My MOTU Movie I'll Never See Part 1

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*Easter egg*

Fade in from black on a glowing red circle.  As the lights come up, we see it is dusk with a saturated royal blue sky.  The red circle is revealed to be a glowing, red hot point on a giant protective wall that leads into a courtyard to the PALACE OF ETERNOS on the planet ETERNIA.  The Soldiers of the Royal Guard do not hide their trepidation in forming a line near the red circle.  The circle on the wall quickly explodes red, flaming rock fragments toward the camera.  *Original toy package design*  Soldiers not injured by the projectiles scatter as KELDOR, EVIL-LYN, BEAST MAN, TRAP JAW, TRI-KLOPS, WHIPLASH, BADDRHA, TUVAR, DEMO-MAN and HORDAK lead a battalion dressed in armaments that look ragged, with plenty of skull and bone accents, through the new opening.  Battle ensues between KELDOR’S forces and the soldiers in the palace courtyard.  DEMO-MAN rushes into a group of soldiers.  We see his healing factor in play as he begins to triumph against the overconfident group in battle.  HORDAK approaches KELDOR.


My powers weaken as we draw closer to Grayskull’s descendants.  The strength of their protective bond is unmistakable.  Once I have the Twins of Power, Eternia is yours, my student.

Eternia is my birthright, my destiny, despite what some may perceive.  Even you, my dear master.

KELDOR turns to face HORDAK, surprising him with a magical flash from his hands and taking the HAVOC STAFF from him.  He points it at HORDAK and entraps him in a tubular magical forcefield.  KELDOR drops the HAVOC STAFF next to the force field.  EVIL-LYN turns to face them and fortifies the forcefield with her staff, trapping HORDAK just out of reach of the HAVOC STAFF.


Unlike you, I am a born king and not a delusional tyrant obsessed with some foolish myth.  My victory will not be gained at the death of innocent children… even if they are the heirs of my insipid, privileged half-brother.  

KELDOR and EVIL-LYN appear unstoppable as they battle their way to enter the palace.  HORDAK calls out to KELDOR as a traitor.  He eventually gets DEMO-MAN’S attention.  Just as DEMO-MAN arrives to HORDAK, we cut to the palace interior, in the throne room.  EVIL-LYN engages a group of soldiers who attempt to ambush her and KELDOR.  KELDOR meets RANDOR and they have a sword fight steeped in years of family and racial discord.  We learn KELDOR is RANDOR’S older brother.  Their father *KING MIRO* chose a different woman, RANDOR’S soon-to-be mother, as his queen after KELDOR’S mother died giving birth to him.  Also, there will be some mention of the general distrust and prejudice toward the GAR race, which KELDOR resembles more than his half-human lineage.

We cut to DUNCAN *no facial hair like the vintage figure* vigilant at MARLENA’S bedside while her nurses tend to her.  MARLENA has just given birth to twins ADAM and ADORA.  DUNCAN looks down at the twins in their separate bassinettes as the echoes of the battle are in the distance.


I would fight at your father’s side for our kingdom, but… he would give his kingdom to protect you both.  Even if you weren’t royalty, I know he’d never let you want for anything.

The sounds of the battle draw just outside the door as we hear some of the soldiers call out, metal clangs, a blaster fires.  Everything is silent and the door creaks open ominously.  DUNCAN draws a blaster *MOTU Classics blaster* and goes to investigate.  Just as he reaches the door, MARLENA and the nurses cry out.  DUNCAN turns to find DEMO-MAN standing over the bassinettes.  DUNCAN charges at DEMO-MAN.  DEMO-MAN takes ADORA and holds her up as a shield before DUNCAN can fire.  DUNCAN instead shoots DEMO-MAN in the leg.  DEMO-MAN throws a knife and knocks the blaster away.  DUNCAN draws a dagger *MOTU Classics* and attacks.  DEMO-MAN scoops up ADAM and delivers a kick to DUNCAN, knocking him back.  DUNCAN hurls the dagger into DEMO-MAN’S other leg as he attempts to escape through a window with the infants.  DUNCAN draws a sword and slices through DEMO-MAN’S arm, no gory special effects, as he reaches the window.  He dives to the floor and catches ADAM just before impact.  DEMO-MAN jumps out of the window, at least a three-story drop, with ADORA still in his grasp.

Cut to DUNCAN as he runs out of the room and quickly dispatches some of KELDOR’S warriors.  He battles in a frenzy to rescue ADORA.  Cut to KELDOR and RANDOR in their sword fight.  KELDOR is winning and savoring this victory.  He produces a vial of a green, toxic substance.


I am of a people who have felt nothing but abandonment from all the other races of Eternia.  They are loathe to acknowledge our existence.  We have the same father, but you were granted an opportunity to change that for my people.  It was handed to you like everything else, little brother.  You chose to ignore it.  Just like you turn a blind eye to the oppression that still haunts Gars to this very day, the irreverence of our lives is real despite what your advisors may say.  The only future for us is one of death, fear, and misery.  It’s time you share it with us!
Just as KELDOR attempts to throw the vial down on RANDOR, DUNCAN runs through the throne room and shoots the vial in KELDOR’S hand.  The contents cover his face, go into his mouth, and he howls in pain.  No elaborate gory special effects since this is PG-13.  DUNCAN doesn’t hesitate and runs toward the door as RANDOR looks up to him.


They have Adora, your highness!

RANDOR follows DUNCAN.  EVIL-LYN, witnessing KELDOR clawing at his face and sensing the tide has shifted, calls for a retreat to the forces that have filtered into the throne room.  She goes to KELDOR as he cries out on the floor and casts a magical aura over him.  Helping him to his feet, EVIL-LYN assists KELDOR out of the room.

Cut to the court yard as DEMO-MAN reaches HORDAK.  DEMO-MAN’S arm is growing back as he holds ADORA up for HORDAK to see.  In a fury, HORDAK shatters the magical bonds that held him prisoner.  He takes up the HAVOC STAFF one hand and takes the infant in the other.  DEMO-MAN looks down and pulls the dagger out of his leg, tossing it aside.


And the other one?

DEMO-MAN looks to the stump of his severed arm as it has yet to form a hand.


They took him and my arm as I was escaping.


The old magic that protects them is more powerful than I expected.  This one will have to do.  

EVIL-LYN and KELDOR catch up to their army as they make their way to the entrance they made in the wall.  BEAST MAN scoops up KELDOR and puts his almost lifeless body over his shoulder.  EVIL-LYN erects a magical barrier that deflects incoming laser blasts from the soldiers drawing nearer.  RANDOR and DUNCAN continue running toward the soldiers.  HORDAK looks to EVIL-LYN at his side.


I should leave you two traitors here to rot.

With a wave of his hand, HORDAK removes EVIL-LYN’S barrier.  He holds up his other hand and a large burst of red energy erupts toward the soldiers.  RANDOR and DUNCAN are knocked back.  We see the villains and ADORA are gone.  RANDOR screams out for ADORA as DUNCAN consoles him.  MARLENA, holding ADAM, makes her way to RANDOR and DUNCAN.  Her nurses protest her every step, but she is determined.  Pull away and we see RANDOR embrace his family as they begin to grieve.  Gradual close up on ADAM as he looks up in wonder to his parents with beautiful blue eyes as they begin crying.  

Cut to title card and opening credits…


*From the title card, we begin a panning shot through the aftermath of the battle while the credits begin.  We see all the antiquated sword and sorcery armaments mixed with more high-tech items to fully solidify both sides of this conflict employ the means that embody “Where science ends – magic begins!!”  The panning continues up to show the EXT of the PALACE OF ETERNOS.  There are banners and flags clearly seen that look exactly like the heroic flag from the original CASTLE GRAYSKULL playset.  Pan though the INT of the throne room.  We see ORKO magically appear as if he had been hiding behind the throne.  He puts his hand to his scarf and we watch his sad eyes look down at all that is left of the battle.  Panning continues through the VINE JUNGLE.  We catch glimpses of various creatures and the TAR SWAMP to establish how dangerous and uncharted ETERNIA is.  We make our way through a craggy, dark environment up to SNAKE MOUNTAIN.  Near the entrance we see a magical flash similar to HORDAK’S escape portal, but we pan away before anyone exits.  Continue panning though to the INT of SNAKE MOUNTAIN and see a bone throne and round table similar to the Filmation series.  We move into the lower levels of the cave and find the entrance to THE VOID with the SNAKE MEN symbol as seen in the 2002 Cartoon Network series.  We then pan through an armory that includes a DOOMSEEKER, HORDE CROSSBOW and other notable weapons for the villains.  There is also a model of a battleground with scale replicas of the PALACE OF ETERNOS, SNAKE MOUNTAIN, and CASTLE GRAYSKULL like “The Power of Point Dread”.  We begin to focus on the CASTLE GRAYSKULL model and cut to EXT of CASTLE GRAYSKULL.  We enter CASTLE GRAYSKULL through the open jawbridge.  We go through a trophy/treasure room with a statute of KING GRAYSKULL and various other artifacts like HE-RO’S staff, the space suit from the original toy, the Eye of Eternia, a scale model with designs for Point Dread and the Talon Fighter and a few other items from all media of MOTU.  There should be a woven tapestry depicting previous HE-MEN like VIKOR and WUN-DAR as well.  We move to INT of GRAYSKULL THRONE ROOM and approach the throne.  Before we can reach it, ZOAR the falcon lands on a perch next to the throne.  Our view quickly begins to drop and we’re directed down as if falling.  We see a trap door has swung open and quicky zoom in to simulate falling to an image like the bottom grate sticker from the original CASTLE GRAYSKULL.  We fade past this and go into the armory with the SWORD OF POWER and SWORD OF PROTECTION featured on a far wall as we continue to zoom toward it.  Next is a set of double doors with skull designs similar to the castle’s front.  They open and reveal INT of the VAULT OF KNOWLEDGE.  It is vast with diamond platforms and walkways that branch into multiple levels with starry, cosmic spaces in between much like the 2002 Cartoon Network series.  We go upward through the room and come to a glowing blue orb fixed at the top of this structure.  We are looking at THE POWER.  After the final credits, we do a quick zoom into the orb and the screen goes white.*  

We come up at INT of an underground gladiatorial arena.  Two fighters dressed in barbaric fashion like HE-MAN fight while a crowd cheers them on.  This is what you’d expect an underground dog fight to be like.  No one here is exactly dressed to impress.  *We see hanging above the area various tapestry art pieces of VYKRON in his three costumes, LORD CHOLOH, and GY-GOR.*  Focus back on the fighters as one claims victory.  Cut to ADAM, now a teenager *dressed like his 200X design* disguised in a dingy cloak with unmistakable beautiful blue eyes peering from under the hood.  He cheers for the fighter’s victory, but quickly quiets himself to not draw attention.   An attractive barista comes to ADAM’S table and pays his winnings.  He looks her up and down and flirts with her.  *She is dressed like a dancer in the palace from the DC Comics mini-series issue “To Tempt the Gods”.  Opportunity for a Nicki Minaj cameo to reference a meme of her dressed like Filmation Prince Adam.*

A short, ugly old man smoking from a portable hookah device and walking with a cane *COUNT MARZO, 2002 cartoon* is followed by a formidable humanoid beast *CHIMERA, his ally from the Filmation series* and they approach ADAM’S table.  MARZO compliments ADAM’S eye for a good warrior and the Barista pays MARZO his winnings.  MARZO grabs the barista by the wrist and pulls her down to him, trying to win her favor with his money.  ADAM steps in and grabs MARZO’S wrist.  CHIMERA immediately throws ADAM onto the table.  Nearby spectators step away and the barista runs.  MARZO recognizes ADAM to be the prince.  He is angry over RANDOR banning the trade of his “medicinal” black orchid *Filmation series* and wishes to teach the prince a painful lesson.  As he threatens to burn ADAM with his hookah, he says the king will lose another heir until the embargo is lifted and the black flower is decriminalized.  ADAM frees one of his hands and knocks the hookah away from MARZO.  CHIMERA brings a hand up to strike, but a metal object whirls into frame and latches onto CHIMERA’S arm.  He howls in pain.  The crowd panics and scatters.  A distant spectator throws away his cloak to reveal he is a palace guard.  He is RAENIUS, later to become CLAMP CHAMP.

MARZO draws a blade from his cane and lunges at ADAM.  After ADAM dodges, another palace guard sheds his disguise and tackles MARZO.  He is KRASS and will become RAM MAN.  CHIMERA picks KRASS off MARZO.  During the fight, KRASS headbutts CHIMERA.    RAENIUS interferes and restrains CHIMERA with a large set of handcuffs.  At that moment, an arrow whizzes out of frame toward RAENIUS’ face.  He catches the arrow by the shaft *“Search for Keldor” mini-comic* and looks down to see MARZO with a crossbow.  MARZO flees and is lost in the crowd.  Some of them scream they’ll be arrested for taking part in an illegally run battle arena.  As KRASS hefts up an unconscious CHIMERA, ADAM is quite vocal about his father ordering them to follow him.  RAENIUS informs ADAM it is time to go home.  As they leave into EXT, a floating DOOMSEEKER comes into frame.  Cut to TRI-KLOPS disguised in a cloak retrieving it and watching the heroes leave.

Cut to INT Snake Mountain.  KELDOR *now SKELETOR* is seated at a throne made of bones watching the DOOMSEEKER’S footage through a floating magical aura.  SKELETOR is shot so we do not see his face.  His voice is different than KELDOR’S.


After months of surveillance, we know more about Count Marzo’s gambling issues than we do of where his amulet was hidden.

SKELETOR pounds his fist on the arm of the throne and stands.  BEAST MAN is behind the throne and holding some type of dangerous-looking creature like it is a pet dog.


Can we not search for the amulet ourselves?

EVIL-LYN enters.  She has changed to a sallow complexion and looks a bit more aged than in the beginning.  She still wears the same costume as we saw from the siege in the beginning.


Rumor has it a powerful warrior battled Marzo and confiscated the amulet after defeating him.  It was hidden somewhere in the Mystic Mountains.  If we blindly ventured for it he would be the only survivor.



There’s no promise the amulet would allow me to channel my magic and focus like it did for Marzo.  It would be a waste of time and resources much like Hordak in his attempt to take Castle Grayskull… if it even exists.


Once we lay siege to the Palace of Eternos…


If we lay siege to Eternos.   My recent attacks on Randor’s smaller cities and villages might have swelled our ranks to more than half of the Royal Guard.  He acknowledges the threat worthy enough to put the kingdom on high alert, but it was magic that took us to the palace gates eighteen years ago.  Magic that most would find impressive now, but pales in comparison to my craft when I served Hordak.  For now, we’re forced to chip away at the kingdom’s morale.

The camera pans around the room and focuses on Skeletor.  He emits magical energy that grows in magnitude and brightness as he continues to speak and vent his anger.


But after tonight’s attack, the people will no longer find themselves compelled to rally against me.  They will tremble when they hear the name Skeletor!  Mark my words: I will haunt those unlucky enough to survive in their nightmares.

We finally see SKELETOR’S complete, unobstructed skull face when he calls out his name.  The camera stays on him as he finishes his monologue and we see him posture as a true, frightening presence.
This might take a while, but I need to post this after I finished it about a week or so ago.  This is the type of He-Man movie I'd like to see.  Since I'm somewhat limited on how much text I can throw in a deviation, I figured six pages is a good starting point.  More will come.  It's all about copying, pasting and identifying where my spaces are in the lump that's left over.

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