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The way the SJWs and those who are WOKE are treating a cartoon skunk, Pepe Le Pew, reminds me of a similar black-and-white character who had been given the same treatment by bunch of those of similar mindset... His name? Opus Penguin. If some of you have seen the past strips of Berkley Breathed's comic, or have the book called Tales Too Ticklish To Tell that had Opus hounded out of his household by the mob of a "frightened few", who had listened to a popular televangelist at the time, that were just as hypocritical as the bunch giving Pepe Le Pew so much hell. I wish I could provide a link or upload the comics I am talking about, however, here's a link to one of Mr. Breathed's comics that makes you agree to how things should go, and, probably things might go for those who habitually LOOK for things to be offended by: http://platypuscomix.com/otherpeople/blmd821114.gif
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At 11:39 am today, I was fired. Pink-slipped. 86-ed. Sacked. Dismissed. Given the boot. I was trying do as my boss told me to do, and sweep and mop the freezer, but the mop kept sticking to the freezer floor. When I tried to tell him, he told me to clock out and go home and was no longer working there. Well, had I been younger, I would have cried. Had I been the sort who drinks liquor, I'd buy some beer and killed my liver. Instead, I'll just shrug, pay a few bills ahead of time, and just try to force myself to complete the story line of my comics while I still can. Thing is... I don't feel bad about it when I look back on this. I wonder why?
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I failed to tell you this... Last Friday I was so pissed, after leaving work, upon leaving the grounds of my employment, I let my digitus impudIcus show for my contempt about the assistant manager's haranguing me for EVERY Deity Condemned mistake I made and any question that was asked about my duties. I thought I wasn't seen when I did it, but obviously I was wrong. What did it get me? Two write-ups and being rescheduled, having me do truck unloading on Tuesday and Friday from 11am-3pm. Folks, let this be a cautionary warning: Every action has a definite reaction. Vent at home. Now I REALLY need a new line of work.
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Thanks for the faves.

Thanks for the fave for "Isabelle Returns".

Thanks for the fave for "I Know the Feeling".

Hello I love your page, it shows that you like furros like me x3, also you like fifi if so, look at this I think you will like it, greetings

Thanks for the fave for "The Reason".