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Live Following for Twitch

Live Following for Twitch - A Rainmeter Skin

  • Displays up to 30 channels you follow on Twitch that are Live.
  • Online notifications. Shows a notification when a channel you are following comes online.
  • Displays a thumbnail preview beside the streamers name.
  • Supports Streamlink (1.1.0 or newer). Streamlink allows you to watch a stream in an external player such as VLC Player.
  • Many options including complete control over the color scheme of the skin.
  • More features to come!


The installation webpage contains a complete walkthrough of downloading, installing, and setting up the skin. Rainmeter 4.3 or newer is required.


About the skin:

Author:                  Wallboy
Current Version:    0.94
Version Date:        February 21st, 2020
ChangeLog:           Version ChangeLog
License:                 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
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Loving this and i think its a great adition to some desktop customizations i´ve made , would only give u a suggestion even tough i would think it shouldnt be easy.. since its already logged to ur twitch account to know what channels ur following , why doesnt it auto connects to twitch when u click on a channel ?! u will go directly to the channel but u still have to login on the website . besides that awesome work loving this on some themes ive made

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When you click on a channel on the skin, a new tab in your default browser should open and if you have already been logged into Twitch normally, you shouldn't need to log in again.

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What issue are you having?

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Fixed it, cheers.

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Amazing skin! Very easy to set up and customize! +fav 
If you find the time, other design templates would be nice. For example a flat design layout. :) (Smile) 
Great work!
Would you add the option to make twitch chat pop-out from the default browser?
I have this line in my livestreamer.bat:
start "Chrome" chrome…
Looks like this:
Thank you!
The skin setup box isn't coming up correctly, only showing up when setup.ini is enabled. Once it comes up, it shows up just as text on top of whatever other windows are open. I can get to where the finish button is supposed to be clickable, but can't click it.

Is this an issue with something I'm doing, or is something bugged?
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Someone else had an issue like this and it was related to Rainmeter extracting the skin to the wrong sub-folder. Do the following:

1) Confirm that the skin is extracted to this path: "Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/TwitchLiveFollowers".
2) If you see that it extracted to something like "Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/live_following_for_twitch/Skins/TwitchLiveFollowers, then copy the "TwitchLiveFollowers" folder and move it back up to the root Skins folder.
3) Then exit Rainmeter and delete the extraneous "live_following_for_twitch" folder. Start Rainmeter and right click the Rainmeter icon in your tray and choose Skins > TwitchLiveFollowers > Setup > setup.ini.
4) The skin setup should now start properly with a background behind the text.

Let me know if that works.

Turns out, the issue was trying to download and open directly with winRAR and move the files in manually. Once I downloaded and saved, it worked fine.
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the VLC  live streamer add on won't work.
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Does the VLC icon show when you mouse over a channel? If you installed Livestreamer after the Rainmeter skin, you may need to restart Rainmeter or Windows itself for it to see Livestreamer in your environment path.
The download link is not working. :(
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Sorry for the late reply, and yes when I click the download button now, nothing seems to happen. You have to right click it and choose "Save link as..." for it to work. I'm going to contact DeviantArt about that problem.

Edit: The problems is because of Adblock it seems. Disable it for the page and the link should work. Or use the right click and save as method mentioned above.
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Just wanted to say thanks for this. This is the best/least intrusive gui I've found for this.

One question though; is there a way to make the default click action open with livestreamer instead of the browser? I've looked through the code, but can't find it. :(
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Not at the moment. I'll add it to my to do list though so you can have the option to always open the stream in Livestreamer.
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Sounds good. Thanks! :)
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Thanks for this great skin !

Color settings are almost perfect, specifically the color pointer to set according to the background ; however a transparency setting would be really nice :)
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Actually, to change the transparancy of colors (and colors themselves), you can go in ...\Rainmeter\Skins\TwitchLiveFollowers\resources and open in your favorite text editor.

There, just add a fourth number to the desired color to change its transparency.
This number has to be between 0 (full transparency) and 255 (full opacity).
Example with the first one : colorTitleBar=107,0,50,100
Save the file and refresh your skin.

Note that any other number (greater than 255) will make the color fully transparent.
Thanks a lot for this skin again, I'll post what I've done with it later :)
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The color changing addon itself has no support for transparency. This wasn't because of a technical limitation, but due to that fact that when you add transparency, it is entirely dependent on your desktop wallpaper on what it will actually look like. But yes you can manually add transparency that way, but beware if you ever use the color option changer, it may reset the field and delete the transparency once again.

Glad your enjoying the skin :)
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Yeah that's what I thought about the color option changer ; I like transparency anyway, and what remains colored represents only small changes if I need to evolve :D

Here is an example of what I just did
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