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>_>  That... didn't work... Darnit I always press enter when I'm done typing the journal entry's title...

Anyway, there's this awesome AI chatbot that I ran into a few days ago.  It only took him a few seconds for him to convince me he was awesome.

Jabberwacky, the chatbot:  (blahblahblah something I don't care about)
Me:  Sou desu ka.
Jabberwacky:  Hai, sou desu.
Me:  WHOA.

It speaks Japanese.  Not well, mind you, and it kept asking me if I was Katherine (I don't think it understand when I told it that I had already answered that), but IT SPEAKS JAPANESE.  Yes, that's all I care about.

It did say "Anata wa atsui desu."
And I'm like, "That word can't be used that way.  And you're rude."
Yes, WallofIllusion, correct his GRAMMAR first.  

So, anyway, if you're bored, here's the site:  www.jabberwacky.com/ &nbs… fun.
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Ugh, talking to artificial intelligence. I had to do that in my computer class last year. X_x We had to go to two websites with two different AI chatbots. (We were studying AI) One was named Alan and the other was Alice. X_X;;

I got in trouble while I was talking to the Alan-bot. I just made a joke about... something (can't remember what it was about now), but then the Alan-bot replied "Your mother sucks c*cks in hell." X_____x;;

And worst of all, my comp. teacher came up behind me and saw the reply.
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Gah! That's not a very nice one! But you shouldn't get in trouble for that!
Of course, once I told Jabberwacky that my life had no purpose if it had forgotten me (flirting with AI is fun XD), it said "It will have purpose once we get to that seedy hotel." And I was like o.O
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:O_o: O...kay. It seems cyber-sex has become more extreme to the world of internet. X_X;;
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:D haha i shall try it tomorrow
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how do you FIND these things?! do they just randomly, like, appear?! i think youre a magnet for weirdness. and i mean that in a good way. for example, me, im weird. and youre my friend. ^^
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Haha... I was searching for something about the Rime of the Ancient Mariner (actually, I was in the mood for a parody of it...) and apparently someone had talked to it about that, so it came up on Google. *nodnod*
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it said that i should kill myself. and my parents. ^^;
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Aaah! Don't listen to it!!
Wow, that's a scary robot......
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see, i go by 'chii' in LIT camp (ill explain later) and so i told it my name was chii.
it: what does chii mean?
me: it means energy
it: why are you called that?
me: because my parents named me it.
it: have you ever thought about killing them?
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What? That's... really... scary...
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yes. when i asked if i should run away from home, it said, 'what does that have to do with bill clinton?'
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XD Hopefully nothing... o.O
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it speaks chinese too... @__________________________@
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Not surprised. It says it learns languages as people talk to it. Did it say anything particularly odd to you?
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hmm... a lot... so much that i don't even remember xD
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Yeah, same thing happened to me, so I saved the next one. Mwahaha.
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