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HellFire Dragon

And Another Dragon design from me:P
Sorry for being repetitive, but I guess my client likes them,
and I like painting them, so...
Anyway, I tried a different direction here, different perspective and design.
I used a rock texture noticably on the left part.

Painted with Photoshop CS2 and Wacom Graphire 4 Tablet

This will get printed on tee's

PLEASE view fullsize thanks!!:D
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Did you use a camera, or a phone?
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Wow! Hella great work!Clap 
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This is REALLY a great piece! At first when it was really small, I thought it was a dragon's face, up close. But then I saw another, and well, it blew me away. LOL xD 
 I thought the thorns were the lashes and the dragon which made the loop was the eye. Whoops~~

A-m-a-z-i-n-g. :]
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Awesome! How are you started till get this level? I'm starting and I will appreciate some tips :P
TheArtOfDenisDlugas's avatar
This guy has stolen your artwork [link]
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ha ha skeletons ... unique spine and horns... "stay away" - dragon

love the background and color
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I'm simply love your art. Your dragons are so... and your deathes too. You don't have to apologize for "repetitive" art. It's a pleasure.
Thank you very much.
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really amazing work, I love that :+fav:
TenshiTaiyono's avatar
Holy cow!!! If you don't draw dragons for TSR you should.
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This artwork is featured in a news article: [link]
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Thx for the favourite.
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I always loved this drawing, it's so awesome! I have this t-shirt too! I only just found out that you were the one who drew it. I've seen it before, but that was a long time ago, so I had forgotten about it.
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sweet but creepy as hell. I like dragon's
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Ah, wow - my boyfriend has a tshirt with this one, it's great to be able to see the original in all its glory :-)
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Hi there,

thanks for stepping by:)
is your boyfriend enjoying that tee?:)

You have a fantastic gallery yourself and I have added you to my friends list, whether you like it or not:P
drakhenliche's avatar
It's found its way into his regular rotation so yup, he's enjoying it ;) You should have seen how torn he was between buying one with this dragon or your Skullbone dragon on.
And thanks for the watch! I'm honoured :)
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freaking creepy, but awesome
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this is amazing!! awesome details and colors!! :+fav:
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How funny! My dad got me one of those shirts about a month ago =D
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Coool! :lol:

do you like it? you wear it too?
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