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Girl in My dream episode 39
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Hey this is sizzkun

Burntwitch and I have completed 53 episodes of this story in Korean, so there's much more story to look forward to.

But Burntwitch managed to create an ending for Girl in My Dream at episode 53(which I didn't write but BW did)

so it does have an ending which is different to what I was aiming at.

Some people might find that ending appropriate..
as many of the korean fans didnt argue that much..

I've been talking to BW and he doesnt want to give up his own manhwa..and I can't be sure when he will be back to draw the actual story...

so we decided to make a poll on TGcomics.com to show how many people are interested on BW's comeback and if there are many poeple who voted for BW's come back we might be able to convince him to draw some more..


to the poll (you need to register for free)

unfortunately, BW is having serious Backache problems (aka HIVD). so he decided to take a rest until next year.

We will not see him drawing anything until next year I suppose.. His blog has nothing at the moment. you won't be able to see any korean versions either.
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ShinZm1911| Digital Artist
For the sake of all living things, PLEASE upload the shower scene!!!
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walt7's avatar

Without demand, there's no supply..

so Ok.
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MarkDoob|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've got the .cbz comic book reader file up here:

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Miya is right, to a certain extent Ji-hyun is Ji-hoon... Still I wonder if Ji-hoon is actually lost forever. Ahhh! I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. Ji-hyun is so beautiful, it's scary thinking about it, her just being a comic character and all, but I've learned that looks can be deadly.
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I agree with :iconfiringwall: something just doesn't seem right.
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Miya and Ji-hyun taking a shower together, with Miya helping her out? All fanboys will probably get nosebleeds from that vision.

Anyways, I still feel uncertain about what is going to happen in the future. I still get the eerie feeling that Yuna is still hanging around.
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KIDFaiz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Word, hombre. She's waitin' to pounce!
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I am still deciding If I should upload the uncensored one to deviantart or not.
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all it needs is a mature warning, you could always do both and just list one as mature and one as not.
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ooh, this could become interesting now,..
I think Miya is right, she have no chance to get the lost memories as long the guy will be around..

After all, she was programmed to love him, now Miya may have a chance to save the main character! :P
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