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Mature Content

Angelica with Beautiful Eyes by philippeL
Rocky the Cane corso by madlynx

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Inviting II by philippeL
Beautiful Black Girl with Locks by philippeL
Advanced Artist and DD

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Oh my gypsy!! by madlynx

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Marylin by rogerobb1

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Swim with me by Nicholas2004

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Studio Session:  Summer by jjforte06
3D Erotic Arts

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Izanami by subvirgins

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Three Graces and Bronze Door by Modele-Citizen

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Beauteous squat by xGrabx
waiting by Devious3D
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Redhead in a dark wood study by yuniyhimik

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Aurum et Caeruleum by DapperMan

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Blonde Thieves in Hard Metal Bondage! by CyberCpt
3d renders Digital

Mature Content

A Short Time to Grieve by Tikiman-3d
Teyla by Saidge42
The Hunter by Phyl-CGI
Anticipation by Dust-Rider
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Sophie relaxing on her Papasan by Phyl-CGI
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Valkyrie in the Steam by DapperMan
Simone by Phyl-CGI
Leave me alone... by thewolfcreek
Got treats...? by thewolfcreek
Hi there... by thewolfcreek
Warrior Cats: BlueStar by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Anime and Manga
Super Mario Party - Golden Drink by SuperMarioFan65
(Com) Etie Devrand by SoulFir3fly
Ladybug underwater | Miraculous Ladybug by madsel
Nico Robin | One Piece by madsel
CSS and Stuffs and templates
Happy Hour Flyer Template by Hotpindesigns
Dj Flyer Template by Hotpindesigns
Night Club Flyer Template by Hotpindesigns
Church Flyer Template by Hotpindesigns
Dark Horrors
Phantom Of The Opera by RGPC
Silent we fly by Buvium
Erotic Arts
Diana's Disappointment by TheGodofCities1967
Twilight Beings 5 - Until you awake“A golden bird carried my love.” Perched on an island floating on the dusty air, Ayrem no longer knew how he had arrived here. Spirits mocked him, whizzing past and spitting acid upon the young man.'I Curse you all!' he hissed.His frustration became anger, so far, til he let out a scream.It was powerful.Silence followed ...The whispers of all creatures around rose to an explosion of voices.Something uncommon started to happen ...The echo?A bolt of lightning struck Ayrem. It also, setting the evil spirits around the young man ablaze. In that fleeting moment, a spark ignited also within him, filling him with a newfound sensation. 'The path of reality has changed, Ayrem.' Golden light dazzled him. When his vision cleared, a scarecrow stood there, and besides it lay Lasarih. Silence again...The impulse that followed Ayrem's anger had triggered something.What had he just become? He only knew that a tremendous power coursed through him with every breath, every heartbeat within the delicate vessels of his heart. That energy and the feeling of an approaching presence remained since the moment the lightning surged through Ayrems body. 'What moment can change everything?'The continuous whispers in the shadows and the hissing through the cosmos filled the labyrinth, comprised not only of stone, debris, and earth but also of twisted time, lost delusions, and spiteful lies. Yet, it was a huge place, a world existing across multiple dimensions, moving forward not in three-dimensional space alone, but in another realm. This was the realm of Twilight Beings.“The Legion is near?”“Which Legion?” Ayrem sought the attention of the scarecrow, whose delicate, beautiful, pure face gazed into the distance. He and she guarded Lasarihs body. Something held Ayrem back from take his love in his arms, but he would never leave her now or anytime.“Are you... Are you still in there?” Was this body a puppet of the witch, the dreadful mistress of the labyrinth? “If only I had certainty!” sighed the boy, then returned his consciousness to the wind, floating in eternal rustling. “She is doing her part, have faith. For only that can allow you to do yours!” soothed the wise voice of the scarecrow. This Twilight Being, now standing here strong, like a rock in the raging sea, began to hum, continuing until time dissolved within it. More voices joined, and from the vast cosmos, a chorus seemed to gather with great interest. When had the most distant beings started joining the chorus? How long had they been singing there in the distance? Lasarih was breathing strained.Ayrem watched her in worried as Lasarih's eyes rolled back, and she was lifted upward. She screamed, yet the song of the twilight beings held her save in his web of tranquility. She fell to the ground, clenched her fists, and then she 'exploded' in Ayrems imagination... “LASARIH! ... what?”A shadow jumped out of the young woman, vanishing with a wicked shriek.“Until now, she had fought against your love in Lasarih's mind, attempting to separate this beautiful maiden from her love for you. It was an inner hell, yet you could only stay here by her side. Protect your love now and forever! But remain composed! For the war over your union is now ablaze. Can't you hear the Legion?! And... can't you hear the accursed Horde?!” The scarecrow's voice, with its lovely face, sounded solemn yet nostalgic. This Twilight Being surely had its own personal and significant journey. But now, the bond between Ayrem and Lasarih should become sealed for eternity. “Yes, it must be fought for,” Ayrem accepted without an imagination from what would come. “This, or you would never see each other again, perhaps something far worse.” Ayrem trembled; he was horrified. The approaching beings knew this, Ayrem began to understand.and Lasarih seemed to feel it too. “Stay with me forever, Ayrem. Do not abandon me!” whispered the brave young woman in her sleep. Ayrem didn't know what had transpired within her, but everything here seemed to be part of their shared bond.He gazed into a glow of eternal love. To behold it was merely a glimpse through his eyes, but to carry that light within one's heart should not be bestowed upon unworthy, immature ones unless they stood steadfast for each other. No one should experience this journey unless they could bear the pain, unless they understood the unforeseen paths through the abyss. The scarecrow continued to hum, but now it looked into the young man's heart. “I shall no longer be a figure of lamentation. This horror, the torments, yes, they likely serve a purpose... But love should not be attained through suffering; it should be taken with all it's deeply anchored within oneself. Pain ... is the birth of a new day in the vastness of the cosmos, ... for us.”“So, you're waiting for the 'Legion'?! What protection does it offer you? I have the 'Horde' at my command, through them, damned be, you shall now suffer!” “The Mistress of the Torture Garden. No laughter this time? Anger and a glimmering fear!” the Twilight Being sigh. Then it resumed its humming. The constant wind and the dust in the cosmos transformed everything. Anything could happen when boundaries were crossed to reach eternity. “It is not yet over.” Lasarih still lay in her twilight slumber, but she seemed to experience everything on her to face reality. “Perhaps she understands it better than I do... there where she's, drawls with her wings at this moment.” Ayrem held her now into his arms. He gazed into the distance.
Im a legend: Bea version by Ecathe
Manip 2
25 Or 6 To 4 by RGPC
Mixed Media Art
Super Mario - Facundo Della Rosa's Goomba by SuperMarioFan65
She's Put a Spell On You by dalifan-teresa
Digital Art - Closed
In the Space Jellyfish Fields by AugustinasRaginskis
Gates of Babylon  by Swideer
Sculptures artisan crafts
The conspiracy theorist by ARTificialbAdtrIp
Tiles by allison731
Vectors and Fractal
Winter Dream by blingblingbabe
Halloween Contest 2013 All Entries Go Here
Happy Halloween by Mike-the-dabbler
Digital Art
Chel, lily lake. by TaissOnAir
Hi :iconwallofdestiny: members

There has been quite a lot of weeks that I was overloaded by so many things to do outside DA.
I was counting on other mods/co-founder but none responded/acted, and now I'm feeling somewhat alone... :giggle:

Please note that I am really sorry for all the expired submissions, and that I will do my best to change this in the following days.
I just hope that you will continue to count on this group.

Thank you for your patience :heart:
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