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I still write..
Just not in english atm..
and no one to work with..
Stay tuned
Finally i think i have some to work with.

and he is very passionate about being a professional graphic novelist.

I have to draw some storyboards for him now (which i haven't done in my life before)

and hopefully the mask girl gets some manhwa treatment by next week. (at least a teaser will be up this week)

our plan is to make the mask girl on, which has the biggest webtoon (korean web cartoon) site in korea

and put mask girl on amateur section and hopefully gets picked by adminstrator and gets moved to pro section

So I am very glad to announce this great news to all!
here's whitesugar

its her drawing of my new novel…
here's Jaejae

Who might work with me

we will have to see how we go.

Here's his drawing for my new story called "Mask girl" something like that if its translated..…