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Happy Birthday 2 (Profile Picture)



This is effectively my profile picture but with "Happy Birthday." instead of "It's bigger on the inside!"

This was something I thought about doing around the time I made this: Thank You for Watching (Profile Picture) , which was inspired by this ktechnicolour.deviantart.com/a… from KTechnicolour.

An alternate version with a message can be found here: Happy Birthday 1 (Profile Picture)
This version without the message is just for respect for people who don't exactly watch Doctor Who, so it would not seem like I'm rubbing it in their faces (if that seems like a lackluster explanation since the background features a TARDIS, please note that that is the same background as my Profile Picture (hence why it it is mentioned in the title), and I think it's much better than just a simple white picture). I do not want to make it seem that I am emphasising on a TV show.

If posting the original and this message-less version seems lazy, note that I'm just automating the process. Plus, it's kinda like posting a birthday card (even though it's generic, and I will also use it to wish others a happy birthday, but it's the thought that counts).

Edit: NEW Picture. Now I have the Seal of Rassilon on it.

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