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Fight for the Rainforest Tribe (One Piece OC)After the events of Vin Island, the two members of the Tiger-Shark Pirates, Kuishi and Hasho, decided to take the next step in their adventure across the waters of the Grand Line by sailing to a new island. The log pose took them to a large tropical rainforest island where the two of them seek to explore it together. During their adventure, they encountered a well-rounded young warrior named Tataki, who is next to assume the title of chief in his tribe and were escorted by him to his indigenous village. At the same time, trouble brewed afoot as the World Government plans to seize the land belonging to the Rainforest Tribe by any means necessary. The news of this predicament rattles the very core of Tataki and his family…. “W-We may have to make preparations to immediately evacuate the rest of the people to ensure our survival…. As much as it pains me to abandon this land…. If we stand our ground and fight, we’ll surely be wiped out….” Nanuk, the current chief of the Rainforest Tribe, informed. “Screw that!” exclaimed Kuishi with a booming voice. Hasho turned to his captain and shouted at her, “Kuishi, what are you saying?! This is a desperate situation! These people are going to-!” “I understand the situation, Hashy! These people aren’t going to die nor are they going to flee the land that they’ve protected for decades! The World Government has no right to take away their lives and their culture!” Seeing a strong, courageous light radiate from Kuishi, Tataki then stepped up to the fish-woman and said, “What are you going to do to ensure everyone’s survival?” Kuishi put on a confident, wide smile on her face, cracked her knuckles in anticipation and shouted loudly, “I’m going to do what I do best! I’m going to send the World Government packing with their tails between their legs!”And with that, the climax for this story arc has finally begun…. After Kui made her very powerful declaration in front of Tataki and Nanuk, the latter walked up in front of her and said, “Are you crazy? You’ll just be killed off! Do you seriously think you alone can take on the might of the World Government?” “Yeah, I definitely think I can! Besides, I won’t be alone. I’ll have you guys to back me up, right? This is your home, remember? You can’t just abandon it!”, Kuishi responded with a look of disapproval on her face, seeing the others be so shaken up by the news. Finally collecting the right words to say, Tataki stepped up to the plate and asked the shark woman, “Kui… why are you so willing to stand up for us? You’ve only known this tribe for a few hours at best…. Do you have an ulterior motive of your own or something? What is it that you want?” Kui took a deep breath and explained to him, “I don’t have any other reason for sticking my neck out for you guys other than… it’s something that I want to do purely because I want to do it! There’s no reason that you guys should have to abandon your home just because a couple of asshats from the government told you to! If I just allowed you all to lose everything you hold dear to your hearts without even lifting a finger to help, I don’t think I would ever be able to forgive myself for that! I’m not a hero and I don’t really want to be one either, but I definitely don’t want to be the type of person who sits back and does nothing when I could do something to help! That’s the code I live by, so no matter what you two or anyone else says, I’m going to butt my head into this tribe’s business and help you guys out, no matter what!” Again, Tataki saw a bright and warm light envelop the Tiger-Shark fish-woman’s body as she delivered her speech. A slight blush developed on his cheeks as he began to admire Kuishi more and more. “This woman…. She’s so free spirited and courageous, I’ve never seen anything like her before! She just wants to help us out of the kindness of her own heart and is willing to lay down her life because of it! She is…. She is absolutely amazing!” And with that, Tataki got onto his knees and bowed before Kuishi, showing her the upmost respect. However, the fish-woman was utterly confused by his gesture. “Tataki, what are you doing?! She’s an outsider and you’re the next chief! There’s no reason for you to bow to her!”, shouted his father Nanuk. “Thank you so much, Kuishi, for choosing to lay down your life for our tribe’s way of life! I swear that I won’t run away from this! Tomorrow morning, I will fight alongside you to protect my homeland!” Kuishi put the palm of her hands out in front of her and replied, “Yeah, your dad is right…. There’s really no need for you to bow down to me… Like I said before, I’m just doing this because I want to! Also, you guys fed me so I like you!” Kui showed a nice, big smile to Tataki and helped him up off the ground. The latter then asked her, “So, does that mean you consider me a friend?” “Huh? Is that even a question? Of course, I do! Why wouldn’t I?” Kuishi said simply. Nanuk then approached the two and informed, “It’s heartwarming to see that you two are getting along swimmingly and I am more than happy to fight alongside you two to protect this land, but are you two trying to come up with a plan first or were you just planning to just charge headfirst and start throwing punches?” Young Hasho then stepped up and said, “Knowing my captain, it definitely would’ve been the latter for her~” “Hey! Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you have to say it!” retaliated Kuishi. “However, Kuishi charging in directly could serve as a great distraction! While she’s in there bashing Navy heads, we can around to the sides, take out the flanks, and destroy the battleships from the inside so they have no means of escaping or calling for reinforcements!” explained Tataki. “That’s a good plan, Taki! Man, you’re smart!” Kuishi said cheerfully. The blush on the young warrior’s face glows a bit more after hearing Kui’s compliment and all he can say to her in response is, “T-Thank you~” “Are you sure you can’t join my crew after this, Taki? You’ll be a really great addition to the team! I would love to have you!”, exclaimed the Tiger-Shark. “I-I told you already that even if I wanted to join you guys, I can’t… My responsibility to my home comes first…. However, I still do appreciate you for all that you’re doing for my village! I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life!” Nanuk then placed his hand on Kuishi’s shoulder and told her, “If this plan ends up working out in our favor, I’ll be sure to make you an honorary member of our tribe!” “Oh, that sounds nice! I’ll be sure to come back one day to enjoy more of your wife’s delicious cooking!” Being excited to contribute to the cause, Hasho stuck his two cents into the conversation and asked, “So, is there anything I can help with? Since I’m a kid, the guards won’t even pay attention to me when I sneak in and kick their asses!” Kuishi squatted down to properly face Hasho, placed her hands on his shoulders, and said to him, “Hashy, please listen to me when I say this…. I don’t think it would be such a good idea for you to be on the attack tomorrow morning….” “Huh? What do you mean? Kui, I’m strong enough to go with you guys!” Hasho shouted in response. With a concerned look on her face, Kui pulled the child closer to her and said, “Hashy, there are going to be dangerous people swarming this island tomorrow with intent to kill based on what we’re trying to do. If I let you go out on the battlefield, I wouldn’t be able to fight with everything I had because I would be too focused trying to protect you….” “I don’t need protection! I have been training on how to use a knife more properly! Besides, I’ve been able to survive in dangerous situations long before you! I don’t need you to treat me like you’re my mother!” The Tiger-Shark’s face saddened at that last comment, her eyes looking down to the ground and her mouth letting out a huge sight. “Earlier today, when we encountered that jaguar in the forest, I saw you froze up out of pure fear…. In a battle, every moment is precious and even one second of hesitation could cost you your life…. If I just left you to your own devices during tomorrow’s attack and something bad happened to you because you were too afraid to act….. I-I don’t think I would ever be able to forgive myself for allowing that to happen…. Please, Hashy, you have to understand that I just don’t want to see you get injured or worse…. I know I sound selfish and all, but….” “But, I’m weak, is that it?! My own captain must baby me constantly because she feels like I’m too weak to handle myself! News flash, I’m not! I’m capable of taking care of myself and I’ll prove it!” Hasho exclaimed angrily before marching away from her. “Hashy, where are you going?!” “Out for a walk! Can I at least do that without you having to hold my head?!” Hasho shouted before exiting the tiki house. Kuishi wanted to reach out and grab him, but she realized that he probably had these feelings built up inside of him for a while now, so all she could do was sit there and let him sort these feelings out on his own. She looked down at the ground in silence while Tataki and Nanuk stared at her, confused on what to do. “I-I’m sorry, Hashy…. I-I just care about you, that’s all….”, silently said the Tiger-Shark women as little droplets slid down her cheek and fell to the ground. “Kui…. Are you feeling alright? Hasho seems like a smart kid to me, so I’m sure that he will be back soon enough. Chief Nanuk then added, “Just let him vent his frustration out for now and we’ll continue on with discussing our battle strategy. Right now, our upmost importance should be defending this island.” After wiping the small tears from her eyes, Kuishi turned back around and continued to discuss the strategy to fend off the approaching Navy that will be settling on the island the next morning. Once they were finally finished discussing everything of importance, Chief Nanuk stood up and said, “Alright, now that we have everything in order, you two should come with me to the center of the village so we can let everyone know about what’s happening tomorrow and what to do when the time comes!” “Of course, Dad! You can use the ceremonial horn to alert everyone in the village!” Tataki exclaimed. “Oh, you guys have a horn? Can I blow it? That would be so fun!” Kuishi asked. “Sorry, Tiger-Shark, but in our entire history, only the chief of the Rainforest Tribe has been allowed to use the ceremonial horn.” “Awwww……” And with that, Kui, Tataki, and Nanuk went outside of the tent with their plans fully prepared. The chief of the village grabbed the large tusk horn from the side of his house and blew into it as hard as he could, seeing a loud bellowing noise throughout the entire village and waking all of the citizens up from their slumber. “EVERYONE! I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT TO MAKE! STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND COME TO THE CENTER OF THE VILLAGE IMMEDIATELY!”, ordered Chief Nanuk. The entirety of the Rainforest Village slowly began waking up because of Nanuk’s loud call and one by one, they began filling up the center plaza where the chief would be giving his direct speech to all of his fellow tribe members. Once everyone was gathered, both Kuishi and Tataki stood beside Nanuk as he prepared to address the entire village of the upcoming events. “My fellow tribe members, I have an announcement of the upmost importance that I must share with you immediately. What I’m about to tell you contains the key to our future survival!”, shouted Chief Nanuk. The crowd began to murmur amongst themselves about what their chief was talking about before he continued with his speech. “As some of you may know, earlier today, I held a council meeting with my son, the village elders, and representatives of the World Government. What the government wanted was to build an entirely new city and infrastructure over our sacred land into order to give them more power and boost their economy. They were planning to usurp all of us from our homes and relocate us to another place far away from the land on which our ancestors stayed on. As the sole leader of this tribe, I declined their offer and told them that this land belongs to us and only we can live on it as it has sustained our people for hundreds of years, long before the World Government was in place. However, there was recent news brought to me by a group of travelers visiting our land that the World Government plans to take away our land and run us off it, even if they have to use deadly force. The government may be powerful and mighty, but I do not plan to give them this land without putting up a fight! Even the people who told me this information has offered to lend their services to run the World Government out of our home! Our ancestors dedicated themselves to protecting the rainforest as it sustained them in their time of need, so we must do the same! Anyone who can fight, please come shed the same blood as we shall fight for our culture, our way of life, and our right to exist! Now, Rainforest Tribe, LET US FIGHT!” The crowd began to roar with passionate screaming, all of them wanting to stay on their homeland and live on it for generations to come. All of the male and female warriors lined up in front of the crowd and pledged their services to Chief Nanuk for the upcoming fight. Tataki looked at the crowd and saw a familiar face in there. “Wait a minute…. Is that…. Tiriaq?! What are you doing in the warrior’s section?!” Tiriaq is the second child of Nanuk and Kantuta as well as the younger sister of Tataki. She is 18 years old and normally acts like the everyday teenage girl. “Of course, I’m here, dummy! Dad’s been training me to be a warrior in secret just in case you weren’t able to fill the job of becoming the next Chief!”, explained Tiriaq. “Really?! Dad, I thought you said that there could be no female chiefs in our village!” Tataki asked. “Well, that’s never been a written rule…. It’s just tradition that the chief of our village is male, but as long as they’re prepared to do what’s right for the village, anyone can become the chief”, explained Nanuk. For the first time in his life, Tataki felt the burden of having to bear the entire weight of his tribe on his shoulders being lifted off him. “I guess you are right….. That’s really….” Kuishi interrupted his thought process and exclaimed with a huge smile on her face, “Hey, Taki, look at every cheering and uniting together! It’s really nice to see!” “Huh, why is it nice for you to see? You’re not even a part of our village…” Tataki responded. “Well, I just really like the thought of everyone coming together for a common goal or cause! It’s something that’s really nice to see! One of the main things that we treasure on Fishman Island is our sense of unity and family, so seeing this crowd in front of me reminds me a bit of home! I think that may also be a reason why I want to help you guys protect your home a lot!” Tataki put a smile on his face as well and replied, “Kuishi, I’m really glad I met you! Tomorrow morning, let us fight together for the survival of the rainforest!” “Of course, Taki! I wouldn’t have it any other way!”, replied the Tiger-Shark woman. As Chief Nanuk and Tataki continued to explain the upcoming plan for tomorrow morning’s battle with the villagers, on the outskirts of the island, Hasho walked towards the beach area where the Navy could be potentially arriving when they prepare their onslaught of the village. Hasho kicked a small rock into the sand and mumbled to himself, “Stupid Kui…. I may be a kid, but I can handle myself…. I am not scared of any lousy marine! Any person would freeze up if they felt a huge, man-eating jaguar breathing down their neck…. Not everyone is a freakishly strong shark woman like her!” As he walked closer and closer to the beach, Hasho began to look at the tall trees and thought to himself, “If they arrive here tomorrow, I should have a good view of my enemies if I climb up to a high vantage point! That way, when it’s time to go on the offense, I can just come down and attack! Maybe, I’ll get inside one of their ships and see if they got any good loot from there! As long as I have my knife and a few other weapons I have disclosed safely in my Stor-Stor space, I should be able to handle these guys no problem! That’ll show Kui that I’m more than capable of handling myself!” Putting his plan into action, Hasho found a tall tree and began climbing up the side of it. Due to his past of constantly running on top of rooftop buildings to avoid being caught by the people he stool from, the young Devil Fruit user had plenty of experience when it came to climbing upon tall platforms. Within the next minute, Hasho was able to climb up to a large tree branch located about fourteen feet above the ground and decided to rest there for the night. “Perfect view! Now, time to get some rest so I can kick some Marine butt in the morning and get some treasure too!” shouted Hasho with confidence. Back at the village, while the rest of the tribesman had all gone back to sleep, including Kuishi and the rest of Tataki’s family, the confused next in line for chief stayed up outside of his home, looking at the crescent moon in the night sky and wondering exactly what his fate would be. In his mind, Tataki thought to himself, “If the whole saving the rainforest plan goes in our favor, I wonder if I can ask Dad to…. No, it’s such a silly request…. I can’t just do that, but…. I feel as if this may be my only opportunity to do what I want to do for the first time in my life….” After the young warrior finished pondering his future, he fell into a peaceful slumber amongst the rocks as the light from the crescent moon shone on his face. In fact, despite the upcoming battle that they would have to participate in, the entire tribe slept peacefully save for Kuishi, whose loud snoring could wake up a whole nest of hibernating bears. At the very least, in this brief instance, the Rainforest Tribe could find peace before the attack….The following morning…. While the morning sun rose above the horizon, three medium-sized Navy vessels sailed along the waters of the Grand Line. Their destination? Of course, they were headed for none other than the Rainforest Island. Inside of the ship in front of the pack, a lone Marine soldier headed out to the deck and decided to give a report to his captain. Before he could get to her, Lieutenant Dione tried to approach the private soldier. Dione is a twenty-one-year-old female with short, side-parted, white blonde hair, shades with small frames, soft blue eyes, a white coat, and black pants. She wore high heels and tended to sigh after every sentence that she gave. “Soldier, I don’t think it would be such a good idea to…. Sigh…. Before she could even finish her sentence, the Navy soldier walked in front of the captain and stated to her, “Captain Alexis! We should be arriving soon on the Rainforest Island! The higher ups from the Navy have asked if you need any assistance on this-!” However, this soldier was unable to finish his report in time as a huge, meaty fist covered with rings of jewelry collided with the top of his head, slamming the cadet into the ground and leaving a sizeable lump on his head. With a mouth stuffed full of Sea King meat and saliva-covered crumbs flying everywhere, the captain shouted angrily, “HOW MANY TIMES DO I GOTTA TELL YOU BONEHEADS NOT TO INTERRUPT ME WHILE I’M EATING?!” The leader of the ships, Captain Alexis, is the twin sister of the pirate captain Alvida. Separated at birth due to a horrible storm out at sea, Alexis was taken in by the World Government and had been trained ever since she was a child to serve in the Navy. At the young age of twenty-five, she’s already attained the rank of Captain. Alexis looks exactly the same as Alvida before the latter ate the Smooth-Smooth Fruit with a few differences. Alexis does not wear a white cowgirl hat, nor does she have a red neckerchief, pink plaid shirt, or a blue coat. Instead, she wears the typical navy captain coat with the justice insignia on the back. Underneath the coat is a violet button-up shirt with black pants and shoes. Instead of having a giant mace like her sister, her primary choice of weapon is a large bazooka that she uses to either blow her opponent up or knock them out with her heavy strength. “S-Sorry, Captain! I-It won’t happen again!” exclaimed the private as he held his hands up to his swollen noggin. The calm lieutenant walked over to her captain, straightened her glasses, and advised her, “What the soldier says is true. Soon, we should be arriving at our destination. It would be wise to go ahead and prepare for our eventual landing on the Rainforest Island.” Alexis swallowed the food in her mouth, smiled heartedly and replied, “Don’t worry, I’m more than prepared to carry out justice! Once we are finished, one hundred percent of the island will belong completely to the World Government whether the current inhabitants are onboard or not!” Dione chuckled softly at Alexis’s proud statement and said, “One thing that I admire about you, captain, is your confidence. We’ll be sure to complete our task in no time if we have your strength and my quick thinking. Plus, we also have a large number of subordinates under us who will be able to blind-side the quiet, little tribe in no time. The element of surprise surely is the best one~” “If we do the job well enough, it’s possible that the higher ups will reward us for our hard work and promote us! I can only imagine the tasty food that will come with it!” Alexis exclaimed before sinking her teeth into her large meat-on-a-stick again and chewing greedily on the meat. Laughing yet again at Alexis’s boisterousness, Dione said, “I can’t tell which is bigger: your appetite for fame or your actual appetite!” “I’m not doing it out of fame, Lieutenant Dione! I am doing this in the name of justice! No matter what, the will of the government is always right! It’s just that sometimes, justice can come with its own little perks!” “Indeed, it can. Should I alert the rest of our troops that we’ll be arriving at the island soon?” asked Dione as she pulled out a wipe from her pocket and began wiping the dust off her glasses. “Of course! I’ll need all of you guys prepared when we land ashore! We’ll claim this island in the name of the World Government!” shouted Alexis with vigor. Dione bowed her head out of respect for her captain and proceeded to head inside the deck of the warship to wake up all the soldiers on board. Meanwhile, Alexis stared out into the distance, looking at the crashing waves in front of her and silently said to herself, “The Great Captain Alexis is sure to leave her mark today~” At nine o’clock sharp, the three warships began to move in the proximity of the rainforest island. From his position on top of the trees, Hasho was able to see the vessels in the ocean making their way ever closer to the coast. The young Devil Fruit user clenched his fight tightly in order to toughen himself up for the upcoming battle. However, with the multiple sweat beads sliding down his face along with his legs shaking, anyone with eyes could tell that Hasho was extremely nervous about facing the World Government. Trying to egg himself on before the fight starts, the boy thought to himself, “Come on, Hashy! If you can’t do this, you’ll never be able to prove to Kui that you’re strong! Besides, the villagers are gonna need all the help they can get to defend their home! I can’t let my fear get in the way of doing what I need to!” Despite how terrified he was of the upcoming situation, Hasho was determined to see this through no matter the cost. It only took a few more minutes for the Navy ships to successfully land on the shores of the Rainforest Island. The first ones to step foot on the island we’re none other than Captain Alexis and Lieutenant Dione. Next came the hundreds of soldiers who all dropped off the deck and lined up in a formation, waiting to receive orders from the captain. After shoving the stick of meat in her mouth and devouring it whole, Alexis shouted, “Alright men, let’s not waste any time! We have an important job to do today! We must claim this island in the name of the World Government and for justice! Once we’re done, this place will be a nice, hospitable land where people from all over can travel to in peace! The only thing that’s stopping that reality are those savage natives living on this island! Don’t show any hesitation! If they won’t comply, then show them what happens to those that defy the will of the Government!” “Yes ma’am, Captain Alexis!!!”, shouted the Navy soldiers in response as they began marching towards the inside of the rainforest. “You sure know how to deliver a good speech, Captain. With the morale this high, we should capture this island in no time~” explained the lieutenant. Although Hasho prepared to climb down from the tree branch and show up in front of the Marines to fight, someone else got to deliver some good ol’ fashioned beat downs on the soldiers before he did. “Fishman Karate: Scythe Kick!” Out of nowhere, the front line of Navy soldiers were sent flying back by a sharp wave of water directed towards them. Because of the sheer strength of the kick, they were all sent flying back towards the boats, crashing unto the wooden side of them. “What the hell?! Who did that to my men?!” shouted Alexis in anger. “Captain, look ahead! There’s a person standing on the top of the coast!”, Dione pointed out. The person that she was referring to was none other than Tiger-Shark Kuishi, who stood there with her right leg out in front of her. “You Navy bastards better get off this island now or I’m gonna kick all your asses!” Kuishi shouted angrily. Standing behind her were more than a hundred warriors from the village, all covered with ceremonial face paint and wielding sharp weapons to defend their home Chief Nanuk took his position up front besides Kuishi and Tataki, and shouted at the top of his lungs, “World Government, as we said before, we do not intend to yield this sacred land over to you! We will die before we allow the works of our ancestors to fall into your hands! This means war between us!” As the hundreds of tribal warriors began shouting their ferocious battle cry, the Navy began wondering what kind of situation they pulled themselves into. Soldier 1: “Who is that?!” Soldier 2: “She looks like a fishman?! I didn’t know one would come all the way from Fishman Island!!” Soldier 3: “And does she have reinforcements with her?! How did that isolated village know that we were coming?!” The lieutenant adjusted her glasses and informed the troops of the situation, “It seems that the agents who came here yesterday somehow let the details of our invasion slip into their hands. Also, the World Government got a report the other day that a descendant of the Celestial Dragons was taken down by what looked like a woman belonging to the Fishman race. This person is most likely the same as the one in the report.” “Who cares what that person is?! Go ahead and kill her already! If not, I’ll put the hurt on you myself!” shouted the captain. Again, Kuishi made her way to the very front of the pack and shouted aloud, “Who here is the leader of this army?! I’m fighting them first!” With a wide smirk on her face, Alexis stood up and replied, “That would be me, fishman! Bring it on!” “With pleasure!” Kuishi dashed towards where Captain Alexis stood, putting herself in harm’s way in front of the many soldiers who stood before her path. “Fire upon her! Don’t let her touch the captain!” exclaimed one of the soldiers before they began firing upon Kuishi. Using her deadly speed, Kuishi managed to avoid the touch of the bullets flying her way and collided her fists with one of the soldier’s faces, breaking their teeth and sending them flying back. She then proceeded to do this with another one, instead using her gigantic, webbed feet as the offense. Being as powerful as she is, the Tiger-Shark fish-woman quickly mowed down the Marines, even knocking out two who tried to swing their swords on her with a strong and swift kick to their faces. She threw one of the heavier ones over her shoulder, remembering the technique that Jimbei showed to her all the time during their training. “Is that all you weaklings got?! Get out here and fight me yourself, Captain! I’m waiting for the opportunity to put you in the ground!” shouted Kuishi confidently. Another marine soldier prepared to attack Kuishi from behind, but before he could, Captain Alexis grabbed the top of his head and threw him to the side. “Men, leave this fishman to me! I’ll make sure to shut her up for good!”, exclaimed Alexis as she shoved a piece of meat into her mouth. With a wide smile on her face, Kui cracked her knuckles in anticipation and responded, “Watch out, heavy set, I’m gonna send your ass packing and make you tell me where you got that delicious meat you got in your hands!” “There’s no way in hell I’m letting you have my delectable food unless you’ve got a death wish, you half fish!” Kuishi gritted her teeth in anger from hearing that nickname and exclaimed, “And you’ve got a death wish calling me that, fatty!” Tataki overheard the conversation and thought to himself, “Is now really the best time to be focused on meat?” The young warrior dealt with his own enemies precisely. With his rapid-fire technique with the bow and arrow, Tataki took down a multitude of soldiers who were making their way up the coast. He aimed wherever he could, whether it be the head, shoulder, legs, arms etc. However, all those targets ended up being as accurate and deadly as the last one. However, Tataki nearly dodged a thin yet sharp slip of paper that barely scratched his cheek, causing a tiny amount of blood to leak from it. This attack came from none other than Lieutenant Dione. “Ma’am, there are innocent women and children on this island whose lives will be destroyed if you guys continue on with this attack…. Please just surrender and we can both walk away from this peacefully….” Tataki said, attempting to reason with the lieutenant. Dione merely shifted her glasses up which shined brightly with the rising sun and replied, “I’m sorry, but as the lieutenant of Captain Alexis’s forces and a soldier of the Navy, I must follow orders. Besides, the World Government offered a peaceful option to your tribe, but you all refused to comply with it…” “You guys knew that we would never agree to give up our land under any circumstances!” “You’re right… We did know…. And now, it’s far too late to go back….” Drawing his tomahawk from his side, Tataki rushed at Dione, who wielded powerful sharp paper as a weapon and prepared to fight her with everything he had. Lieutenant Dione kept going on the offensive, throwing every paper slice that she had at the young warrior. Despite him being pushed back, Tataki thought back to his past and heard his father’s words in his head. “When you fight an opponent, always wait for the right time to strike…. Taking advantage of their blind spot will be sure to lead to their defeat” Bringing himself back to the present, Tataki located an opening and though to himself, “There it is…” As soon as Dione prepared to deliver a deadly strike, Tataki knocked her whole arm upwards and used his tomahawk to slash right in the middle of the lieutenant’s chest, planting a big scar there. “AHHH!” exclaimed the white-haired woman as she began stumbling back due to her own bleeding chest. Tataki then took our his bow and arrow and said to himself, “For my home and for my family…” before unleashing a flurry of arrows that pinned the lieutenant to the front of the ship. “Lieutenant Dione! How did that indigenous brat beat you?!” exclaimed one of the soldiers in shock. Tataki’s eyes filled with anger as he exclaimed, “I am not weak! Our tribe is not weak! Our people will continue to thrive on our homeland where you like it or not!” Seeing the Marines baffled at the superhuman strength of Kuishi and the sharp, deadly accuracy of Tataki, Chief Nanuk of the Rainforest Tribe shouted aloud, “Warriors! Charge into battle! For the Rainforest!” “FOR THE RAINFOREST!”, all of the warriors exclaimed as they charged ferociously into battle and clashed with the Marines. Countless sounds of sword clashes and gunshots could be heard even through the heart of the rainforest, which scared the usually active animals inhabiting it. While the others were busy handling their own battles, Hasho finally found the time and courage to slide down the tree and come up with a strategy for how he would help them out. “What if I snuck up on that boat and made sure to swipe all of the treasure that they confiscated from other pirates? Kuishi and I wouldn’t have to worry about scavenging for food anymore as long as we got money!” After coming up with this plan, Hasho slowly made his way down the tree one branch at a time and landed on the ground smooth and safely. Due to the loud noises coming from the ensuing war between the indigenous people and the marines, no one would be able to detect the footsteps of a young child sneaking around the beach. “Wow, this is gonna be a piece of cake! I’ll show Kuishi that I can handle my own without even having to fight someone!” exclaimed the young boy in his head. Unfortunately, Hasho spoke way too soon as he stumbled across a fallen Rainforest Tribe warrior and a bloodied yet adrenaline-filled marine staring him at him. Hasho looked up at the heavily breathing Navy soldier and thought to himself, “Oh, crap…..” Before he could react any further, the marine took the butt of his rifle and headbutted Hasho with it, causing him to fall back on his rear. Blood began to leak from his head and the rising sun made it no better, but Hasho felt a spark of courage and determination within him. In his mind, the boy thought to himself, “The pain…. It hurts really bad, but…. I’m not gonna give up now! If I just froze up like last time, I’d only be proving Kuishi right! I don’t wanna be a burden all the time to her! Even though I’m small and weak, I wanna be able to help her out as much as I can! After all, she’s helped me with so much, so I should do the same for her!” “Are you ready for another beating, little boy? I’m gonna teach you that you’re not ready for the battlefield yet…” said the exhausted marine as he prepared to point the back of his rifle at Hasho. Before he could continue his attack, Hasho pulled out his knife and dove under the marine’s legs, then he proceeded to slash the back of his foot, where the achilles tendon lay, leaving the soldier unable to move his legs. “AHHHHH, YOU BRAT!” shouted the soldier in pain as he fell to his knees. “Stor-Stor: Open!” Hasho opened up his storage space, pulled out a wooden bat, and used it to knock the absolute wind out of him. As soon as the guy’s bloodied head hit the sand, Hasho stood there frozen, hands shaking from the adrenaline rush, and he said to himself with vigor, “I-I did it! I actually beat one of the Navy soldiers! Oh man, I gotta tell Kui about this and-!” Before Hasho could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Captain Alexis, who fired her huge cannon at the young boy. “Move out of the way, you little brat! I’m fighting over here!” exclaimed the Navy Captain. He didn’t even have time to realize what was happening as the cannonball was traveling towards him, but fortunately for the navigator, his captain Kuishi dashed her way in front of Hasho, caught the cannonball with her mouth, and crushed it with her sharp and powerful teeth. With an angry expression on her face, Kuishi shouted out, “Don’t you dare lay a finger on my crewmate!” Hasho looked up and asked, “K-Kui? Is that you?!” The Tiger-Shark captain turned around to face her navigator and with a sweet and motherly expression on her face, she wrapped her arms tightly around the young boy, pressing her cheek against his and saying to him, “Hashy! I’m so, so glad that you’re okay! I’m really sorry about babying you all the time, but I just can’t seem to help it! I-I just get so worried about you! Please forgive me, Hashy!” On the other hand, Hasho felt every bone in his body being popped because of Kuishi’s tight grip. Despite the fact that she continued to baby him even now, the boy simply smiled and thought to himself, “Wow…. Kui really does care about me….” The Devil Fruit user then looked up at the Tiger Shark and told her, “Kui… I’m the one who should be apologizing to you…. I lashed out because I wanted to be strong, so you wouldn’t have to worry about me, but…. There’s nothing with relying on others for help…. You were the first person to ever treat me like a friend and I’ll always be grateful for that…. I promise you, I’m not going anywhere! I wanna continue being the navigator of your crew and your friend!” Tears began to run down Kui’s face after hearing Hasho and said through a waterfall of crying, “Awwww, Hashby, yow’re sbo sweet!” “Now’s not the best time for you to start getting sensitive, Captain! Right now, we need to-!” All of a sudden, Captain Alexis prepared to deliver another strike, using the blunt end of her cannon to harm both Kuishi and Hasho. Before she could do anything, Kuishi grabbed Hasho and chucked him out of the way as fast as she could. Instead, the person who felt the blunt side of the large cannon on their head was none other than Kuishi, who simply stood there and took the full force of it. However, the fish-woman simply smiled and said, “That won’t work on me, tubby!” “How in the hell are you still alive? What in the world are you?!” exclaimed Alexis as she prepared to deliver another strike to Kuishi’s head. “I’m a fishman! Now, it’s time for Fishman Karate: Shark Brick Fist!”, shouted Kuishi as she quickly got into her stance and delivered a powerful punch directly towards her abdomen. Alexis let out a huge “OOOF!” upon impact, eyes turning solid white as the sheer force of the punch sent her flying back, crashing into the front of her main ship. “Captain Alexis! CAPTAIN ALEXIS!” exclaimed the men as they rushed to their unconscious captain to make sure she was okay. Kuishi smiled confidently with a clenched fist and exclaimed, “Now, get off this island!” Defeating both their captain and lieutenant, Kuishi and Tataki left the Marines absolutely demoralized. “RETREAT! FALL BACK!” shouted one of the soldiers in fear. The rest of the fleet immediately followed orders, heading back to the ships and dragging their captain and lieutenant back onto the main ship. “Load up the treasure! Make sure everything is secure!” Hasho heard this call and saw an opportunity. He threw his bat at the soldier hauling the large treasure chest and knocked him right out. “Yes, score!” The young boy immediately rushed over and tried to haul the treasure chest over to his group, but try as he might, the haul of jewels and cash was way too heavy for him. “Hghhhh! Come on, come on, come on!” Suddenly, Hasho felt himself and the chest being lifted up in the air by none other than Captain Kuishi herself. “Kui!” shouted Hasho as he wrapped his small arms around her neck, smiling happily because of her presence. The Tiger-Shark smiled back and said to him, “Look, Hashy! All the Marines are fleeing away because of what we did! The battle is over! We won!” “Hooray! And look, I got us some treasure that the Navy guys on the ship! Now, we finally have some money!” “Awesome! You’re absolutely amazing, Hashy! I’m so glad I have you on my crew!” Kuishi exclaimed happily, putting a small blush on his soft face. Her compliment caused Hasho to hug Kuishi even more as he said to her, “Aye, Captain! I love being your crewmate as well!” Again, tears began to leak from Kuishi’s eyes as she hugged Hasho tighter and tighter, causing his bones to pop in numerous places. However this time, those tears came from pure joy and happiness. From the corner of her eye, Tataki, along with the non injured warriors of the Rainforest Tribe, appeared before Kuishi and bowed their heads before him. “Tiger-Shark Kuishi, we would like to thank you once more for defending our homeland from the terror of the World Government! We will be forever grateful for your- AGHH!’” Kuishi pulled Tataki onto the hug as well, pressing his head against her soft bosom, turning his face red hot as the fish-woman exclaimed, “No problem at all! It was fun bashing some Navy heads in!” And so, the battle between the indigenous people of the Rainforest Tribe alongside the Tiger-Shark Pirates and the Navy squadron under the command of Captain Alexis came to an end….,
Im a legend: Bea version by Ecathe
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DonQuixote I by WisniewskiStan
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Bayonetta. by TattiArt

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Peony Fairy by fayewyn
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