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Earth and Fire - Dragon Art -

And another one! :lol:

I have to make one more dragon image and than a calendar will be published with my dragon artworks which will be distributed on a wide scale yay:)

So expect at least one more dragon from me in the near future;)

This one will be printed on tee's (on the left side and partly over the shoulder) and on the mentioned calendar.

Painted with PS CS3 and Wacom Graphire.

A rock texture is used and heavily repainted.

Painting time: too long

PLEASE view fullsize thanks! :D
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This is some amazing scale detail, my friend ^^
ShadowNightMist's avatar
Beautiful. The detail is amazing. It really takes your breath away.(:
DSil's avatar
Seamlessly blended with its environment. You managed to match the lighting very closely.
Chryseilas's avatar
this is wonderful! but personally, i think the rocks are too realistic. the dragon is so animated (well duh) but the rocks look like they've been taken from a photo. in the minimized state, it looks pretty cool, but in full size, the realistic effect of the rocks appear. but this was awesome anyway. i suck at digital art, so i shouldnt really be saying anything >.>
The-Bluetip's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! This is incredible work...lovely details and the realism is fantastic...really awesome job on this!
BlueRavenfire's avatar
hello, just want to announce that this pic as been featured here. [link]
21citrouilles's avatar
The quintessence of dragon: fiece, fiery and powerful. He's magnificent. :)
Grusart's avatar
I think this dragon looks like real 3D O: What kind of technique do you use?
Xaydes's avatar
Whoa. Incredible :clap:
DemoraFairy's avatar
:O that's incredible! Amazing design and there's so much detail in it!
Dianae's avatar
Hello there,

You've been featured in this News Article : [link]

Keep up the amazing work !
wallace's avatar
Wow Diane,

im so honoured!:)
Thank you so much, you rock! (literally;))
Dianae's avatar
You're welcome my friend :)
kisia85's avatar
Can i download this picture?
fatso-cat's avatar
wow...i love the lightning in the background
JulieFairhurst's avatar
again another great Dragon from the Dragonmaster!! all bow before the oh mighty one!! haha!

love the colouring and everything about this! great work Vincent!! :D
DARGON1's avatar
VERY GOOD!!I could not think of anything to top the other comments!I am very impressed!
venomsblood's avatar
Very crisp! :)
Lovely piece.. the background is really great!
Lovely dragon pose. And interesting dragon :)
Fabulous work as usual for you :D hehe.
Soul-Cake-Duck's avatar
Omg... One of the best dragons I've ever seen... His wings seem to be a bit too small but whatever - I like it!
MusingStar's avatar
So beautiful! You mind if I use this for my character's dragon form, credits to you and no alteration at all?
wallace's avatar
Hey Rebecca, thanks:lol:
Twist-of-Lime's avatar
Awesome work, Vincent! I'll be back, but I won't come crashing through Terminator style.
wallace's avatar
Hey it's you:)
Thanks for stepping by, I really like your artworks, what a great inventive mind you have:)
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