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By WallyHindle
A lame attempt at humor brought to you in the form of a STAR TREK/HEROES fanart. (For anyone who doesn't know, Zachary Quinto (Sylar) is playing the role of Mr Spock in the upcoming movie.)

I kid because I care, and am super curious to see how the new movie will turn out.

The characters of STAR TREK & HEROES dun' belong to me.

The end.
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claire-kitty12's avatar
But but but... Sylar doesn't eat brains...
brttny23194's avatar
chibiotakunoda's avatar
sparkyqueen's avatar
god i would have loved to have seen this in the movie!!!! XD
lzoral's avatar
lol i love Sylar and Spock
Shinobi-Kuroda's avatar
Lawl. And I don't even watch Star Trek or Heroes. BUt still funneh.
Kyamira-Rongu's avatar
This is so friggin' awesome. Its actually pretty funneh!
Major-Mint's avatar
*snort* LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and in the process of reading this I think I scratched my cornea.
FuturamaFan7810's avatar
Sylar Spock is gonna EAT YOU. For completely logical reasons too :D
Nemesis12's avatar
*applauds* Spylar for the win.
lovelyverdigris's avatar
You are my new favourite person. I totally saw this when I was watching the movie.
Seamonkey-Sama's avatar
:rofl: I love spock's fave at the very end. hehehehehe yeah it was cool/weird/awesome seeing SYLAR as SPOCK! :D
TheShopkeeper's avatar
McCoy looks only slightly disgruntled at the fact Spock stole Kirk's brain...
Spock's various expressions throughout are fantastic, and the depiction of Kirk's speak pattern's were dead-on. Well done! :D
minime41191's avatar
(Claire that's disgusting)
Great job XD
chilce's avatar
Xd lol the pointy eared bastard XD
TheShopkeeper's avatar
I totally wanted Spock to do that in the movie! Congratulations, you made me 'What the Fuck?'. Good job! :D
Xzairo's avatar

The movie was so terrifically EPIC! I wan't to see it again so bad!
PHUZface1's avatar
OH the huMANITY. The best ever. So great!
Sovajin's avatar
AH-HAHAHAAAAA!!!! Freaking HILARIOUS!!!! I love it!
:jawdrop: :laughing:
B33pBl0rp's avatar
Zachary Quinto is beyond awesome! :love:
this is HILARIOUS!
hedgehead's avatar
hehehe this made me laugh :dance:
jazzledoodle's avatar
....It could happen.
deadaliveinlove's avatar
I don't think I could possibly love this more.
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