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I have been working on this painting for the past 8 months, between projects,
and now it's finally's hard to believe for me it's actually ready after such a long time...I'm happy:-)

This one is inspired by Pacific Rim, mixed with my own style.

I have been doing digital painting for almost the past ten years (how time flies...really..please 'time' slow down a bit:p)
With this painting I wanted to put everything I have learned in one piece and pushing my limits.

I've spent more than 300 hours on this thing, with an original canvas size of approx. 5000 * 7000 pixels

This is all painted with Photoshop CS5

Tools used: imac 27" and Wacom Cintiq 24HD

***Please view Fullsize***Please view Fullsize***

Thanks! :D

As always comments and crits are most welcome


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Amazing detail dear.... 
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This looks amazing I can see why it took so long, I wouldn't have the patience to do this much detail work awesome piece!
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This is a really great digital painting, both in terms of technique and content.  I like the metallic texture of your jaeger/whatever you want to call it.  I like the fact it's holding up a human being, showing both robotic and biological beings.  I would say that the balance is perhaps a bit off on the art with the human too low, for my eyes keep on wandering up to the helmet up high but rarely ever glance down at the person naturally.  Still, that being said, I love what you did here!
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Thanks for the excellent comment/review Zarakoda:) (Smile)  I see what you mean with your me both robot and human figure(s) in this painting are equally important...I wanted to let the viewer decide themselves what the main focalpoint is of this image:) (Smile) But purely from an artistical perspective; you are right:) (Smile) thanks!
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You're welcome.  :)  Glad to have found your work!
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very nice good.
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Really cool piece, and only in photoshop? The amount of detail is incredible,
I understand it took you 300 hours :O
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Thank you:) yea it's all photoshop and paint work:)
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Nice work! Is the Jaeger one you created yourself?
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hi there...yea it's my own design work, although I'm inspired by James Cameron's vehicles in his movies:)  Thanks
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Awesome work as always wallace, great details and colors!
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Thanks Chris, much appreciated bud :)
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Great Work .. :D ..
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thanks...much appreciated:)
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Wow!! Nuff said!
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