- Admin Activities:

You can encourage member participation by adding your own news articles to the Blog and the DA News section with clear use of Wallofdestiny icon :iconwallofdestiny:.

Also, you can encourage new users and participation with features and contests. Feel free to host contests and make features.

Post your announcements utilizing the News, Thumbshare forum, Collections and Polls.

Utilize links to consolidate projects that involve Collections, Thumbshare, polls, News etc. These are permanent locations where you can collect information and make announcements.

Every time you update a Blog entry, you can announce this by unchecking the box labled "This edit is minor", so all of the group watchers see it.

Update links found on Wallofdestiny Home page. Those tell the public where to find things, so they need to be accurate. Changes that you make should be followed-up immediately.

- Contests:

Hold features and contests online at will. Ask other Moderators to assist you.

Plan ahead details about deadlines, how to submit entries, who what when and where etc.

Forum Moderation:

Spamming is defined as off-topic or unsolicited commenting and is discouraged. It's alright to be friendly and be yourself without being a spammer.

If members are talking off-topic, they must avoid advertising and sexual content.

All staff are free to moderate the Blog entries, Comments in Blogs, Polls, Slideshows, Galleries, artworks and the thumbshare forum.

Please do be gentle with the spammers. Our main goal is to avoid embarassing them.

Moderators should practice the following when policing forums:

-warn spammers gently once privately. A Note works well. If a private message seems inappropriate, a public note is fine.

-Follow-up with a short public reply if spamming continues.

-hide comments which are considered spam or inappropriate conduct.

-Spammers will be reported to the Help Desk and may have their IP addresses banned by a moderator with priveleges.

- Sexual Harassment and Hate Speech Policy:

Report all harassment and hate speech to the DA Help Desk. Help Desk

Wallofdestiny is for people of all ages. All ethnic, racist, hateful and abusive comments will be removed by Admin. Do no harm on 27d forums, chats, galleries or comments.

Anyone engaging in sexual harassment may be banned from the #27d website with or without warning. Report directly to the DA Help Desk Help Desk if you feel harassed, or threatened, even a little.

Hate speech will not be tolerated. Please report all hate speech immediately.

Always ask a person to stop their behavior if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Reporting sexual harassment to the DA Help Desk Help Desk is best, even if you don't feel threatened. DA Staff are trustworthy and will prevent such behavior from getting out of hand.

Complain in comments here. If you're polite and succinct we'll reply.

*Thanks so much to :iconkansasartist: for the GROUP POLICIES that we have adopted.

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