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So, :iconfoxyprimrose: tagged me in this.  So here goes:

1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
5.) No tag backs
6.) You can't say, no tags
7.) Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.
8.) Tag me anyway, so I can see your answers!!

(Walnut:  Um, yes.  Ten people.  Y'know what, rather than be a hypocrite, I'm just gonna say, tag as many as you feel like.)

Her questions:
1.Boldest thing you've ever done?
2.Favorite part about life?
3.Stupidest thing you've ever seen or heard?
4. Weapon of choice when facing a duel (can be fake or real like ex:Links Master Sword or C4)
5.Funniest word you've heard?
6.Your dream team if an apocalypse happened (can be from anime's and or TV shows/cartoons)
7.Would you rather be killed by your favorite hero or be saved by your favorite villian?
8.Coolest thing you've ever seen or been?
9.Favorite YouTuber and don't have Youtube guess one
10.Favorite All time Anime don't like Anime name 3 reasons why

My answers:
1.  Yelling at my entire high school when they were acting like putzes.  (No, I'm not going to elaborate.)
2.  Sleeping.
3.  I didn't personally see this and can't vouch for its veracity, but I once heard of someone nearly driving a baby carriage into a fire at a living history event because they assumed it wasn't a real fire.
4.  If we both use the same weapon?  Gonna say rattan sticks.  Since I'm going to lose, I'd pick something that would hopefully not injure me too much.
5.  DeVan L. Shumway*.
6.  Leader:  Integra Hellsing, Hellsing
Lancer:  Archer, Fate/stay night
Big guy:  The Blob, The Blob
Smart guy:  Harry Lauder, The Stand
Heart of the band:  Death, Discworld series
7.  Saved by the villain.  I see no reason to die prematurely.
8.  This.
9.  BillyMorshu.
10.  Fifteen years ago, I would've said Dragon Ball Z, but nowadays I mostly like it for the nostalgia.  Being honest about it, I'd probably say Hellsing or the Fate side of the Nasuverse.

* On top of his real name looking like an anagram for whatever his real name was, Shumway was best known as the spokesman for CREEP.  The whole situation is like a MAD Magazine parody of a political scandal; the great part is that it wasn't a parody.

My questions:
1.  Do you still keep in touch with friends you had before high school?
2.  What is one skill or physical ability (within typical human capabilities) that you'd like to acquire?
3.  Do you consider yourself an artist, or rather, someone who happens to do art, and what leads you to this conclusion?  (No need to answer if you don't do art at all.)
4.  Do you have a food you like that most people you know hate or won't try?  If the latter, do you think their unwillingness is reasonable or not?
5.  Suppose that when you die, your soul will reside forever in a place from your past.  What would you like that place to be?
6.  What's your favorite language and why?  (Not necessarily one you understand.)
7.  What would you put on your personal coat of arms?
8.  What artistic medium do you most admire?
9.  Would you rather be poor or unloved?
10.  Sunrises or sunsets?

:iconprobablyimpossible: :iconfireheart1001: :iconsassybutler: :iconveloxiraptor: :iconpip-x-seras: :iconerinptah: :iconmistressmariko: :iconshoriori:

Not gonna mince words, I haven't talked to many people on dA in any meaningful sense.  The above are mostly just people whose art I've enjoyed.
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