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October 11, 2006
DRAGON by ~wallace is an impressive Chinese dragon design. Very cool how it coils between the sections of the Kanji.
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The second design of my scheduled dragon 'trilogy'

The stone structure is the chinese character of the word 'dragon'
Of course, this being a chinese dragon I tried to make it colourful and radiant

This design will get printed on tee's

peinted with Photoshop and Wacom Graphire tablet

Thanks for viewing,
comments are welcome and appreciated:)

Oh and please view fullsize thank you:D
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© 2006 - 2022 wallace
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Really amazing, congrats

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That's an Epic dragon! =D And it's very cool how you had the Kanji pop-out like that while having the Dragon twist around and surround it. =)
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Looks awesome!
Elkissa's avatar
awesomeness! =)
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this is beautiful. i love dragons!!
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I thought the Kanji symbol was such a nice touch. And Chinese dragons are always cool. :] That'd be a pretty cool t-shirt.
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May I use this in a noncommercial video? I will give credit!
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Hello, this is zhleader! I am sending messages to all dragon fans to advertise Future Dragon, a fantasy story I created! Please check it out! Now up is the entire vol. 1 (chapters 1-10) and the website ( Once again, please check it out and I appreciate your support!
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Wow, I love how this...likes..glows
This is very beautiful and very original, to have the dragon clutching the ideogram for dragon!
Thank you for posting this image.
i totally love it! but isn't it also Japanese dragon kanji symbol? becuase i was taught that it was x] [link]
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I got your artwork on a tee! :D

I was wondering, is there any real hard limits to getting artwork to a company that will make them into T-Shirts?
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Cool :D

to answer your question: it is a bit harder than other kinds of companies.
Most t-shirt companies are looking for very specific artworks and/or artworks that already have proven commercial success

I can recommend you to submit artworks to RPG Publishers,, the door is more open to new artists so to speak;)

good luck!
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Aw, I see. Thanks so much!
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have you ever tryed different ideas about dragons?
Like how chineze dragon suposedly gave a man a scroll, and taught him knowledge? Or dragon that do other things, like breathe and live in water? Im just saying, i see alot of repititive ideas. Dont get me wrong, im a complete fan of your work!
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Thanks for your feedback really appreciated:)

Yes I see what you mean and I agree.
I want to say that what you are referring to are 'storytelling' artworks.
For t-shirts unfortunately these kind of images work less effective,
it must be eye-catching and relatively simple composition wise as
t-shirts are glanced at from pretty much all the cases.

I hope I can do the kind of artworks (again) that is more compelling storywise,
in fact I'm doing a couple right now on and off, but it's between projects
so it takes more time

LunarBorealis's avatar
hmm, never thought of it that way. Well good luck with th projects and everything!
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Such a squared head...bou awesome anyway!!!Compliments, great work!!!
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