We havin’ fun yet?Gianna Bryant: [laughs] What’s wrong, Al? That was awesome.Antwan: What do you mean, “What’s wrong?” They’re catching up. [to the microphone] Run Dame Time.[Kronos shows up]Kobe Bryant: Not him again.Daisy Duck: he gonna kick our butts againMrs. Beakly: Oh, don’t worry. Time’s on our side.[grabs a walker and walks slowly]Donald Duck: She knows time is literally on their side, right?Daisy Duck: [shrugs “I don’t know”][Mrs Beakly shows up on the court, much too the confusion of Antwan and the villains in the crowd]Kobe Bryant: You sure about this, Mrs. Beakly?Mrs. Beakly: I’m going old-school on his butt.[does a gymnastic flip and hurtle around the walker and then leaps on her feet]Kobe Bryant: wow[Kronus dribbles the ball rapidly and gives a smiles that reads “seriously man”]Mrs. Beakly: come on.[Krnous runs up]Mrs. Beakly: STOP![sets Kronus in slow motion][Mrs. Beakly leaps up over Kronus and sets his clock control to many years]Mrs. Beakly: tick tock, sonny![Kronus ages into an elderly figure as Mrs. Beakly kicks the ball to the hoop, scoring 30 points with the title “senior discount”]Kobe Bryant: [surprised] She is The One. [then looks at Mickey]Antwan: What in the AARP is going on out here?[Kobe dribbles the ball while dodge in the Wet fire and and passes it Minnie]Minnie Mouse: I got this! [jumps on to a power up] Whoo!Kobe Bryant: Minnie!Minnie Mouse: Got you, Kobe![jumps onto a power-up which launches him into the sky; Minnie winks]Kobe Bryant: [yelling][Kobe scores as the scoreboard boasts the Mouse Squad’s points to 1040 with the title “Monster Jam!”]Antwan: Nooooooooo[begule boys in the crowd groan]Aliens from Toy Story in the crowd: ooohhhhhhhhh……..[rest of crowd cheering]Natalia: There we go! Let’s go!Bob Costas: And the Mouse Squad take the lead! What a play from Minnie and Kobe Bryant! A monster jam! Kobe came back from three-one down, what a comeback! Can he come back from this far back?Darrel Wartirp: I gotta tell ya Bob, I woke up today and only knew one world. Then I got sucked into my phone, and at this point, anything’s possible![laughs][cuts to the court]Mickey Mouse: Way to go, team!Let’s go!Kobe Bryant: Panchito, right here.Panchito Pistoles: OLAY!Kobe Bryant: Yeah!Kobe Bryant: Minnie! [to Bigfoot] Yes! My dude! Bigfoot! [leaps up and high fives Bigfoot] [cheering]Vanessa: Go, baby! Yeah!Natalia: Oh, yeah! Here we go![Mouse Quad cheering]Kobe Bryant: Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Now we having some fun! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! This is fun basketball right here! Be yourselves! Be yourselves![GIanna looks at her father with his team]Jose Carioca: All right!Antwan: Hey, Gianna, are you a Mouse or are you a Goon? Mouse or Goon? Mouse or Goon? Make up your mind. Make up your mind. [Gianna rushes towards Antwan] Let’s go. Sit down.Kobe Bryant: Yeah. Way to get good out there.[Mrs. Beakly cheers, laughs]Kobe Bryant: Ooh-whee![Kobe stares at Antwan, who stares at him back]Antwan: [too the Goon Squad] Everybody happy, huh? Everybody having a good time? Yeah? You having a lot of fun out there? ‘Cause that’s all that matters, right? Is that you’re having fun. [yelling] That doesn’t matter at all! What matters is that I win this [bleep] game![to Gianna] Oh, and you, Gianna. How are you losing at your own game? [in distorted voice] For server’s sake, I didn’t even think that was possible! I expected a lot more out of you, daughter. Get your head in the game. I need to win![both looks at the Mouse Squad]Antwan: [sighs] [in normal voice] Yeah, maybe your dad was right about you. Letting you be you was a mistake.[Antwan sits down on the bench, only to then sit down on nothing, to fall over]Antwan: Okay. If everybody would move down, then we could all sit on the bench. Let’s all sit on the bench![Goon Squad players scooch to the side as Antwan finally sits down][cuts to Kobe looking over]Minnie Mouse: Kobe? Hey, you with us?Kobe James: Let’s end this. I’m getting my daughter back.[Kobe walks up to the court with Mickey, Minnie, and Big Bad Wolf following]
Disney Space Jam A New Legacy Part 3[cuts back to the Disney studio]Disney Security Guard: You lost Kobe Bryant? And his daughter? For real? You better find that dude. He on my fantasy team.Russell Westbrook: I didn’t lose Kobe, so stop saying that![cell phone ringing]Russell Westbrook: Oh, come on, man. Listen, his wife keeps calling me every ten minutes. Now, I gotta get back to her soon or she gonna kill me, man.Disney Security Guard: Look, does my name badge say, “Kobe Finder”? “Kobe Locator”? No, it doesn’t.Russell Westbrook: But isn’t it your job to secure something?Disney Security Guard: With all due respect, I went to school for six months to be accredited as a security specialist, specializing in the securial arts. And the sooner you come to terms with the fact that you lost the world’s greatest athlete, the sooner you’ll be able to move on with your life.Russell Westbrook: I’m a professional! An avid professional, man![cell phone ringing]Russell Westbrook: I ain’t lose Kobe, and I ain’t ask you about your… Hey, Vanessa. Yeah, I got the funniest story to tell you. Oh, snap! I gotta call you back. I’m driving through a canyon right now.Disney Security Guard: He ain’t in no canyon. He in my office, violating my personal space!Russell Westbrook: I’m driving through a canyon right here!Disney Security Guard: He need to get back on his business and find Kobe.Code ten! Code ten![Russell Westbrook mimics static]You… I can’t hear…Vanessa: [on phone] Russell Westbrook. You have zero seconds to tell me where my husband and my daughter are. [cuts back to the servervrese, in Antwan’s Quarters]Antwan: Okay, time to rebuild your character.Gianna Bryant: have you done this before?Antwan: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I upgrade things all the time. I mean, look at Uno, for instance. He was hideous, now he’s adorable. Right, Uno?[Uno noods]Antwan: Ugh. [back to Gianna] Don’t… Don’t look at Uno, okay? Just focus on yourself.Gianna Bryant: That’s the character customization menu from my game.Antwan: Yes, it is. Now, with this, you can become the player that your dad always wanted you to be. Best part is, you get to do it your way. You have control. [Gianna then pushes up the dial and stops at 75]Antwan: Seventy-five? You’re good with 75? Come on! We didn’t come here to be three-quarters. Uno’s a 75, he can’t even rebound.[Gianna continues to push the dial up]Antwan: Come on, Gianna. Let’s go. Dream big, daughter. Turn up. Turn up.[finally pushes up to 100]Antwan: That’s it. Now you’re living. Let’s go! Yes![powering up]Antwan: Yes. Now, you are finally gonna be who you really are. Captain of my basketball team![plays “Get Ready (2013 Version)” and dances, as fireworks light up and explode]Antwan: Whoa, wait a minute. Take it. Swish![Uno plays a trombone along with the song]Antwan: Watch me do it. Come on, Uno. Running man on ’em. Whoo!Gianna Bryant: Wait, wait, wait…[music stops]Antwan: Running man on ’em. Huh?Gianna Bryant: You said we were rebuilding my character. You never said anything about me actually playing in the game.Antwan: Look, do you want your dad to respect you or not?Gianna Bryant: Yeah, but…Antwan: No, Gianna. No buts. [in distorted voice] You want your dad to respect you, you beat him in a game of your own creation. Dads don’t understand reason, Gianna. They understand power. You take the power. You gotta make him respect you. You make him see that you are special.Gianna Bryant: Do it. Upgrade me.[grunts][snaps fingers][Antwan upgrades Gianna by turning the dial on the hologram][upgrade completes]Gianna Bryant: Yo! I got handles!Antwan: You got mad handles. There’s no way we’re gonna get beat now. Hey, how about we show your teammates some love? Have some fun with it.Antwan: [bouncing a ball] And remember, Gianna, no rules, okay? Forget about fundamentals.Gianna Bryant: Okay. I think I can make a few customizations.Antwan: I’m sure you can. [cuts back to the Disney studio]Russell Westbrook: And now Kobe won’t answer my calls or texts or anything. It’s almost like… It’s almost like they were abducted, all right? Now, we gotta rule out all possibilities here. Now, I’m talking about aliens, okay? The government. Uh, the New York Knicks.[cell phone chimes][Vanessa scoffs]Natalia: Guys, guys. Dad just tweeted.Russell Westbrook: Thank God! About what?Natalia: Okay. Said he’s playing in a game later today.Vanessa: Is that Gianna?Natalia: Yeah. Some kinda…Russell Westbrook: Game?Natalia: …epic live event that you can stream on this app.Russell Westbrook: Weird. I just had a thought, okay? Now, if he’s tweeting from his phone right now, then that means you can…Vanessa: I can track him on my phone.Russell Westbrook: That’s what I was gonna say.[cuts back to the ship][Kobe is scene writing some names on his shoes][Minnie appourches him]Minnie Mouse: Pre-game ritual?Kobe Bryant: I like to remind myself who I’m playing for. My family. And right now, it’s all about Gianna.Minnie Mouse: We’ll get your daughter back. I promise.[the ship arrives back to Mouse World]Gantu: [sees his ship] Finally I shall get my…[ship then lands on top of him] Mickey Mouse: Wow! Isn’t this great? We’re all back together.Kobe Bryant: Come on, team. We gotta get to work.Donald Duck: Move it or lose it.[shooves Mickey out of the way] Mickey Mouse: Jeez, can’t a guy stop and smell the roses?Gantu: [groans] A little help here? Mickey Mouse: Uh, well… Oh, I…[cuts to the Mouse Squad practicing for the game as the clock shows they’re only one hour left]Kobe Bryant: Okay, one more time. [writes on whiteboard] In and out, crossover, step back, shoot. Mickey Mouse: Ooh, that’s some neat footwork. Let me try.[Mickey is then scene dressed as MC Hammer and he draws some mice on the white board dancing as the song Can’t Touch this plays]Kobe Bryant: Okay. STOP! Mickey Mouse: Can’t touch this! haw haw![mice giggling]Kobe Bryant: What the…? Really? Look, Mickey, you already got what you wanted. Your friends, Mouse World. I still need my daughter back. Outside these lines, be yourself as you want. But inside, you do what I say.[bitterly snatches the marker from Mickey][everyone shocked] Mickey Mouse: Oh, I see. You're that kind of king.Kobe Bryant: Look, Mickey, it's my way or the highway.Minnie Mouse: [looks up at the clock that shows it has been twenty-four hours already] Uh... Guys? Mickey Mouse: Oh, yeah?Kobe Bryant: Yeah. Fundamentals win championships.[everyone looks up at shock][Antwan’ s ship arrives] Mickey Mouse: Uh-oh.Kobe Bryant: He's here.[energy powering up]Kobe Bryant: Go! Go! Get out of the way![all exclaiming][ship lands as Antwan appourches out of the ship] Mickey Mouse: Huh?Antwan: Well, if it isn't the old-news Mickey Mouse and the gang. Looking just as washed up as ever. You know what? I think it's time for an upgrade.[opens up hologram screen with each member of the Mouse squad displayed] Mickey Mouse: An upgrade?Antwan: [sighs mockingly at Minnie on the hologram and presses it]Minnie Mouse: No! [forced up in the air] Whoa. Whoa, whoa.Mickey Mouse: Minnie![drops back down on the ground and now in CGI]Minnie Mouse: What in the world?Antwan: [laughs as he upgrades Clara][Clara crows in horror][Antwan then upgrades Donald]Donald Duck: I look expensive![then to Kobe]Kobe Bryant: What's happening?[Kobe then goes back to his live-action form][to Mickey] Mickey Mouse: Oh, no! [becomes CGI as well]Antwan: Oh, they're alive! Alive! [laughs][the Mouse Squad, now all in CGI walk up and look at Antwan]Antwan: Oh, yeah. You're looking sharp, guys. Mickey Mouse: Antwan, this means war!Antwan: [chuckles] Whatever, Mickey.Kobe Bryant: Where’s my daughter?Antwan: Oh, now you wanna be Daddy of the Year? Just calm down, Kobe. He’ll be here, okay? We got bigger fish to fry. Let’s get some butts in these seats![rumbling in distance]Donald Duck: How big are these butts?[in the distance we see Guinevere the van from Onward driving by and Paul Bunyan running in, along with Melificant (in her dragon form) and Marry Poppins flying in][from the other side the house from Up, the Mellium Falcon, and the Planet Express ship from Futurama flies in and we see the herd from the Ice Age films rushing, the black peal sailing in, Bolt speeding in towing his owner, Penny, on a scooter, and the Simpsons family inside Homer’s car as well as the Griffins from Family Guy in their family car]Homer Simpson: Woo Hoo!Peter Griffin: [singing “Bird is the Word” as he drives by]Lightning McQueen: [zooms by] Ka-Chow!Mr. Incredible: Show time!Buzz Lightyear: [flies by] To Infinity and Beyond![we then see dozens of other characters from other Disney IP including those by or from Pixar, Lucasfilms, 20th Century Studios, etc][cuts back to the basement of the Disney Studio]Russell Westbrook: Hey, yo, he’s probably in here. Don’t be scared. Come on.Antwan: [on speakers] Welcome, Bryant family.Vanessa: No, Bianka. Wait.[Vanessa inhales sharply]Russell Westbrook: [nervously] Ladies first.Vanessa: Really?Russell Westbrook: No? All right. I’mma go first ’cause I’m a gentleman.Vanessa: Uh-huh.Russell Westbrook: [high-pitched] Kobe? [coughs] [in normal voice] Kobe?Vanessa: It says he’s in here.Bianka: Dad?Vanessa: Gianna?Russell Westbrook: Kobe?[indistinct shouting][cuts back to Serververse]Oswald: Where’s the other half of the crowd?Antwan: Uh, they should be tuning in to the livestream right about… Right about… Right about… [grunts] Buffering! So embarrassing. Right about now! [snaps fingers]Antwan: [in distorted voice] Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s it.[energy powering up]Flight Attendant: [speaking Korean] Hurry. It's starting.[bell dings on cell phone and suck them into the serverse]Antwan: [on phone] It’s game time!Person in the Hair Salon: Yo.Antwan: [on phone] It’s game time!Firefighter: Hey, look here.Antwan: [on phone] It’s game time! [everyone who opens the app on their phone appears in the crowd]Daisy Duck: how in the world did he get all these spectators here?Donald Duck: I don’t know, but the line for the bathroom’s gonna be insane.[Darrel Waltrp and Bob Costas appear placed in the role of commentators] Darrell Waltrip: And we’re back from commercial and… Where are we? Bob Costas? [chuckling] Man, what are you doing here?Bob Costas: Wait, Darrell Waltrip? This is crazy! Look, I was on my phone, right, and I was getting on the elevator… Wait a minute, did I fall down the elevator shaft?, are we dead? Is this what heaven looks like?Darrell Waltrip: No, it looks like we’re in some kinda computer-generated basketball game.[back at the Disney Studio; cell phone chimes]Natalia: It looks like Dad’s game’s starting.Russell Westbrook: What? Let me see that.Antwan: [on speakers] Oh, Kobe, Kobe.Vanessa: Who’s this guy?Antwan: [in sing-song voice] Got some VIPs coming in.Kobe Bryant: No!Antwan: [in distorted voice] Yeah! [laughs] What a twist!Russell Westbrook: No, we shouldn’t be watching that.Vanessa: Where is he? Where is this coming from?Russell Westbrook: Something’s not right here.[electricity crackling as Antwan transports the family except Russel into the serverse]Antwan: [on speakers] It’s game time!Vanessa: What? [yelps] Whoa, what in the world?Bianka: Mommy, what just happened?Kobe Bryant: Oh, my God! Kids!Vanessa: Kobe![both grunt][Vanessa gasps]Vanessa: Babe, what is going on? Where’s Gianna?Kobe Bryant: I don’t know, but I have to go to play this game to save everyone with…Natalia: Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse: uh huhKobe Bryant: That’s kinda normal around here.Natalia: Dad, this is Gianna’s game. You know how to play, right?Kobe Bryant: It’s basketball. Of course! Yeah.Antwan: Uh, excuse me? Paging Mr. Kobe Bryant!Kobe Bryant: Everything’s gonna be all right.[Antwan laughs]Kobe Bryant: I promise.[sighs deeply][back to the Disney Studio]Russell Westbrook: Zap me into you.Siri: Sorry, I didn’t understand that.Russell Westbrook: I said, zap me, into you. Zap me, human, into you, phone. Zap me.[cuts back to the game in the serverse]Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to your host for the evening, Mr. Antwan![crowd cheering]Antwan: Hey, how y’all doing? Thank you! Thank you very much![music stops]Antwan: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the first and final Serververse Classic![crowd cheering][grand orchestral music playing][fire canons sets go off]Antwan: Oh! Let me tell you what. I know that you all are Kobe’s biggest fans. And the guy has had a great run, hasn’t he? But that’s over. That’s done now. And it is time for a new king to take the throne.Kobe Bryant: This dude is a hater.Mrs. Beakly: Haters gonna hate.Oswald: He’s a bad guy.Kobe Bryant: Big time.Antwan: So let’s lay down some basic ground rules. If Kobe wins, you all get to go back to your regular, boring lives. But if my team wins, you all get to stay with me in the Serververse forever.[crowd exclaims]Crowd: What?Antwan: How ’bout that, huh?Kobe Bryant: What? That wasn’t the deal.Antwan: Oh, yeah! Didn’t see that coming, did you?Donald Duck: Oh Well, at least we’re good.Antwan: Oh, boy. Oh, and I almost forgot, all of the Mickey Mouse characters will be deleted, so… [blows raspberry]Goofy: Oh, no!The Big Bad Wolf: Deleted?Panchito Pistoles: That is messed up!José Carioca: That guy is bad.Mrs. Beakly: Why?Mickey Mouse: [glares at Donald] You just couldn’t keep your big beak shut.Mrs. Beakly: Blabbermouth.[Beakly slaps Donald from behind]Donald Duck: I deserved that.Antwan: And now, from the beautiful mind of Gianna Bryant… Introducing… the Goon Squad! Whoo! Antwan: White Mamba![fire canons explode][White Mamba shows up and dribbles the ball as smashes the camera lens with it]White Mamba: What’s up?[A watery figure appears]Wet Fire: Wet ball, baby!Antwan: Wet Fire![grunts]Antwan: Arachnneka![Arachnneka swings a web around]Arachnneka: Queen of the web. Mwah. Eat your heart out Spider-Man! Antwan: And The Brow.[fire canons explode]The Brow: Flyest guy on the squad.Antwan: And this next young man I’m bringing up… Oh, my goodness. Y’all gonna love him. He puts the G in genius. He’s my hero on the ones and zeroes, Ms. Gianna Bryant! [holds note][crowd cheering]Announcer: Gianna![fire canons explode][crowd continues cheering]Antwan: Give it up one more time for Gianna Bryant!Vanessa: Gianna! Gianna!Natalia: I don’t think he can hear you.Vanessa: I’m her mother. She better hear me. Gianna!Whoa.Antwan: Right? It’s amazing. All these people came here to see you, Gianna. And we used your scanning tech to make it happen. Check ’em out.Gianna Bryant: This is dope.Kobe Bryant: Gianna.Gianna Bryant: Dad!Kobe Bryant: Are you okayGianna Bryant: I’ve never been better.Kobe Bryant: Listen to me. Everyone in here is in danger.Gianna Bryant: [scoffs] Come on, Dad. Why you gotta make everything so serious?Kobe Bryant: This is serious. Your boy Antwan, he’s a bad dude.Gianna Bryant: What?Kobe Bryant: He’s using your game to trap everyone in here.Gianna Bryant: He’s not bad. He’s just sad because he works so hard and no one pays attention to him. He’s like me, Dad.Kobe Bryant: No, he’s nothing like you. He’s manipulating you.Antwan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why you using all these charged words… Deleted. Manipulate… [whispers with sarcastic shocked expression] Kidnapped. Come on, Kobe, chill out.Gianna Bryant: I’m playing basketball. I thought you’d be happy.Antwan: Yeah, you keep that up, you ain’t gonna get that Father’s Day card. Those things are not guaranteed.Kobe Bryant: GiannaAntwan: Whoa, whoa, whoa.The Brow: You going down.Arachnneka: What’s good, baby? [kisses]Kobe Bryant: Hey, yo, Brow, I think it’s time for your eyebrows to break up with each other.[The Brows looks up at them]Kobe Bryant: They ugly. Let it go.The Brow: What he mean? What’s wrong with ’em?White Mamba: We’ll show him who’s boss.The Brow:You going down, Kobe.[cuts to Kobe walking to Vanessa]Vanessa: What did he say, Kobe?Kobe Bryant: He thinks Antwan. is his friend. I don’t know what else to do.Vanessa: You gotta win this game… and get our son back.Kobe Bryant: Okay.announcer: it’s game time[the Mouse squad approach the court ready to rumble, as Goon Squad does the same][Uno appears as the referee]Kobe Bryant: Uno’s the refereeAntwan: whaaaa are you mad,bro![Uno blows the whistle and game begins][cuts to the commanders desk]Bob Cutlas: I don’t want to alarm you or any of our viewers, but apparently, if the Mouse Squad doesn’t win this game, we’re all gonna be trapped here forever.Darrell Waltrip: Luckily the Mouse Squad got the four-time MVP Kobe Bryant on their team and I ain’t sweating it. [Uno throws the ball as Gianna jumps up, to everyone’s shock]Darrell Waltrip: We’re all doomed here!!Kobe Bryant: You got to be kidding me!Darrell Waltrip: Did you see that kid fly?Bob Costas: Uh-huh.Darrell Waltrip: He’s like Superman.[Gianna dribbles the ball midair and plummets down as the ball goes to Wet Fire]Darrell Waltrip: I gotta tell ya Bob, I gotta tell you, this Goon Squad is loaded, top to bottom.[Wet Fire then ignites himself and then plops down to just a puddle dribbling the ball]Darrell Waltrip: ….Mickey Mouse is gonna need a rabbit’s foot against this guy, Wet Fire, honestly that’s kinda brilliant naming convention.[Arachnneka throws the ball around preventing Mickey from getting it]Mickey Mouse: Gimme that ball!Arachnneka: Back off, shorty.[flings Mickey, then passes it to Wetfire who then passes it to Gianna and then to White Mamba who shoots and score]Antwan: woooohhoooo[scoreboard shows sixteen point for the Goon Squad]Kobe Bryant: Sixteen? What’s up with the score?Gianna Bryant: Style points, Dad.Bob Costas: Style points?Darrell Waltrip: Style points? We playing video game rules. White Mamba: [teases and blocks Minnie’s way] Come on, mousey wouseyyMinnie Mouse: Out of my way, you big worm.[Minnie shoots and Arachnneka catches the ball with a web shoot and has Lucifer tied up ]Arachnneka: Thank you.Lucifer: meowKobe Bryant: What?Arachnneka: Come chase this down.[Kobe pursuits her as Arachnneka leaps to the hoop and shoots multiple times while hitting Kobe]Bob Costas: Arachnneka throws down a monster dunk.And she dunks again. And again and again.Arachnneka: Eat that, eat that, eat that, eat that.Bob Costas: And again and again and again! And again!And again!Kobe Bryant: Ow![crowd exclaims, cheers]Antwan: Down goes the king!Bob Costas: Is… Is this legal?Darrell Waltrip: Hey Man, she got six arms. What else she supposed to do?Donald Duck: Oh, boy.[Kobe gets up stills dazed]Darrell Waltrip: How’d that taste?Mickey Mouse: Listen, Kob. This is basketball, but with a spin to it, We gotta think outta the box.Kobe Bryant: There’s only one basketball and, Mickey, don’t do nothing crazy.Mickey Mouse: what?Donald Duck: Don’t just stand there! Get the ball to Kobe!Darrell Waltrip: Kobe’s so hard to guard down low using that huge size advantage.Kobe Bryant: Sorry, Gianna. You know I gotta go win this game.Gianna Bryant: If you say so.Darrell Waltrip: Ooh, he just got blocked by Gianna.Bob Costas: His own daughter.Darrell Waltrip: That is cold-blooded, Bob. Look, this is not like any kind of basketball Kobe has ever seen.[Gianna slides underneath a blocking Ajax]Darrell Waltrip: I’ve never seen anything like this.[Gianna walks off on Pete’s Gut as he tumbles to the ground]Bob Costas: Where’s that pass going?Gianna Bryant: Hey, what up, Mickey? [pats him]Mickey Mouse: Watch the hair.[ball bounces to the wall and back]Gianna Bryant: Thank you. Assist.[Kobe catches up]Top floor![ball amies for the hoops only for Uno to push it to the side as the ball land into it]Darrell Waltrip: 33-pointer?Antwan: Oh, yes!Kobe Bryant: Huh?Antwan: Well played. See, this is why we practice, not that we do that or anything….Kobe Bryant: What’s up with that, Uno?Uno: [chuckles]Kobe Bryant: You can’t move the basket like that, man, that’s cheating.Antwan: No, you can. You can move the basket.Kobe Bryant: Man, you don’t even know what you’re talk…[Uno grunts and gives him the technical jester]A technical?Kobe Bryant: Oh, you’re gonna give me a technical? Man, I wish you would. Tsk! [walks off]Goofy: what kind of ship are you running here? You gotta call the game fai-[Uno ejects Goofy into the sky as he hollers][other Mouse Squad members look up]Donald Duck: Well, that happened.Bigfoot: [gibbers]Darrell Waltrip: Never in my career did I think I’d say these four words, “Goofy just got ejected.”Bianka: This is not going well.Vanessa: Your dad’s got this. I hope.[Kobe dribbles the ball dodging an ignited Wetfire and then passes it to Minnie, Antwan: Let’s go. Stand her up. G up! Right there.Arachnneka: Come here, mouse. Got you! [Minnie slides under]Minnie Mouse: Iverdaughter’d! Ha-ha! [dribbles and passes it to Kobe][Kobe shoots and scores]Kobe Bryant: Let’s go!Antwan: You act like it’s the first time you ever dunked. [scoffs][Kobe then scores again while dodging Brow’s block][crowd cheering]Kobe Bryant: Buckets.[Kobe tries to take the ball from Gianna only for her dodge him and then score][crowd cheering]Gianna Bryant: Buckets.[Minnie dribbles the ball only to be caught in Mamba’s clutches]White Mamba: Who you calling “worm”? [rattles]Minnie Mouse: Not you. [chuckles nervously][Daisy dribbles the ball only to get run past Wet Fire and turned into a roast duck][Orville attempt to get the ball from Arachnneka, only to get stepped on] [Orville gets up and sees stars]Mickey Mouse: We’re gettin’ killed out there!Natalia: Try a power-up, Dad![Arachnneka blocks Kobe]Arachnneka: [to Kobe] What you got, boy?[Kobe sees a power up]Kobe Bryant: oh got something alright [rushes towards the power up]Darrell Waltrip: buggity buggity buggity, boys! Kobe’s on a mission. He wants to go coast to coast![Kobe powers up]Bob Costas: And… then some.[Kobe hits the Barrier]Kobe Bryant: Ouch.Gianna Bryant: Ooh.[crowd exclaims]Mickey Mouse: Yikes.[Kobe slowly slides off the barrier]Bob Costas: Kobe just hit a force field.Darrel Waltrip: I don’t care what serverves you’re from, but that’s gotta hurt.Mickey Mouse: Time out.Donald Duck: [to Kobe] I’m no betting duck, but my money’s defiantly on the other team.[Minnie then goes up to him]Minnie Mouse: We’re getting crushed.Kobe Bryant: I know.Antwan: Look at ’em. Their spirit is broken, and that’s exactly what we want. But I guess it’s time to put ’em out of their misery. Go ahead and take a little break, Gigi, because do you know what time it is?Gianna Bryant: What time is it?Antwan: Oh, it’s Dame Time.announcer: New character unlocked.Kobe Bryant: New character?Bob Costas: Here’s our first Goon Squad substitution of the night.announcer: Kronus![crowd cheers][Donald worries]Donald Duck: Mrs. Beakly, I’m subbing you out.Mrs, Beakly: What?Donald Duck: Panchito, you’re in.Panchito: en él![Minnie throws the ball to Panchito as he runs][Kronos sets everything in slow motion]Panchito: [in slow motion] ayekrumba[Kronos ties up Panchito and gags him with an apple and places a table in front of the Big Bad Wolf and serves Panchito and approaches and examines Kobe]Kronos: Sheesh! Dude could use a makeover.[dresses him up as a cartoonish pirate complete with Orville as a parrot, much to Antwan amusement]Kronos: perfect! [turns and grabs the ball and flicks it with his finger and resets the time to normal][Big Bad Wolf begins to feasts at Panchito who, in shock, blasts his pistols at him and leaving him burnt and runs for it][Kronos shoots and scores][crowd cheering][Gianna yelling] Yeah!Gianna Bryant: Dame Time!Kronos: Bye, bye![cuts to some villains in the crowd consisting of Jafar, Scar, Crulla Devil, Loki, Darth Maul, and Syndrome and the Beagle Boys cheering]Wet Fire: That’s how you do it, Gianna![both give a high five to each other]The Brow: Goon Squad, what?White Mambo: Yeah, Gianna! Puttin’ the lights out!Kobe Bryant: Wow.Antwan: You feel good? Gianna Bryant: Feel great.Antwan: What a job. What a job! Amazing. He’s amazing. Goon Squad, what you got?[Mickey looks at Kobe sadly as the Goon Squads and villains in the crowd celebrate]
Disney Space Jam A New Legacy part 2[cuts back to Antwan’s quarters] Gianna Bryant: This place is awesome.Antwan: It really is.Gianna Bryant: Wait, where’s my dad?Antwan: Your dad? Oh! He’s out there looking for a team.Gianna Bryant: A team?Antwan: Yeah. He challenged me to a basketball game. I mean, that’s weird, am I right?Gianna Bryant: He just left?Antwan: Kind of his M.O., right? [chuckles] I mean, he left Cleveland, he left Miami. He left Cleveland again. Look out, Lakers, huh? [chuckles] Come on, don’t look so sad. I mean, you don’t need your old man bossing you around anyway. Look at where you are. This is the greatest view in the entire Serververse. Your old man is missing out.Gianna Bryant: It is pretty amazing. Who built this?Antwan: Well, someone brilliant. Visionary. Incredibly good looking. Modest. With a multitudinous vocabulary. Hint, you’re looking right at him, kid. But all my extraordinary gifts, they’re nothing compared to yours.Gianna Bryant: Yeah, right.Antwan: It’s true, Gianna. I saw you back there in that boardroom through some camera-phones, and a printer, and a fax machine, and a thermostat. It’s very clear how smart you are.Antwan: And Uno tells me that you hate video games. You create video games. Why don't you enunciate?Uno: [imitates Antwan mockingly]Antwan: How many times do we have to go through this? I’m the problem? Get out of here. Get out of here![Uno groans]Antwan: Sorry. Heard you made your own character, too.Gianna Bryant: Yeah, but he got deleted because of some stupid glitch.Antwan: Ah, don’t worry about that. We can rebuild him.Gianna Bryant: You could?Antwan: Absolutely. Make him greater than he was. You wouldn’t even have to lift a finger. There’s a shortcut for everything in the Serververse. What? Aw. Thinking of your dad again, huh? How he’s always… [in Kobe's voice] “You can’t be great without putting in work.”Gianna Bryant: Yeah. How did you know that?Antwan: [normal voice] I know a lot about you, Gianna. Any device with a camera, I can see you. If it’s got a mic, [clicks tongue] I can hear you. Hey, let’s get a look at that game of yours.[cuts to the server verse as the ship files around it Mickey Mouse: Captain’s log, Captain James T. Mouse. Intergalactic space traveler on a five-year mission. My crew has been scattered to the far, far reaches of the Serververse. [Mickey opens ups images of his friends on the hologram computer]Marooned on strange, inhospitable worlds. I’ve commandeered Gantu’s ship in an effort to reassemble the team.Kobe Bryant: Yo, Mickey. Check it out. Look what I found.[Kobe brings out a whiteboard][Mickey anxiously tries to cover up the hologram screen only to accidently step on a button on the dashboard][alarm blaring] Mickey Mouse: Oh, that’s not good.Kobe Bryant: Were you saying something? Mickey Mouse: Uh, I was just asking you… Hey, what’s that for?Kobe Bryant: Gotta make a list. We’re gonna need the most powerful Disney characters for this team. Now, let’s see. Who to get? Hmm. Gotta start with the Hulk. Man, I could’ve used him on the Cavs. Ooh. Yoda. He’d be a little guy that can cause destruction. And also The Rocketier with that really cool jetpack. Mickey Mouse: Yeah, listen,… Try not to get your hopes up too much. You might not be able to get all those top guys for the team. This isn't the Miami Heat.Kobe Bryant: We’re gonna need a strong power forward. Elliott the dragon. yeah that guy can turn invisible without anyone even knowing Mickey Mouse: I’m just saying it might be good to have a backup plan.[Kobe looks out of the window]Kobe Bryant: Wow. This Serververse is massive. So many different worlds to explore. I wish Gianna was here to see this. So, how come you stayed on Mouse World? Mickey Mouse: [sighs] Mouse World is my home. It’s the only place where I can be me. Where I belong.Kobe Bryant: Yo! Is that Pirates of the Caribbean World? [Kobe appears dressed as a pirate]Kobe Bryant: Awesome! y’aarrgg Mickey Mouse: [points at Kobe] Nerd alert.Kobe Bryant: Oh, yeah! New York, home of the Avengers. I can’t wait to see what I turn into here. Oh, it’s gonna be somebody dope.[cuts to New York as two airborne guys can be seen]Kobe Bryant: Iron Man? I’m freaking Iron Man? And why is there a giant robotic worm in the sky?[Mickey appearing dressed as Spider-Man] Mickey Mouse: We’re in Marvel World. And where there’s trouble, there’s superheroes, Haw-haw.[Mickey flings a web towards a build as he swings from one building to the next with Kobe flying next to him]Kobe Bryant: Whoa! [cuts to the top of the worm-shaped ship as we see as a white duck dressed as Captain America as the “Captain America Theme” plays]Donald Duck: The Chitauri are gaining up on me and, I Captain America will stop it. [proudly wields the sheild]Oswald: [filming Donald but also trying to keep his balance on the ship] pardon, I didn’t hear what you said.Donald Duck: Unless someone stops this thing, it’ll crash straight into…Donald Duck: …an orphanage. [groans] Of course, how orginal.Oswald: This is not good.Donald Duck: Luckily, Captain America is here to save the… [Mickey flings and lands onto the ship as Kobe lands with him]Donald Duck: Mickey? [to Oswald] CUT [to Mickey] What the heck are you doing here? Mickey Mouse: We need a couple of guys to win a basketball game.Kobe Bryant: seriously, you want these guys?Donald Duck: Basketball? Are you kidding me?This stunt here is gonna get me into the Avengers tower! (with free parking.) And now, Captain America, who is me, will will stop this machine once and for all [some more Chitauri block his way]Donald Duck: aw nuts…..[The ship speeds with Mickey and Kobe clinging on dear life on it before Captain America’s shield hits the heart of the ship and it falls crash through a random building and lands violently with a thud][orphans at the neighboring orphanage cheering] Mickey Mouse: Uh, I guess we did it?Donald Duck: Oh, no, you don’t, Mickey. I did this. It was me. I masterminded this entire operation. It was me! I [Donald spots Captain America starting angrily behind him]It was him. It was definitely the rabbit.Oswald: what??[the other avengers appear, consisting of the Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, having the same reaction]Kobe Bryant: uhhh…..Any of you play any basketball?[the A on the Avengers tower in the background falls off and crashes as police sirens go off]Donald Duck: You know, on second thought, I love basketball! I call coaching.[the ship exits the Marvel world as we cut to inside]Kobe Bryant: [to Donald and Oswald] All right, we’re off to a… [clears throat] decent start. But now we gotta crew up, build our elite squad so I can get my daughter back. Mickey Mouse: And that’s exactly what we’ll do. It’s nice day in the mountains.[cuts to the Enchanto World as we see Kobe and Mickey dressed in clothing inherent to Columbia as they appourch the magical Madrigals home as the two enter as the Archaican Bird shows up as he rhythmically does some carpentry for the house as the Madrigals merrily go on with their everyday lives as we see the Big Bad Wolf about to destroy the house but is overpowered by the house’s magic bouncing him around like a ball].Kobe Bryant: [pointing at the Archaican Bird] This guy? Mickey Mouse: Yeah. He’s got some swing![cuts back to the ship with the Archaican Bird and Big Bad Wolf on board] Mickey Mouse: I know what you need. You need a player.Kobe Bryant: Yeah.[cuts to the Land of the Dead in the Coco world at a talent competition]host: please welcome our next performer, El Gaucho Goofy[Goofy appears on stage mostly as a skeleton doning his El Gaucho Goofy outfit from Saludous Amigos carrying a guitar][Goofy about to play his song only to notice a familiar looking alebrije walking on the stage)Goofy: Lucifer is that you[Lucifer meows]Kobe Bryant: Can we just get some players who are at least know how to dribble a ball?[cuts to the Mandolorian World, as we see Pete as one of the bandits confronting the titular Mandolorian in the opening scene of the first episode]Pete: (in alien langue) Is that real Beskar Steel?[another thug comes closer to the Mandolorian and scratches his amor][Mickey and Kobe appear behind the bar with Mickey dressed as the bartender as he grabs Pete] Kobe Bryant: Oh, come on, man.[cuts back to the ship]Kobe Bryant: Mickey, I’m getting the feeling that I need to be very literal with you.[Big Foot from A Goofy Movie lands on the window of the ship just being pushed out of a portal]Star Butterfly: You ape guy was running around our dimension causing chaos and destruction.Marco Diaz: I'll never erase what I saw from my brain.Star Butterfly: He's your problem now, so bye![portal closes][Big Foot grunting]Kobe Bryant: Yo, Mic, does this thing bite?[Mickey crosses out wildcard on the whiteboard][cuts to outside where we see Clara Cluck dressed as Eliza Hamilton flying out of the Hamilton world and following the ship, as she clucks-sings one of the songs][time skip where Mickey has also gathered José Carioca, Panchito Pistoles, Daisy Duck, and Ajax the Gorilla from the short, Donald Duck and the Gorilla]Mickey Mouse: [thinking] what else are we missing?Kobe Bryant: Everything. We’re missing everything. Mickey Mouse: ah! Some veteran leadership?Donald Duck: You read my mind.[cuts to the TRON world during a cycle race as we see Mrs. riding the blue light cycle]Blue leader: This is Blue leader to Blue bikes run these guys into your jet wallsblue cycle rider: copy blue leaderMrs. Beakly: copy blue leader.[Mrs. Beakly suddenly go neck-to-neck against the orange light cycle, only to overtake her and having Beakley about to crash into a wall only to quickly turn and catch up to the orange cycle][Kobe appears as the yellow cycle rider as Mickey appears riding the red cycle catching up to Mrs. Beakly] [everyone stops]Kobe Bryant: Hey, Mrs. Beakly.[cuts back to the ship with everybody on board]Oswald: [with camera] All right, everybody, Group picture.Lucifer: [gagging and coughs up Orville from the short, Pluto's Fledgling]Panchito: You got smelly.[Daisy cringes in disgust]Kobe Bryant: You’re kidding, right?Mrs. Beakly: Oh, OrvilleKobe Bryant: This is not the team I asked for. Mickey Mouse: This is the team you wanna go up against AntwanOswald: Okay, everyone, say cheese. Mickey Mouse: Best team in the whole wide Seververse.[camera explodes leaving Oswald covered in ash]Kobe Bryant: Fine. But you gotta get me at least one real ballplayer, Mickey. Just one. Mickey Mouse: Well, I got just the player you need. A true friend of the court. Trust me, she ain’t busy.[cuts to the ship flying to the Raya and the Last Dragon world as we see a mysterious figure riding on a giant armadillo-like creature like a motorcycle through the dessert and arrives at the Fang village, as the figure climbs of the creature, she is revealed to be Minnie as she enters the palace appourches to the village’s heir Namaari]Minnie Mouse: what’s up, princess?Namaari: So YOU’RE the one that’s gonna stop me from getting the Dragon Gem pieces, huhMinnie Mouse: You betta believe it.[Minnie and Namaari pull out their swords, and engage in battle][Mickey and Kobe arrive in southeast Asian attire dodging the Druun] Mickey Mouse: Haw haw, there she is![both run inside the palace] Mickey Mouse: hey Minnie![battle stops as Minnie turns as see Mickey excitingly getting her attention while Kobe just stands there and awkwardly waves] [Minnie ignores them as proceeds to battle as they jump and leap around the palace][Minnie dodges Namaari blow with her sword as she is on the ground] Mickey Mouse: [slides by] Hey, Minnie, we need your help.[Minnie then jumps and leaps and goes for the blow]Kobe Bryant: We gotta play a basketball game![Namaari dodges Minnie’s blow with her sword]Minnie Mouse and Namaari: [grunts, yells and clanks their swords] Mickey Mouse: [running up to Minnie and out of breath] Listen, I know it’s been a while, but…Minnie Mouse: [fighting] I’m kind of busy here! [grunting] Mickey Mouse: Come on, Minnie, this is our big chance. This is Kobe Bryant. How often do you get to play with a Lakers superstar?Minnie Mouse: yeah yeah[Minnie yelling] Mickey Mouse: But basketball is who you are, Minnie. [Druun appear] Uh-oh.Minnie Mouse: I don’t play anymore. I spent years training for this very moment. Do not mess it up for me. Mickey Mouse: well, looks like she is busy.Kobe Bryant: We can’t die here! I have to save my daughter!Minnie Mouse: What? Mickey Mouse: Calm down, Cleveland. I got this. [clears throat] Minnie, we need your help! The Drunn here is [Both Minnie and Namaari stop as Minnie turns around concerned as the Drunn gets closer and closer, Minnie abandons the gem pieces and let the Drunn take her as Mickey and Kobe attempt to put the pieces back together and successfully do only to get consumed by the Drunn, but suddenly work as the Drunn vanishes and everyone that was turned to stone is revived][everyone sighs, in relief]Minnie Mouse: Alright then, I will help you deliver justice to the one they call Antwan, and save the daughter of The Kob. [cut to the three arrive to the ship as we see the others outside]Minnie Mouse: Hey, guys!Everyone else: Minnie! Hi, Minnie.Minnie Mouse: Good to see you!Kobe Bryant: Yo, Mickey, you coming?Mickey Mouse: Wouldn’t miss it for the World.Kobe Bryant: Yeah, Mickey! Here we go.[everyone boards the ship] [cuts back to Antwan’s quarters where we see him and Gianna playing her video game]Gianna Bryant: Nah, nah. Oh, I got the ball. Let’s go.Antwan: No.Gianna Bryant: I got you now. Oh. Ah.Announcer: Dunk-tastic!Antwan: You dunked on me? Man… [chuckles] I still can’t believe you made this by yourself, Gianna. I mean, people need to see this. You’re not just a princess, you’re a wizard. Come here. Wow.Gianna Bryant: That’s Swin Cash.Antwan: How’d you build her?[cuts to flashback of Gianna at a basketball event]Shaq: Yo, Dame!Dame: What’s good, bro?Gianna Bryant: Dad hooked me up with some of his friends at an NBA charity event. I thought maybe they could help me with the character designs for my game.Shaq: Game?Gianna Bryant: Yeah, I’m building a video game.Shaq: Okay.Dawn Staley: You know you’re gonna need a shooter, and I’m that dude, so…Lonzo Ball: Wait a minute. I’m next, because if Dawn’s in it, then I’m in it.Swin Cash: Hey, if I’m gonna be in this game, I need a superpower or something.Damian Lillard: Between me and you, I need one of those special modes. And we can call it “Dame Time.”[all speaking at once]Damian Lillard: Nah, time’s up. Time’s up.Gianna Bryant: You guys can be whatever you want.[cuts back to the present]Gianna Bryant: It was great. They really helped me out. Stored all the scans right on my phone [takes out phone].Antwan: This phone? [gasps softly] So, theoretically, this app of yours can scan people in from anywhere in the world, using their own phones.Gianna Bryant: Yeah, I guess.Antwan: That is sick. [chuckles] Uno!Antwan: Check this out. Make sure he gets it back though, it’s his. And respect her privacy. [speaks robot]Antwan: [sighs] Gotta say, though, it’s really a shame that your dad doesn’t support you.Gianna Bryant: I mean, I get it. He’s one of the greatest of all time at what he does.Antwan: Well, the jury’s still out on that, I think, but go ahead.Gianna Bryant: And I… build video games.Antwan: Mmm.Gianna Bryant: I think he doesn’t… He won’t let me do me. He won’t let me be me.Antwan: I’d let you be you. You know what? I think I know a way we can fix this. We’re gonna make your dad stand up and take notice of you.[cuts back to the ship]Kobe Bryant: Ball. [Big Bad Wolf fires the ball from the ball cannon]Kobe Bryant: I need us to focus so we can beat this Antwan guy, and I can get my daughter back.Donald Duck: I’m coach, I’ll take it from here. The dictionary defines basketball... [Mickey quickly grows bored with Donald’s lecture and pulls out a shrink ray and shrinks him] Donald a game played between two teams of five.[a few people chuckles at this sight] Mickey Mouse: Uh, look here, Cleveland. We got a certain way of doing things around here.Kobe Bryant: Let’s start with the basics. Minnie, show ’em how we do it.[Donald (still shrunken) then holds his fists outs quacking like crazy]Minnie Mouse: [gives her demonstration] Simplest shot in the game.[everyone expresses how impressed they are]Kobe Bryant: Nice layup. That’s fundamental basketball.Donald Duck: [back to his normal size] Fundamental basketball, yeah yeah. That’s what I’ve been saying. Panchito, shoot the ball. [Panchito pulls out his pistols and fires manically towards the ball and inadvertently at Donald] Donald Duck: Let’s try that again, shall we?[whistle blows][Orville holds the ball as Lucifer chases him and the ball only to have Orville shoot][Oswald then attempts to shoot the ball only to crash into Pete blocking his way and catches the ball]Pete: not so lucky after all [laughs]Oswald: we’ll see about that![Oswald the leaps up snatches the ball from Pete and bounces off his face and then shoots][Kobe watches in bewilderment][Goofy casually walks up to the hoop and then places the ball through it][Panchito jumps onto Ajax and rides him like a horse, as he rapidly charges his way though as Panchito, with the ball, shoots it through the hoop][Bigfoot comes stomping in holding the ball with his fingers and throws it to Daisy who, casually looking away doing her makeup, throws it into the hoop perfectly] Mickey Mouse: Go, team!Donald Duck: Let me show you how it’s done. Three-point land![we see Beakly on a scooter revving the engine and ready to rumble]Kobe Bryant: Where’d she get the ramp?[Mrs. Beakly then speed through and takes off on the ramp and jumps off the scooter midair and shoots]Mrs. Beakly: In your face!Kobe Bryant: This isn’t real basketball. Mickey Mouse: You’re right. But it’s fun! You remember fun, don’t you?
Photographies, Cosplays and Manipulations
Webby on a Rope 2 by AdrianaPendleton
Webby on a Rope 1 by AdrianaPendleton
Swingin' with Louie by TheNoblePirate
Jessie Captured By F.O.W.L.+ 3 by AdrianaPendleton
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Ed Asner tribute by thearist2013
Inktober 5: Amity Blight by Simpsonsfanatic33
Inktober 4: Luz Noceda by Simpsonsfanatic33
the Spear of Selene BnW by Taipu556
Original Characters
Fiona Von Orlok by KujaroJotu
Krusader Kats by EmilyDfan
Aisha by MvStanislavsky
Art Trade: Sukala-AP by Percy-McMurphy
Cartoon Innuendo #11 by SHREKRULEZ
Cartoon Innuendo #16 by SHREKRULEZ

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Roxanne Sexy Nude by masonmdaythetrex

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History of the Walt Disney Studios

Prior to the official opening of the Burbank lot in 1940, The Walt Disney Studios was located at several different locations in Los Angeles and Hollywood. During Summer 1923, Walt Disney created 'The Disney Bros Cartoon Studio' in his Uncle Robert Disney's garage, located at 4406 Kingswell Avenue, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. His brother Roy O. Disney was also in Los Angeles at the time. During October 1923, the brothers moved to a bigger lot, located in a former real estate agency at 4651 Kingswell Avenue. On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney accepted Margaret Winkler's, of Universal Studios' offer to distribute the new Alice Comedies starring Virginia Davis. It was also at this site were on January 14, 1924, Walt Disney met his future wife Lillian Bounds, an Ink and Paint girl whom he personally hired. In February 1924, the studio moved next door to 4649 Kingswell Avenue.

In 1925, Walt Disney placed a deposit on a new, considerably larger lot at 2719 Hyperion Avenue. It was here were, after a train journey with his wife Lillian, Walt fully created the character of Mickey Mouse in 1928. The first color animation, the Silly Symphony, Flowers and Trees and the first animated cartoon using the multiplane camera, The Old Mill was created. In 1937, the Hyperion Studio produced the world's first animated full length feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney's staff also began to grow at this studio, and Disney Legends such as Disney's Nine Old Men began their careers. The studio was closed down in 1940, however name 'Hyperion' has been used for multiple divisions and attractions within The Walt Disney Company including Hyperion Books and the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure Park.
"Colors of the Wind" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 68th Academy Awards in 1995, becoming composer Alan Menken's fourth win in the category. It also won the Golden Globe in the same category as well as the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Movie. The song poetically presents the Native American viewpoint that the earth is a living entity where humankind is connected to everything in nature.

Described as a "stirring anthem to animism", this song is Pocahontas' exhortation to Captain John Smith about the wonders of the earth and nature, including the spirit within all living things, encouraging him not to think of them as things he can conquer or own, but rather as beings to respect and live with in harmony. She also urges him to accept humans who are different in appearance and culture and to learn from them.
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