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Disney was founded on October 16th, 1923, by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and travel. Taking on its current name in 1986, it expanded its existing operations and also started divisions focused upon theater, radio, music, publishing, and online media.
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DPMR 8: RatatouilleNow it is time to talk about Ratatouille released in 2007. However, before I start the synopsis of the movie, I should talk about a little history. Michael Eisner and Steve Jobs hated each other. As such, when Disney's partnership with Pixar was about to expire, Eisner was ready to make the same mistake Nintendo did when their contract with Rare ended... that being not renew it. Ratatouille was going to be exclusively a Pixar property with Disney only recieving a distribution fee. However, in 2006, Michael Eisner stepped down as Disney's CEO and Bob Iger took over. Iger bought Pixar, thus securing Disney's and Pixar's partnership. Anyway, back to business.Spoilers Begin HereIn the attic of a French house, there lived a large colony of rats. All of the rats were comfortable with eating the trash of the human home owner... all with the exception of one. Remy was gifted with an incredible sense of smell and taste. While Remy's brother, Emile, was impressed with Remy's gift... Remy's father, Django, was not. Django was the leader of the colony, and thought that Remy's sense of smell was a waste... until he learned that Remy could smell rat poison on food. As such, Django gave Remy the job of poison tester. This was not a job Remy wanted. He wanted to be a gourmet chef, just like his idol, Auguste Gusteau. Gusteau was an accomplished chef, who became the youngest chef to get a 5 Star restaurant. He even wrote a best selling cookbook entitled Anyone Can Cook... his famous motto. That is the life Remy wanted, so he would sneak into the kitchen and cook delicious meals... the only other rat who knew about this second life was Emile. On one of Remy's cooking jobs, he looked at the TV, which was showing a piece about Gusteau. Remy had to watch it... but found some horrible news. One fateful day, a critic named Anton Ego, who was famously critical of Gusteau's Motto, gave the restaurant a very negative review. This scathing review took away a star from Gusteau's restaurant. Not long after, Gusteau died, thus causing another star to be lost. Remy was devistated by this discovery... then the home owner turned the TV off and saw the rat. She took out a shotgun and fired at the rodent. Remy fled for his life, found Emile and they tried to get to the attic. In the process, the home owner shot the ceiling down, thus revealing the entire colony. The colony had to flee, but Remy refused to go without the cookbook. When he got the cookbook, he tried to catch up with his colony, but got lost on the way. He ended up in the sewer of a place he didn't know.He waited for someone to come, but the only company he had was the spirit of Gusteau. Gusteau told Remy to get out of the sewer and to look around. Remy, being hungry, decided to do so, and found that he was in Paris. Not only that, he found Gusteau's restaurant. Remy traveled to Gusteau's and observed the chefs working in the kitchen. Remy saw that the restaurant was being run by Chef Skinner, who was Auguste's sous chef. Remy also saw the newly hired janitor, Alfredo Linguini. During his cleaning, Linguini accidentally knocked over a soup. Linguini tried to fix it, but Remy saw that he was actually ruining the soup. Remy entered the restaurant, and fixed the soup, an action only witnessed by Linguini. Linguini hid Remy when Chef Skinner came by. He saw Linguini holding a ladle and thought the janitor did something to the soup, but before he could prevent the soup from going out, the waiter poured the soup and delivered it to a customer. Skinner promptly fired Linguini for ruining the soup, but then the waiter returned, stating that the customer was actually a food critic who loved the soup. Skinner could no longer fire Linguini, so he put him on as a chef, and puts him under the tutelage of the restaurant's only female chef, Collette. Remy tried to escape, but was spotted by the entire staff. Linguini trapped Remy in a jar, and then was told to take the rat far away from the restaurant.When Linguini took Remy far away enough from Gusteau's, he realized that the rat was the one who fixed the soup. He also figured out that Remy was able to understand human speech, because Remy was nodding yes and no. The two made a deal, Linguini would spare Remy's (or as he called him, Little Chef) life, while Remy would help Linguini pass off as a gifted chef. The two came up with a system. Remy found that he could control Linguini like a marionette by pulling on his hair, so the two trained until they perfected the puppet work.Linguini was able to recreate the soup (with Remy hiding under his toque), and was sent to work with Collete. Collette made it clear that she was not to be taken lightly, and she made it absolutely clear that Linguini must follow the recipes perfectly. Skinner then gave Linguini another challenge. One of the customers asked for something different than soup, so Skinner told Linguini to cook a dish that even Gusteau himself admitted was a complete failure. Linguini and Collette set off to work on the recipe, but Remy did not like the sound of it. The rat had Linguini add something to the dish, much to Collette's chagrin. She was too late to stop the dish from going out. Turns out, the customer loved the dish and they got more orders for it. What has Chef Skinner been doing for these years? Skinner has been using Gusteau's face to sell frozen food, something Gusteau would never do if he were still alive. The only reason why Skinner owned the restaurant was because Gusteau's will stated that the restaurant would go to his sous chef if no heir arrives within two years after Gusteau's death. Skinner didn't have long to wait. In a few days, the two year mark would hit and the restaurant would legally be his. Everything was secure for him, until he looked at the letter that Linguini brought with him when he got the job. Linguini's mother used to date Gusteau... and they had a son together. That son was Alfredo Linguini, thus making Linguini the rightful owner of Gusteau's.Skinner also has been seeing Linguini with the very rat that entered the restaurant. Skinner was convinced that Linguini was using the rat to taunt him. Skinner wanted to get information on the rat, and got Linguini drunk, in hopes of getting the young man to spill the beans. It didn't work. While this was happening, Remy was outside of Gusteau's when he ran into a familiar face. It was Emile. Emile was thrilled to see his brother, and Remy decided to give Emile some food from the food storage. Emile then took Remy back to the colony, where he was reuinited with his father. Django was happy to have his son back, but was hurt when Remy said he had no interest in living with the colony. Django was concerned that Remy was getting to close to humans, so he took his son someplace. He took Remy to an exterminator's shop. While Remy was horrified to see the dead rats, he still had no interest giving up his dreams.The next day, Remy returned to the restaurant, and found Linguini fast asleep. Using his sleeping body, Remy started cooking, and then Collette arrived. Collette was extremely jealous of Linguini's success. Linguini tried to tell Collette the truth, but Remy did not want to be discovered. He had Linguini kiss Collette, and the two humans ended up falling in love. Next day, Remy was greeted by Emile, who brought some of his friends. Remy reluctantly agreed to get them food from the storage, but the door to the food storage was locked. Remy had to get the key from Skinner's office. While he found the key, he found something much more important. He found Gusteau's will and Linguini's letter. Now, Remy knew that Linguini was Gusteau's son and the rightful owner of the restaurant. Remy had to get the two papers to Linguini, but then Skinner entered the room. Remy ran off with the papers, and while Skinner chased after the rat, Remy got away and gave Linguini the papers.Now, Linguini was the owner of the restaurant. Skinner was fired, and the first thing the crew did was discontinue Skinner's microwavable foods. Linguini was getting paid more, even getting a better apartment. With Linguini's new success, he started to neglect Remy more and more. In turn, Remy was obligated to get more and more food to his colony. Things were not getting any easier for Linguini. For one thing, Skinner was plotting his revenge, by getting a health inspector to look for the rat. However, the real challenge came with Linguini's press conference. Arriving at the conference was none other than Anton Ego, the same food critic who hurt Gusteau's reputation. Ego announced that he will be dining the next day, and was ready to write a new review for Gusteau's, thus destroying the restaurant's newfound success. Linguini was filled with stress, and took it out on Remy. He threw the rat out of the restaurant. Remy was pissed at this betrayal, and decided to get back at Linguini by bringing the entire colony to the restaurant. The next day, Linguini returned to the restaurant to apologize to Remy, but instead caught the rats stealing food. He chased the rats out of the restaurant, including Remy. Remy became depressed, and then was captured by Skinner (who found out that Remy was the master chef). Skinner put Remy into his truck, threatening to kill the rat if he did not help him out in his new microwavable food business. Skinner then went to Gusteau's to witness Ego's dining experience. Remy gave up all hope, but Gusteau's spirit inspired him to not give up. Remy was then rescued by the colony. Upon the rescue, Remy returned to the restaurant to see the stressed out Linguini.When he entered the kitchen, the rest of the staff tried to kill the rat, but Linguini interfered. Linguini confessed that he was not a talented chef, and Remy deserved all the credit. Upon hearing the confession, the entire staff quit... including Collette. Distressed, Linguini went into his office. This whole event was witnessed by Django and Emile. Django realized that humans and rats could coexist peacefully. Django had the entire colony help Remy cook food for the restaurant... and then the health inspector arrived and saw all of the rats. Django and some of the colony locked the health inspector in the food storage, and the cooking could commence. Linguini witnessed all the rats cooking, put on roller skates, and became the waiter. Not long after, Collette returned, after remembering Gusteau's motto "Anyone Can Cook". She and Remy worked together to make a dish that would impress Ego, and Remy decided on ratatouille. The two worked together to make the ratatouille, with Collette allowing Remy to alter the recipe. Finally, the dish was ready. Linguini delivered the ratatouille to Ego, and another one to Skinner. At first, Ego, was unimpressed with the simple meal... but then, he tasted it. Ego loved the food. When Skinner tasted the ratatouille, he ran into the kitchen, demanding to see the chef. He saw all of the rats, who then threw him in the storage room with the health inspector. Ego congratulated Linguini for making the meal, but then Linguini confessed that he was not the chef. Linguini agreed to introduce Ego to the chef... but only until everyone else left the restaurant. Once the restaurant was empty, Linguini and Collette introduced Ego... to Remy.At first, Ego thought it was a joke, but as the two explained further and further, and even showing proof, Ego realized that they were serious. He thanked everyone for the meal, and went off to write his review. He wondered what he could write about... and then... he was ready. He confessed that he was highly critical about Gusteau's motto "Anyone Can Cook", but he now understood what Gusteau meant. While not everyone can become a great artist, a great artist can come from anywhere. He praised the restaurant, saying that it had the finest chef in France. Linguini and Collette were thrilled about the amazing review they got.However, they did not have long to enjoy Gusteau's improved reputation. They had to let Skinner and the health inspector out of the storage room... who in turn informed the authorities. Gusteau's was promptly closed down. For giving such a positive review to a restaurant that broke every health code law, Anton Ego's reputation as a food critic was ruined. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Ego got a new job investing in small businesses. One of the first small businesses he invested in was a restaurant run by Linguini and Collette. The name of this new restaurant was La Ratatouille, and the secret chef was Remy.Spoilers End HereHow does this movie hold up? This movie was a huge improvement to the lackluster Cars. Pixar returned to it's glorious standards. However, it is NOT one of Pixar's best movies. Let's start with the main protagonist, Remy. He is a character with clear dreams, but it would involve him to go into a world where he is oppressed. We easily want to see him succeed, because of his ambitions to be a great chef. It is especially hard to hate him knowing that he is voiced by the hilarious Patton Oswald, who actually improvised some of his lines. However, the problem is that Remy only speaks in a portion of the movie. A lot of the movie is focused on Linguini. It's kind of hard to stay connected to Remy, if the movie isn't focusing a lot on him. A lot of the movie, as mentioned before, is focused on Linguini. He is a naive and clumsy man. He is not as ambitious as Remy, but he is shown to be a kind man. He had a lot of trouble holding a job, and we in turn wanted him to secure his job at Gusteau's. However, I feel that the movie focused a bit too much on him. You're not going to watch any of the Toy Story movies for the humans, your going to watch them for the toys. Same with this movie, you want to spend most of your time on the rats. Even on the DVD case, Linguini is the primary focus, and not Remy. Linguini, the side character, should have been just that.I like Collette as the romantic interest. Like Remy, she works in a profession where she is oppressed (albeit for different reasons). She is the only woman working as a chef at Gusteau's. She had to work hard to be the best chef in a male dominated profession. It is hard to not admire her. She really is some more proof of Gusteau's claim "Anyone Can Cook". This movie had not one, but two villains. Chef Skinner was more of the traditional villain. He was desperate to remain the owner of Gusteau's and was not willing to let the prodigal son take his rightful place. He was also violating Gusteau's vision by selling out and focusing a lot of money on microwavable food. He was in the food business strictly for greed, the exact opposite of Remy and Gusteau. He never redeems himself. The second villain is Anton Ego. He is arguably a greater threat to our heroes. It was his reviews that put Gusteau's reputation on the line, and wanted nothing more than to see the restaurant go to the ground, even comparign Chef Gusteau to the pathetic Chef Boyardee. He was a jerk, until he tasted the ratatouille. He turned a new leaf when he realized what Chef Gusteau meant. Who is the main villain of the two? Well, it's up to your interpretation. On one hand, Chef Skinner was a greedy jerk who never redeems himself. However, he really was never that intimidating. On the other hand, Anton Ego was a critic with impossibly high standards who wanted to see a restaurant go down the toilet. However, he does redeem himself. I can't tell you who you think the main villain is. It is up to you.The rats in the movie look great. Their fur is well rendered and they move like actually rats. The food in the movie looked great. I kind of wanted to eat it... knowing that it is just computer generated imagery. The humans... well... not a big fan of how they look. They just look kind of weird, not like humans in other Pixar films. The music is nothing that memorable, but I do kind of like the original song, Le Festin (even though I don't understand the lyrics). It just meshed well with the French setting of the movie. However, when it comes to movies, animation and music are nice, but the real deciding factor is the story. The story was great. A rat wanted to be a chef, but the human world has no love for rats in the kitchen. It was great to see how Remy learned how to overcome this obstacle.This movie was a critical and financial hit. It even won the Oscar for Best Animated Picture, however, a lot of people say that Persepolis should have won. I've never seen Persepolis so I can't agree or disagree with this claim. We're not here to talk about Persepolis, we are here to talk about Ratatouille. Even if you don't think it should have won the Oscar, it is still a great movie that get's my full recommendation. But don't think that it is the best Pixar movie. Join me next year when we travel to the future with WALL-E.
DPMR 7: CarsNow, it is time to talk about Cars released in 2006. But, before I begin, I just want to apologize for my three months of absence. I was doing an internship in Pennsylvania. In hindsight, I should have informed my readers that I would be gone for a few months, but I'm not that popular, so I didn't bother. So, if you actually do watch me and read my reviews, thank you for your patience and not bugging me about where I was.Spoilers Begin HereThe film is set in a world where there are no humans or any animals of any kind. The world is populated by anthropomorphic cars. It opens at the final race of the 2005 Piston Cup Season. Or rather, it was supposed to be the final race of the season, but the race ended in a three way tie. The first finalist was an older, experienced racecar named Strip "The King" Weathers, who was going to be retiring after the season. The second finalist was a dirty playing constant runner up named Chick Hicks. The last finalist was an arrogant rookie named Lightning McQueen. Lightning was excited to win the race. Not only would he be the first rookie in Piston history to win the cup... but he would also get a prestigious corporate sponsor of Dinoco instead of the lowly Rust-Eze who is currently sponsoring him. This would not be an easy accomplishment. Shortly after the race, Lightning's pit crew quit, having enough of his arrogance. The King warned Lightning to not take his team for granted, but Lightning was to focused on his future as the face of Dinoco to pay attention.After the race, Lightning entered the trailer of his big rig, Mack. As they were driving down Interstate 40 to California, Mack asked Lightning if it would be okay to stop at a truck stop for the night. Lightning, desperate to get to California to practice before the race (as well as suck up to Dinoco), denied Mack the right to stop for the night. This proved to be a mistake. While driving, Mac fell asleep and was attacked by a gang of cars. In the process, Mack accidentally let Lightning out of the trailer. Lightning was desperate to get back to Mac, but being a racecar, he was poorly equiped to drive on the road (being that he has no headlights). In his desperate search of Mac, Lightning accidentally got off of Interstate 40 and got on Route 66 to a small town called Radiator Springs. In his panic, he accidentally destroyed the roads of Radiator Springs.The next morning, he found himself in an impound lot where he met a rusty tow truck named Mater. Mater towed Lightning to court, being procided by a car named Doc Hudson. Hudson wanted to get Lightning out of town right away, but the town attorney, a female porsche named Sally Carrera, convinced Doc to make Lightning fix the road. They hooked Lightning up to an asphault-laying machine and forced him to pave the road. In his haste to get to California, he rushed the paving job, making the roads too bumpy to drive on. Hudson then offered Lightning a deal. The two would race. If Lightning won, Doc would repave the road. If Doc won, Lightning would have to repave the road. Lightning eagerly accepted the offer, thinking he could easily win. However, Lightning was poorly equipped to drive on the dirtroad racetrack and fell into a cactus patch. Mater retrieved Lightning, and the racecar was forced to scrape his work and repave the road. Lightning found out that Chick made it to California. He was having nightmares about Chick winning the Piston cup and becoming the new face of Dinoco. He decided that the only way to get out of Radiator Spring was to fix the road properly. He did a pretty good job repaving the road this time, but he was still only halfway done. The townsfolk noticed his hard work and warmed up to Lightning, well all except Doc Hudson. Even Sally started to grow feelings for Lightning. Lightning became especially close to Mater, who quickly became his best friend. Lightning even promised Mater that when he won the Piston cup, Mater would be able to fly in the Dinoco helicopter. Lightning also went on a date with Sally, who told him that Radiator Spring used to be a very prosperous and popular destination, until Interstate 40 was built. Cars just started riving on the bypass and staying off of Route 66, thus avoiding Radiator Spring. These experiences really warmed Lightning up to the lifestyles of simpler cars, but his biggest discovery was about none other than Doc Hudson. Doc Hudson was in reality the Hudson Hornet, who won three consecutive Piston cups. Doc Hudson was furious about Lightning's discovery. He seemed to be really ashamed of his racing days. Lightning even caught Doc effortlessly driving through the dirt road that Lightning couldn't drive through. Finally, Doc revealed to lightning why he has a hatred for racing. In 1954, Doc was in a terrible car accident that nearly cost him his life. After his recovery, nobody wanted to sponsor him anymore. The next day, Lightning finally finished paving the road. Everyone thought that Lightning left Radiator Spring for good after his job was done... but to everyone's surprise, Lightning stayed. Not only did he stay, he purchased a lot of the goods that the citizens of Radiator Springs sold, thus giving them some much needed income. Lightning was happy to have finally meet some true friends... but then Mack and a whole crew of media workers arrived. They took Lightning and they drove off to California to race the race. The townsfolk were sad to see Lightning go, but then Sally made a horrible discovery. It was Doc Hudson who informed the media about Lightning's whereabouts. This proved to be a decision Doc Hudson regretted. It is now time for the big race. When the race began, The King and Chick were neck to neck... but Lightning was doing a terrible job at the race. He missed his new friends too much. Then, Lightning made a discovery. Doc Hudson, Mater and several other townsfolk arrived to watch the race. They agreed to work with Mack to be Lightning's Pit Crew. This news boosted Lightning's confidence. He started racing with all of his ability, even using abilities he learned from both Mater and Doc Hudson. Lightning even made it to the final lap. He was well ahead of The King and Chick. Chick, however, was not willing to loose to The King. Chick sideswiped the The King, forcing the older car to get into a terrible car accident. Lightning was about to cross the finish line, when he saw The King's accident. Right before he crossed the finish line, he stopped, allowing Chick to win the race. The fans were baffled about Lightning throwing his victory away, but then they found out why he gave up his victory. Lightning went back to The King, and pushed him passed the finish line. Although Chick won the Piston cup, everyone jeered at him and he was not offered the Dinoco sponsorship. Dinoco instead decided to sponsor Lightning for his selfless action. However, Lightning turned Dinoco down, wanting to stay with Rust-Eze. However, there was one thing he wanted from Dinoco. They agreed to let Mater fly on a helicopter. He then set up his racing headquarters at Radiator Spring, thus increasing tourism in the small town he grew to love.Spoilers End HereHow does this movie hold up? Well, the best adjective I can use to describe this movie is... harmless. For the most part, the characters were well developed. Lightning started off as an arrogant jerk, but his experiences in Radiator Spring taught him to be more humble and to gain an attitude that winning isn't everything. Doc Hudson is a grizzled old car who is deeply ashamed of his accident that ended his racing career. You can tell that deep down, he missed racing, he just never wanted to relive his shame. He mainly acted as Lightning's mentor... but it wasn't always clear who was the teacher and who was the student. Doc Hudson taught Lightning various racing techniques, and taught him that winning is not everything. In turn, Lightning taught Doc to not let what happened in the past prevent him from doing what he loved. Sally also acted as a mentor to Lightning as well as the love interest. She was once a wealthy lawyer in Los Angeles, but she wasn't happy with her life. Then, she broke down in Radiator Spring, and the townsfolk helped her out. She never left the town after that. It was the first place she was truly happy. Essentially, she taught Lightning that it is possible to get more joy from simpler lifestyles than the wealthy lifestyle Lighting was originally looking for. Even Mater acted as somewhat of a mentor and not just a silly comic relief voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. At first, Lightning had a prejudice against rusty cars, but Mater taught the racecar that there really is more to someone than what is on the outside. Mater proved to be a skilled backward driver, and a very loyal friend. It is hard to not like Mater. The best part of all... Mater was used sparingly. If he was used any more than he was, it would get annoying. But, he was used the right amount. Disney and Pixar will never make the mistake of making him the main protagonist of a movie (yes they will). Chick Hicks really didn't do it for me as a villain. He wasn't in it that much, and he just came off more of a jerk than a legitimate threat.While the characters were well written, this movie was... well... boring. I think the main problem with the movie was... it stared cars. Sure, the cars had faces to show expression, but faces aren't the only ways to show expression. The characters were essentially just faces. That is not interesting. Sure, in Finding Nemo, the characters didn't look that different.. but they also had fins to help express emotion and manipulate items. Besides, cars are inanimate objects. They aren't alive and it is hard for us to relate to them. Toy Story also stars inanimate object, but toys are designed to look like living things. We can relate to the characters. I think the best part about the movie is the soundtrack. The songs really feel like they mix with NASCAR, featuring an original song written and performed by Sheryl Crow (Real Gone) and the Academy Award nominated Our Town, written by Randy Newman and performed by James Taylor. The licensed songs are songs you can easily associate with driving, including Life is a Highsway by Rascal Flatts and even the classic (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 once by Chuck Berry and again by John Mayer.This movie was a hit, but it didn't make as much money as Pixar hoped. It was even nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Picture, where it lost to Happy Feet. This was the first Pixar movie to have less than a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes at 75%. Sure, a 75% isn't a bad rating, but Pixar has very high standars, that Cars just didn't meet. If you have kids looking for a nice, clean movie with character development, this movie would be just fine. However, if you are looking for that minus boredom, there are plenty of better Pixar options, such as the next movie I will be talking about. Join me next time, as we cook some Ratatouille.
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Prior to the official opening of the Burbank lot in 1940, The Walt Disney Studios was located at several different locations in Los Angeles and Hollywood. During Summer 1923, Walt Disney created 'The Disney Bros Cartoon Studio' in his Uncle Robert Disney's garage, located at 4406 Kingswell Avenue, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. His brother Roy O. Disney was also in Los Angeles at the time. During October 1923, the brothers moved to a bigger lot, located in a former real estate agency at 4651 Kingswell Avenue. On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney accepted Margaret Winkler's, of Universal Studios' offer to distribute the new Alice Comedies starring Virginia Davis. It was also at this site were on January 14, 1924, Walt Disney met his future wife Lillian Bounds, an Ink and Paint girl whom he personally hired. In February 1924, the studio moved next door to 4649 Kingswell Avenue.

In 1925, Walt Disney placed a deposit on a new, considerably larger lot at 2719 Hyperion Avenue. It was here were, after a train journey with his wife Lillian, Walt fully created the character of Mickey Mouse in 1928. The first color animation, the Silly Symphony, Flowers and Trees and the first animated cartoon using the multiplane camera, The Old Mill was created. In 1937, the Hyperion Studio produced the world's first animated full length feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney's staff also began to grow at this studio, and Disney Legends such as Disney's Nine Old Men began their careers. The studio was closed down in 1940, however name 'Hyperion' has been used for multiple divisions and attractions within The Walt Disney Company including Hyperion Books and the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure Park.
"Colors of the Wind" won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 68th Academy Awards in 1995, becoming composer Alan Menken's fourth win in the category. It also won the Golden Globe in the same category as well as the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Movie. The song poetically presents the Native American viewpoint that the earth is a living entity where humankind is connected to everything in nature.

Described as a "stirring anthem to animism", this song is Pocahontas' exhortation to Captain John Smith about the wonders of the earth and nature, including the spirit within all living things, encouraging him not to think of them as things he can conquer or own, but rather as beings to respect and live with in harmony. She also urges him to accept humans who are different in appearance and culture and to learn from them.
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I got a question, can crossover fanfiction be submitted?
SegaDisneyUniverse Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Student General Artist
Why not? As long as it's Disney related.:)
Redgra Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks as I have alredy subimmted some fanfiction of Disney's Recess.
SegaDisneyUniverse Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2019  Student General Artist
Oh, okay. Cool.;)
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SeoGETIE Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2018
Thanks for the request!
Peggyisaprettybird Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
steamboat wille is da best 
Mr-Pink-Rose Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018
Thanks a lot for the request!
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