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Iron Man Theme For Windows 7

This Is Mine And Wigglewormz Iron-Man Themes, I am doing a comic book hero series, in my themes and screenhosts folder located in my gallery. so if u like this or my other themes/screenshots keep an eye out for em'

special thanks to wigglewormz for the help making this.
link to wigglewormz [link]

ive included all the things i used just so you can apply it, the visual style the way it is in the picture, i just compiled this and made the wallpapers.

ive included
10 different styles of wallpapers in the zip download

visual styles
OSi7 by mufflerexoz [link] featured in the shot.

zues os : x "leopard X"
[link] looked good with it aswell.

rainmeter configs are called bluevision [link]

its very difficult to emulate iron mans desktop so we just compiled this one maybe we'll get a perfect one someday lol, hope you enjoy.

Video tutorial by wigglewormz [link]
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how to download this theme
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just push the download button, all files are in a zipped file, unzip, put visual styles in C:/windows/resources/themes  put wallpapers where you want them.  make sure you patch your theme files "UX themepatcher"  you can find it on google search if not let me know and i'll forward you a link to it.  

its real easy when you do a couple themes.  the skins for rainmeter are also included.  theres a link to a video made by wigglewormz to show how to install his, we worked side by side on making these, so thats why there similar but tutorial goes for both, if you need me to make one i can but i dont use 7 any longer so it would take some time to make a virtual machine, thats why i havnt made one.
me gustaría descargar este tema amigo pero me aparece un virus en uno de los archivos hay manera de que me envíes todo en un mail a

the video is PRIVATE
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send me a note w/ ur email an ill get it to u
This video is marked as private
tell me how to install
please tell me how to install
i've already downloaded the file. how do i install it and everything to themes icon and etc???
how and where to is the link??? sorry but im new at this
How to download? i can't download
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link in discription
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Two Words to say bud.... awesome theme, as a side note the skins for rainmeter are pretty spiffy too ^_^
thanks for sharing
HEy bro looking awesome.Thanks for share
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do this work on windows 7 32 bit?
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yeah it what i use
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LOL maybe I don't know how to use all I 'm stupid .I can't fix it out how to install at my WIn 7 .Anyway thank you so much .
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just added wigglewormz video to the discription
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I was installing all this and I got the black screen of death ToT
It's probably my fault since I'm no good with computers...
If anyone could help that'd be excellent.
I've tried googling but everyone else has problems before they login, but mines fine until afterwards.
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check wigglewormz on here he has a version we made this together, his has a video link :)
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