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Dreamy Earth
Among the Stars
Kaboom -  A Fractal Explosion
Metamorphosis - Desktopography 2016
Simple blue
InvaZion II
Sensing Something
The Mystic Door
Aayla Secura
Eternity aura
Elegant Arches
It's Green
Love Any Mates
Do small things with great LOVE
Eroded Zone
Jwf 13-5-20
ArtRage - MMXX (24)
The Ivory Tower
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Beyond time by Ellysiumn
Eternity tree by Ellysiumn
keep a weather eye on the horizon by Esherymack
Ivy by LeaWiggins
Daily Deviation: Wallpapers
Cosmic Tree of Life by love--or--death
Attrahenti Illusio by chrisryder123
The Battle Priestess Hera by StuHarrington
Panspermia by ArtistMEF
Founder and Co-founder wallpapers
Ethereal breeze by Ellysiumn
Ancestral Energy by Ellysiumn
The blue pier by Ellysiumn
Guardian Dragon by Ellysiumn
Next official contest - June 2020
HDTV Widescreen
Eclipsed by Vaporeon249
Burma by Hypnoshot
Among the Stars by JoeyJazz
The Path and The Tree by JoeyJazz
Photography: Wallpapers
Smile Through The Cold of A Lonely Night by MenschEden
Grumpy Warbler Wallpaper by Pierre-Lagarde
Swimming In Pure Gold by eReSaW
Orange Set 4K by Hypnoshot
Digital: Wallpapers
Welcome by AndreaMozer
InvaZion II by jim373
The Mystic Door by ChrisNazgul
Simple blue by relhom
3 Dimensional: Wallpapers
Ghosts In The City by Kurumi-Morishita
Eroded Zone by kuzy62
zoom on the blue sphere by tsahel
Web Of Life by Kurumi-Morishita
Science Fiction: Wallpapers
Elegant Arches by Redwoodjedi
Zerg by REDVAMPIRE120652
Sapphire Nova by TheKayeman
Trix IV by AngeloVentura
Fractals: Wallpapers
MandelBrowser 200331 083242 by LoloAlien
Free Use Space Background: Nebula Energy by Ted-Drakness
Neurons and synapses by eReSaW
It's Green  by LoloAlien
Abstract and Surreal: Wallpapers
The Calling of Angels-wallpaper by SunnyDaze-BlueNights
Fan Art: Wallpapers
Treasure Planet III by ERA7
Vexel and Vector: Wallpapers
Yumi v2 (Senran Kagura series) by SelflessDevotions
Minimalistic: Wallpapers
Green Flow Wallpaper Pack 5120x2880px by dpcdpc11
Animated Wallpapers
Ultimate Fluid 1.2 Rleased(FreeWare) by xwidgetsoft
Rainmeter Customization
Square Reflections  by HipHopium
Android and iPhone Wallpapers
SmartPhone 1440 x 2560 Floral Wallpaper Gift by SunnyDaze-BlueNights
Multi Display
Odd Entity by spiraloso
Traditional: Wallpapers
Eye Craft Lore by ArkenHare
Wallpapers Newsletter
Wallpapers Newsletter (May 2020)To see the full Newsletter, go to New DA.WALLPAPERS COMMUNITYDD's FEATURED BY MEMY DD GUIDELINESWe want the wallpapers gallery alive, with good vibes and energies, we want to give you the best keys to improve and connect to each other !! You are the actors of this marvellous community, and we want you to know it !! So stay tuned about news, contests, features of the best wallpapers, Wallpapers community group fresh infos, etc.Also, each month, we spotlight artists (one per month) who catch our attention, in order to show you different styles, universes, and to discover their artistic stories / journeys. We will make a feature of the best entries every months too, in order for you to meet other talents, and melt with other artists.† The plurality, makes a powerful singularity, together the wallpaper community is rich of different colours, and that is precious. Just one word : ENJOY !!!! THE BEST WALLPAPER OF THE MONTH by public votationVisits by @QAuZ MEET THE ARTIST Interview by stellartcorsica Images selection by Ellysiumn This month we spotlight the universe of @elreviae How did you discover Deviantart ? I discovered devianArt many years ago by randomly surfing on the web. I was looking for some nice wallpapers, then I found this awesome web site through my searches on Internet. So I had a very good feeling about the whole presentation of this web site. When have you begun to create wallpapers and why ? Well, I really started to create wallpapers in 2007. At the beginning it was just for a personal use and pleasure, just to put something new on my desktop background for fun. Then I found deviantArt web site and I sent my very first creation to see what was going to happen. Who are you ? Could you describe your personality in few key words, please ? Who am I ? Well, I donít really know! lol ! Iím just a guy who is creating and experimenting some different things on my computer for the pleasure. Seriously, I think Iím a rather shy and discreet person generally. For instance, I donít really like big places with thousand people at the same time! I use to spend times with my good friends and family from time to time but nothing more than that to be honest. Then, I use to work a lot in front of my computerís screen finally. Could you describe your artistic universe ? Thatís a very hard question to me. The thing is, in my honest opinion, that I donít really have a specific universe. I use to experiment many different things through the time and through my moods! I worked on abstract pictures or Sci-Fi ones or retro style creations with different graphic style each time. Surely because Iím curious about all kinds of digital art. Which software(s) do you use ? For a while now I use to work with softwares like 3ds Max, Cinema 4D for the main 3D modelling & rendering phase but around them I work with MakeHuman and Z-Brush to have some more 3D experiences in my process. Then, I should say obviously, I work a lot with Adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to achieve my creation process. What is your major evolution from your beginnings to now? My major evolution from my beginnings is clearly the use of 3D software. It changed everything in my mind and in my main workflow. Also, I started to work with a tablet to add some more details in my creations like painted areas, strokes etc Ö Those were a major evolution to me for sure. What is your favorite topic ? Without hesitation, Sci-Fi in general! Thatís my main topic even when Iím doing some abstract pieces for instance, I always have a Science fiction reference somewhere in mind. 8 What is you favorite palette of colours to work with? Definitely palettes of purple, blue, orange, yellow, red, black. I donít know why I love those colors ? lol ! Those colours are well known of course but they are quite bright and finally easy to manage through my artworks. What or who inspires you ? Honestly, I found inspiration everywhere around me and not only on the Web. Movies, Tv Shows, mangas, adverts, in the nature, in the streets Ö. I think you just have to be an observer first. About who inspires me, well, so many artists around like musicians, singers, matte-painters, concept artists, digital artists, actors Ö. My list is long! What do you like to share with your creations? I really enjoy to share something personal each time like my mood at the time of creation process. Sometime some of my artworks can be very dark for instance or they can be at the opposite, bright and colourful. Do you have rituals, any favorite things for creating better? Which music do you listen to when you you are working for exemple ? For sure yes, I have some rituals. First of all, I use to think about a possible new concept artwork for days before doing it. I really need to put all the pieces together in my mind, from the 3D tools I will use to the post process in Photoshop. I can do this quite well because I already know my personal workflow of course. Another important step is the music obviously. So yes I just canít create without listening to music, thatís life ! lol! Personally I use to listen various bands or artists and different music style, it depends on my mood but I can give few examples like : Devin Townsend, Pink Floyd, Fever Ray, Snow Ghosts, Solar Fields, Fear Factory, The Black Angels, The Blackwater Fever, Retro-wave 80ís bands and original movie sound tracks Ö and many more in my list. What are your passions ? My passions other than creating artworks are playing to the guitar, electric and folk style. It takes a very important place in my life because playing with those instruments is always a wonderful moment. Also, it helps me to de-stress a lot when I need it. Then, basically, I love to go to the cinema with friends and discover new movie experiences and I love to watch Tv-Shows too. Another passion traveling a bit when it is possible of course. If I have time and if I have enough money in the pocket for it! What is your creative process in few steps ? So, first of all, I use to think and to focus my mind on a future artwork concept and idea. It can take few days like that. Then once my idea is quite ready, I start some rough experiments in 3D, basically 3D low-poly modelling first. At the same time, if I need it, Iím looking for textures and photos in my personal stock. The other step is to start the composition with exported 3D rendered elements, I use to work with PNG (with alpha) and JPEG. The final step is to bring all my stuff in Photoshop for the paints, textures, color correction, lights and shadow improvements etc Ö At this point my artwork is not very over, the other thing I use to do is to put aside my artwork for few days then I resume it. Itís a kind of ritual I have for a while, it gives me another regard on my artwork after few days. If necessary, I delete, add or modify some points in my piece before an online publication. Have you got some tips for beginners ? To be honest, I still feel like a beginner even after years of creating artworks! I never stop learning new things on specific software or new technical approach about making digital art in general. My few tips for beginners will be, take your time and donít rush everywhere. Make experimentations of all kind with any kind of software. If you feel better using Blender than C4D or 3ds Max for instance, make your stuff in Blender! Same thing about other software obviously. Practice a lot, no secrets. Actually, we can learn many things on the Web through social networks or specific web sites with great tutorials. Finally, take inspiration from everywhere and not only from the Web ! ARTIST SPOTLIGHTThis month... @byrotek by @Ellysiumn WALLPAPER: JOURNALS AND FEATURESWallpapers Featuredate.relative.daysTIME FOR FEATURE AWESOME NEW WALLPAPERS!
PLEASETree of Life Wallpapers Contest: Winnersdate.relative.daysWinners of Tree of Life WallpaperWallpapers: Featuring TobiasRoetschdate.relative.dateWALLPAPERS ARTIST SERIES

PLEASEFeaturing the Artist: eevanikunendate.relative.date120

FEATURINGWallpapers: Featuring spiralosodate.relative.date70

Second round

WALLPAPERS ARTISTFeaturing the Artist: isischneiderdate.relative.date119

PLEASEWallpapers: Featuring ALMcinnisdate.relative.date71

FEATURINGWallpapers: Featuring dblasphemydate.relative.date69

Second round
WALLPAPERS ARTISTFeaturing the Artist: TheChosenPesssimistdate.relative.date118

PLEASEWallpapers Feature Vol. 55date.relative.dateHello, all! :wave:
Check out these cool wallpapersCUSTOMIZATION TIME: WALLPAPERSdate.relative.dateHello folks, I hope you're all well andWallpapers Feature Vol. 56date.relative.dateHello, all! :wave:
Check out these cool wallpapersWallpapers Feature Vol. 57date.relative.dateHello, all! :wave:
Check out these cool wallpapersCUSTOMIZATION TIME: CHANGE EVERYTHING!date.relative.dateHello folks, since customization is kicking backWallpapers Feature Vol. 58date.relative.daysHello, all! :wave:
Check out these cool wallpapersWALLPAPER DD ROUND UPDaily Deviations Round Up: April 2020date.relative.yesterdayHallo !!!

Feature of all the Daily Deviations set@WALLPAPERSCOMMUNITY ART FEATURETREE OF LIFE WALLPAPER CONTEST: WINNERSTree of Life Wallpapers Contest: Winnersdate.relative.daysWinners of Tree of Life WallpaperBy @love--or--death By @jasminira By @mumu0909...


Music is My Life by Qinni
SP 2 - Breath by Qinni
To Catch the Moonfish by Qinni
Legend of the Cryptids - Ripple Reading Magician by Viccolatte
Wallpapers contests
Wallpapers Daily Deviations
Trabling by sashajoe
Temple by rialynkv
The Battle Priestess Hera by StuHarrington
Tiny Landscape by TheChosenPesssimist
DeviantArt related: Wallpaper format
A Study of the DeviantArt Logo - Patch of Sky by team
A Study of the DeviantArt Logo - Girl On Fire by team
A Study of the DeviantArt Logo - Soothsayer by team
A Study of the DeviantArt Logo - Bubbling by team

Countdown to VIII Wallpaper Contest: Tree of Life

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Wednesday, April 15th @ 2:59pm

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Wallpapers: Educational Articles

A few days ago, I found  "Stimulant blog" and I was struck by an interesting article about 4k.
I know that many deviants know about 4k but I also know that a large number of deviants have no idea what 4k means in wallpapers and what it implies.
For this reason, I thought it appropriate to contribute to the entire wallpapers community and of course, for everyone who likes to be informed, beginners and advanced.

Do you know the DA Challenge "Devious Desktops: Warm Vibes?
More info here:

All the credits correspond to Stimulant blog, I have simply elaborated the article and adapted for everyone, here in DeviantArt.
One of Stimulant’s specialties is designing experiences on new, next generation hardware. We were recently tasked with designing an interface for a 4K display, and we discover

Wallpapers GalleriesHere is a complete list of the current Wallpapers categories with  descriptions  to assist you with selecting which category is the most appropriate to submit your artwork

CURRENT  DA  (green layout)


CustomizationWallpaper3 DimensionalAbstractAnimals & Plants

Let's talk about wallpapers II: What is 4k?What is?
Pure and simple, 4K means a clearer picture. It's more pixels (8,294,400 to be exact)
on the screen at once that creates images that are crisper and capable of showing more details than standard HD.

WHAT IS 4k resolution?

4K resolution, also called 4K, refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels.
Digital television and digital cinematography commonly use several different 4K resolutions.
In television and consumer media, 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard,
whereas the movie projection industry uses 4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K).
Think of your TV like a grid, with rows and columns.
A full HD 1080p image is 1080 rows high and 1920 columns wide.
A 4K image approximately doubles the numbers in both directions, yielding approximately four times as many pixels total.
To put it another w

Let's talk about wallpapersWhat is a wallpaper?

A wallpaper is a decorative paper for the walls of a room

or the background image or set of images displayed on a computer screen or TV.

What does wikipedia say about wallpapers?

A wallpaper or background  (also known as a desktop wallpaper, desktop background,

 desktop picture or desktop image on computers)

is a digital image -photo, drawing etc. - used as a decorative background of a graphical user interface on the screen of a computer, 

mobile communications device or other electronic device.

On a computer it is usually for the desktop, while on a mobile phone it is usual

Screen Resolutions

What screen resolutions are accepted in the Wallpaper gallery?

(Resolutions marked in bold are the current most often encountered monitor resolutions)

Standard PC / Mac (4:3)
640x480 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x960 1344x1008 1366x768 1280x1024 1400x1050 1600x900 1600x1200 2048x1536

Dual/Multi Display

960x600 1024x640 1280x480 1280x800 1344x840 1440x900 1600x600 1600x1000 1680x1050 1920x1200 2048x768 2304x864 2560x960 2560x1024 2560x1600 3200x1200

iMac Resolutions
1920x1080 2560x1440

Other Important Information About the Wallpaper Gallery:
Handhelds can be found in: Desktop & Customization >> Handhelds >> Backgrounds.

If your art submission is for any Portable device (that is not a Laptop, or comparable device), such as a phone or gaming platform, please be sure to consider the above listed submission directory.

A Wallpaper Pack is a usually a RAR or ZIP archive file containing multiple Wallpapers. Generally this means to include variations of color or theme of the same wallpaper, but more commonly a Pack will have several different resolutions to accommodate various monitors specifications. Such Wallpaper Packs will usually be downloadable via the deviation's Download File feature, however they may also be linked to off-site for download.

FAQ #811: What is a Wallpaper and what should I know about using and making wallapers?

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:iconellysiumn: & :iconcommunityrelations:

Devious Desktops - Neon Nights Challenge

View EntriesOfficial Rules13+ International

Create a neon wallpaper for your chance to win a brand-new 5K .
Contest Closed
Congratulations, Winners!
The night has exploded with color in the Neon Nights Devious Desktops challenge! Thanks to your entries, we've witnessed a kaleidoscope of light shining through from the darkness.
From this come the three winners whose pi
Underwater Wallpaper Contest (CLOSED)
Welcome to the V Wallpaper Contest!
The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy... Keep reading!

The Theme is... Underwater environment

The Underwater environment refers to the region below the surface of the water, in a natural or artificial feature. Your interpretation can be surreal, conceptual, phylosophical, realistic, or can deal with topicality about pollution disaster. 
It's time to launch the fifth official wallpaper contest hosted by Ellysiumn and   communityrelations & WallpapersCommunity !
We offer you the chance to create an inventive wallpaper on this fantastic theme : “Underwater enviroment“!
Some key words to enlighten you :
- Oceans, deep wat

Universe Wallpaper Contest ~ CLOSED

Welcome to the IV Wallpaper Contest!
The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy... Keep reading!

The Theme is... Universe
The Universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. (Wikipedia)

It's time to launch the fourth official wallpaper contest hosted by Ellysiumn and   communityrelationsWallpapersCommunity !
We offer you the chance to create and awesome wallpaper with this fantastic theme: “Universe“! 
We want to see a mesmerising universe through your eyes. Make explode your creativity, with the solar system, the beauty of nebulas, offer
Devious Desktops - Flower Power ChallengeFlower power is in full bloom, and the winners of our Devious Desktops Flower Power Wallpaper Challenge have been selected! Check out the winning wallpapers and view all the entries! #DeviousDesktopsFlowerPower

View EntriesOfficial Rules
13+ International

Your Winners, Revealed!
Flower Power has reached full bloom in our latest Devious Desktops challenge! With so many amazing entries, these splashes of vibrant color will blossom across monitors the world around!
Three winners have emerged, sprouting towards the sun, chosen by Ellysiumn
Devious Desktops - Space Out ChallengeThe winning entries into the Space Out Devious Desktops challenge have been cleared for smooth re-entry into the atmosphere! Check out the winning wallpapers and view all the cosmic creations! #DeviousDesktopsSpaceOut

View EntriesOfficial Rules
13+ International

Your Winners, Shining Through!
The winning entries into the Space Out Devious Desktops challenge are cleared for smooth re-entry into our atmosphere! Every submission sparkled like the night sky, turning monitors across the globe into portals to worlds unknown.
Three winners have been selected chosen by elly
Devious Desktops - Screens of Terror ChallengeThe winners of the Screens of Terror Devious Desktops challenge have displayed mastery of the sinister, immersing everyone in a world of fright. Check out the winning wallpapers, and congratulations to our new masters of horror! #DeviousDesktopsSOT

View EntriesOfficial Rules13+ International

Devious Desktops Screens of Terror Challenge :icon:

III Wallpaper Contest: Love (CLOSED)
  UPDATE !!!!
APRIL 30th at 23:59 pm PT !

Almost two months have passed and really I want to see more creative and beautiful works, where is yours? The theme is easy and inspiring by itself, so, come on!
Get out of your comfort zone!!!

I want to see your masterpiece!!!!!
Check the prizes below!
First place: 
12 months of Core Membership and 2.000 :points: from communityrelations
Second place:

6 months of Core Membership and 1000 :points: from communityrelations

Third place:
3 months of Core Membership and 500 :points: from communityrelations

Devious Desktops: Warm VibesThe warm vibes have come, and the winners of the Devious Desktops Warm Vibes Wallpaper Challenge have been selected! Check out the winning wallpapers and see all the entries! #DeviousDesktopsWarmVibes

View EntriesOfficial Rules
13+ International

Your Winners, Revealed!
We love all of the interesting, colorful and vibrant wallpapers we got for our first Devious Desktops challenge! They will keep the warm vibes going for us all year long!
We're excited to share with you the three pieces that Ellysiumn, DeviantArt's Wallpaper Community Volunteer, has chosen. Cong
Time Travel Wallpaper Contest: CLOSED
Welcome to the II Wallpaper Contest!
Contest CLOSED at 23:59 PT.
The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy... Keep reading!

The Theme is... Time travel
Who has never dreamed of travelling through time?
 It's time to launch the second official wallpaper contest hosted by Ellysiumn and communityrelations ! 
We offer you the chance to dream, and make us dream with this fantastic theme: “Time travell“! 
“Time travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, 

analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, 

typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine. 

Time travel is a widely-recognized concept in philosophy and fiction.“
Nature Wallpaper Contest. ENTRIES
Welcome to our first Wallpaper Contest!
The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy... Keep reading!

The Theme is... Nature!
Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. "Nature" can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The study of nature is a large, if not the only, part of science. Although humans are part of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena.
:bulletorange:Inspirational Wallpapers:bulletorange:

:bulletorange:The Rules:bulletorange:
Deviants may subm

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Pick ur favorite wallpaper (Wallpapers Newsletter June 2020) 

5 deviants said Moonlit Respite by JoeyJazz
4 deviants said Sakura by vV-ave
4 deviants said Love Any Mates by MenschEden
4 deviants said Breach by TobiasRoetsch
3 deviants said Day on the Road by kvacm
3 deviants said Welcome by AndreaMozer
2 deviants said +Perfect Treasure+ by ERA7
2 deviants said Tifa Lockhart by AyyaSAP
2 deviants said The Mystic Door by ChrisNazgul
1 deviant said Sensing Something by spiraloso



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