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Battle Angel Alita

EDIT: I have changed the original image with a smaller sized one, to have a better view and is easier on the eyes.

You can find the supersize version here:


Greetings friends!

My apologies for my lack of activity lately,
I have been battling some health issues the past month,
but it is okay now:)

Here I have a personal project that I wanted to do for quite some time now.

As soon I have heard James Cameron is planning to make a movie based on the original manga and anime, I have delved a bit into this character and the World she belongs to, and what can I say? It's awesome.

I hope Cameron is going to do this project asap,
but AVATAR 2 isn't too bad either:P

The painting is a (sort off) direct translation of the character, but depicted realistically, while trying to maintain here prominent facial features.

There have been already tons of Alita Fan Art, many of them are wonderful, I hope this one is a worthy addition

Painted with PS CS3 and Wacom Graphire 4 tablet

Painting time: loooong

PLEASE view Fullsize!:D

note: the image is rather big:P

Thanks for stepping by and as always crits and comments are most welcome

Thanks a bunch!

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Fantastic! stunning work
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desighned with passion
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Love this!!!
Battle Angel is one of my ALL-TIME Favorites!!!
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this is really incredible!!!!!!!...
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esto...lo has hecho tu?
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My favorite manga of all the time!
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It is my pleasure to feature this amazing artwork in my journal 'New Features for September 2011' [link] If you wish it to be removed, please note me and I shall do so.:heart:
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Oh... My... God...
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as someone who is a Battle Angel Alita Fan for serveral years i have to say that i dont like the mouth at all.
She has really big lips (which is an important attribute in the character design and also often parodised in the Manga). Also the eyes should be bigger to fit the japanese manga style. This way it looks americanized.
I most likely sound rude in this comment, but it is meant as constructive feedback and since this series is one of the few i really like it was important for me to point that out.

The part i really like about this picture is the composition and coloring. Also the hair and jacket are HQ stuff!
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Hey thanks for your's really appreciatd. :)

I would like to say that the goal was to take the original look (which I find is very cool!) and make it
fit somehow in an James Cameron-esque (and americanized) version.

So you are right that it looks americanized, but it was intentional;)

Thanks again!

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This is so awesome, the colors are pretty good, and the details are amazing, specially that light thing in the background.

I love it. :icondoctorthumbsupplz:
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wow...this is really, REALLY! awsome!

I was worried about that Cameron could create(planed to make her complete with CG) her that she won´t fit to the other persons(real actors) and the world around her...I think its verry hard to find a good mix between the manga and a real-live-looking-person.
And you gave new hope to me that i will like Camerons version of her, if he will just do it a littlebit like you ;)

Cameron should see this and he should feel like friendly-asskicked to go on and make the movie asap :devilish:
...and Mr. Kishiro should see it too...but sad that the fanart image size on his webside is just 300x300 pixels
(, perhaps you can put a link in the discibtion[if you want to send this image to his fanarts])

I want to write more but I think its enough
and sorry, my english is not the best...i hope you understand what I want to say ^^;
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Hi Jörg,

thank you so much for your awesome comment.:)

I am not familiar with the original manga (Gunnm), but I have seen several
episodes of the Anime, back in the early 90's; Alita is an awesome character
and I am highly excited that Cameron is Still interested in this project (but we have to
wait after Avatar 2 + 3).

About the image: I tried to translate that typical anime look to a more grounded 'reality' both in design
work and painting style.

The anime is violent as f*ck, I love it and I am curious if Cameron has the guts
to make a hard R rated Alita movie;)

Thank you again for your comment its is really appreciated :D
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a battle angel movie would rock only problem is Cameron wants to male it a soft pg-13 where a quick look at the manga would make it clear its a seinen manga aimed at the 18+ age range and is hard r rating material.
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Gorgeous work! Alita remains one of my favorite manga of all time!
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I´m waiting for the movie too!
AMAZING ™ work!!
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Oh fun! I see that you are a fan of Alita:) (GUMN) I love this series too:)
Good Job !
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The back ground so awesome and the all pic so great hehehe :)
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This is a GREAT illustration, you are very good.
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Awesome! Been waiting for this movie since 2008 o:
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That's gorgeous. :O
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:wave: I saw you dropped by and thought I'd return the favor....and dA must have eaten the fav I had on this I fav'd it again ;)

Sorry to hear you've been sick, I hope you are doing better!
LeeAnneKortus's avatar
Really awesome work!! :thumbsup:
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