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Fear Wallpaper by ardcor Fear Wallpaper :iconardcor:ardcor 2,864 496 FISSURE by Nameless-Designer FISSURE :iconnameless-designer:Nameless-Designer 4,607 1,171 Hackintosh Wallpaper v4 by Jonzy Hackintosh Wallpaper v4 :iconjonzy:Jonzy 1,839 185 zo-eVOLUTION by jambozilla zo-eVOLUTION :iconjambozilla:jambozilla 64 32 Stereo Breakstuff by HagerotH Stereo Breakstuff :iconhageroth:HagerotH 11 15 Ei-Robot by ReginaldBull Ei-Robot :iconreginaldbull:ReginaldBull 5,008 728 Fresh - Wallpaper Pack by Stamga Fresh - Wallpaper Pack :iconstamga:Stamga 277 86 zoE - CARBODESIGNZ by jambozilla zoE - CARBODESIGNZ :iconjambozilla:jambozilla 107 49 -Drip Drop Teardrop- by MehranMo -Drip Drop Teardrop- :iconmehranmo:MehranMo 161 29
Wallpaper DD Roundup - March 2014

Foxfire Ahri - the Nine-Tailed Fox by MagicnaAnavi

Where Tahrs Live by vladstudio
Blue Space by Whendell
About Solar Heather by enioku
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'Be Good' by cocacolagirlie 'Be Good' :iconcocacolagirlie:cocacolagirlie 104 34 Dive Widescreen by Sed-rah Dive Widescreen :iconsed-rah:Sed-rah 40 8 Gold by Kavel-WB Gold :iconkavel-wb:Kavel-WB 29 32 My own wallpaper by Sandien My own wallpaper :iconsandien:Sandien 6 0 Sweet Taste Updated by SavannaH09 Sweet Taste Updated :iconsavannah09:SavannaH09 67 28 Mountain Fire - Wallpaper set by heeeeman Mountain Fire - Wallpaper set :iconheeeeman:heeeeman 154 42


Fear Wallpaper by ardcor
FISSURE by Nameless-Designer
Hackintosh Wallpaper v4 by Jonzy
zo-eVOLUTION by jambozilla
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Nasa - Into The Void by MinimalistiqZ
Green dawn v2 by iuneWind
Fun savana by sea-weed
Idol by gucken

Group Info

The Wallpaper-Lounge is the central location for wallpaper artists and fans. Featuring wallpapers, resources, tutorials, and expertise Wallpaper-Lounge is the place to be for deviants who support walls.
Founded 15 Years ago
Jul 3, 2008


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1,872 Members
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Group Rules

WELCOME to the Wallpaper Lounge!!

Well first of all, we'd all like to extend you a warm welcome. We're glad to see you here and really hope you can find that amazing Wallpaper you're looking for, and feel free to join and submit your own work. Rejections of any kind can occur if you fail to read and understand the rules. This Group can be as amazing as you make it, but you must be positive, proactive, and adhere to the rules.

:bulletblue: MAKE SURE any and every piece you submit or recommend PROPERLY credits ANY and ALL stock or resources used. If it is not properly credited, it will be noticed and declined - even if the piece itself is amazing and awesome.
:bulletblue: DO NOT EVER vote on your own work. (Contributors)
:bulletblue: No name calling, no insults, maintain a proper level of decorum and polite restraint at all times. This should be a safe comfortable place for everyone, so let's keep it that way.

:bulletblue: ALL deviatons being submitted MUST adhere to
:bulletblue: All Wallpaper MUST be uploaded into the
Customization >> Wallpapers Gallery/Category.
This means when you upload your work to deviantART, that you pick that category to place your work in, regardless of what tools you used or what type your wallpaper is (example: Vector, Fractal, Photo, etc..)..
:bulletblue: Celebrity / Movie / Game / Vehicle Wallpapers will not be accepted
:bulletblue: Downloads MUST be hosted by deviantART
:bulletblue: iPad Backgrounds (1024x1024) will NOT be accepted unless part of an entire wallpaper pack.

The FAQs:
FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
FAQ #32: Fair Use and Your Submission
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

Wallpaper-Lounge reserves the right to decline any submission based on quality, artist requirements, or any reason deemed negative by the staff.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Send us a note!
splintered13 | submicron

Current Gallery Moderator for Customization >> Wallpaper is submicron.

:dalove: :groups:

Weekly Stats

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I will make this short and sweet. Now, that I've become the newly appointed Founder, I will start the purging of members that are no longer active within the group. Also, wallpapers that don't meet the group's criteria and quality standards set forth by our rules will be deleted.
Please, keep this in mind that am not here to consider beginners work or give lengthy explanation as to why your work was decline for whatever reason. Our decisions should be respected above all.
Regarding rejection... Don't turn it into your own personal war because I will block you on the spot. If you have a problem with rejection then clearly this group is not for you. I have no time for argumentative rhetoric. Remember, there are thousands of other groups in the DA with similar interests, that are more than willing to accept any sort of art. My job is to evaluate absolutely all submissions made to this group. I have no qualms about declining work.
Also, the subject of fan/anime related wallpapers... I will say this only once, if is not knocking my socks off is not getting in. BTW, if you are submitting something in that genre, it better be your work. xD
Anyways, like all my other groups that are small sets of policies that will also be injected here as well. However, these policies can change without notice.
So, let's have fun creating awesome walls.
Your Founder,
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Gallery Folders

Spearhead by LordDoomhammer
Through the Echoes of Silence by JoeyJazz
Balios-A at Jupiter by TobiasRoetsch
Noricum by Hypnoshot
Photo Manipulated
Ghamiel - 2K Sci-Fi Wallpaper by spiraloso
Famariel - Free 2K Sci-Fi Wallpaper by spiraloso
Arigal - Free 2K Sci-Fi Wallpaper by spiraloso
First to Enter - Free Sci-Fi Wallpaper by spiraloso
Golden hour by Cothoga
Springtime 20 by VanCoralArt
Last sun rays by Cothoga
St. Andreasberg by Cothoga
Darth Vader by GEEKZTOR
Update - 2 new walls by diluteh2so4
Searching for Fine Linez by sed
Born - 3 new walls added by diluteh2so4
Alien Glass 1.0 by LGBFJB
The pond of Xerxes by LGBFJB
Constant Communications by LGBFJB
SRD DeZign 72 by sed
Macabre and Horror
Dark Side of Windows by submicron
Bloody Stare by NothingToSeeHereNull
Soul Seeker by RockFrenzy
Halloween 2021 by sed
ConnectedWall by HeskinRadiophonic
Wyolii by Arclight-17
Red Flower Collage by StarwaltDesign
O.C.H.R.E by Islingt0ner
Miuras - 8K Tech Wallpaper by spiraloso
Fly Away by sed
Shiny Neon - Free Techy Wallpaper by spiraloso
Semita - 5K Hud Wallpaper Pack by spiraloso
Multi Display
Cold Night 5120x1440 by Omelettu
Remnant NGC-7D5 by submicron
Endoplasmic Integral Lapis by submicron
Solace by submicron
Science Fiction
Night City blues, Evelyn Parker by milo13200
Ashim - Free 2K Sci-Fi Wallpaper copy by spiraloso
A Luminescent Nebula by NothingToSeeHereNull
Pico - Free HUD/UI Futuristic Wallpaper by spiraloso
Soul Chasm by RockFrenzy
LOVE Wallpaper by hotamr
3 Dimensional
Worlds Collide by ArcencielDigitalArt
Wallpaper Tutorials
Unofficial Wallpapers Tutorial by VSConcepts
Wallpaper Resources
Bloom-A Free Wallpapers Made By CatArt by CatArt-1304
Macro Related
Droplets Wallpaper by TriinErg
Digital Scapes
Sea of dreams by Ellysiumn
Swarm: Alpha Colony Book 9 by LordDoomhammer






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this is sooo cool and cool anmd sooo good
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It has been a while, glad to see the group is still active.

submicron Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2022  Professional Interface Designer
Yeah, I didn't want the group collect dust or become some digital relic. The issue am having is the people that want to join! Is not like the old days. No one reads the front page, everyone thinks is a membership group. The majority want to join simply because it's another group that looks cool on their profile page. With me things are very different. XD
Eulenspiel Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2021  Hobbyist
Thank you kindly for the request and exposure
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Seems like am everywhere. XD Anyways, you're quite welcome.
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Better someone taking responsibility and sorting the chaos as if.. well, it's better so ^^ And you have a nice way of conversation. Open and neutral. So, I press thumbs for success and revitalizing the activities :)
submicron Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2021  Professional Interface Designer
My intentions precisely. I much rather have members knowing that my groups are not just for membership. I want them to feel they're part of something much more meaningful. I take art very seriously.
submicron Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2021  Professional Interface Designer
Please, I will ask everyone to stop submitting work until we resolve the management issue. Hopefully, we'll have someone looking after the group once more. Thank you. 
submicron Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2021  Professional Interface Designer
Am I under the impression that no one is here administrating this group any longer? I feel like am the only one voting. If that's the case I would like to take over the group. Change a few things around.

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