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Kronos was sitting up, his back against the wall, and his knees clutched to his core. He couldn't go into sleep mode, and he thought he knew why. Every time he closed his eye, he thought of his mother and father. He thought about how worried they must be, how much they love him, how much he missed them. He thought about Katie, and wondered if she must feel the same way about GLaDOS...

Suddenly, Kronos realized why his mother always wanted him to stay in the Hub. She wanted to prevent exactly this from happening! Kronos felt like a moron for not realizing it sooner. He heaved a prerecorded sigh and leaned back against the panel wall.

Katie rolled on her side, now facing him. He looked at her sleeping peacefully, wondering why she wasn't feeling the same way about the omnipotent and sadistic AI she called her mother.


Kronos pondered that for a moment. Why did Katie and the turrets call GLaDOS their mother, but the defectives simply referred to to the AI as "Her" when technically they were her kids as well?

It all seemed very confusing to Kronos, so he just shook the thought from his head. He shouldn't be worrying about something like that anyway. After all, GLaDOS wasn't his mother.

Kronos looked up at the graffiti painted on the wall, letting his train of thought change tracks.

A human did this painting, that much he knew. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about humans in general. He wanted to know more. Asking Katie wasn't an option. Sure she was in the body of a human, but GLaDOS had tweaked the bodies so they didn't have to experience certain "human features". What was that supposed to mean?

Either way, he still wondered what humans were like. Maybe perhaps like the one in the painting.

What was that human's name? Chell? Did she do this painting? Or...did someone else-?


Kronos's system instantly went to high alert at the noise. Someone was near. Something....alive.

A shadow darted swiftly across the room, very close to the two children. Kronos shook Katie, "Hey, wake up!"

"Mmph...w-what?" she asked sleepily.

"Someone's here." he whispered.

Katie's eyes widened, reaching for her weapons. The laser poitner scannig thr room. "Hello...?" she asked, trying not to sound afraid.

There was no answer.

"Are you still there?" she asked in her classic turret voice.

A shadow rose up to full height against the wall. Leaving both Katie and Kronos frozen in fear.
EDIT: It seems I screwed up, and the whole chapter wasn't pasted...fixed. :facepalm:

Sorry it's so short. School is crap right now, I felt I needed to get something up. So here it is.

Anyone guess who the shadow is?

all Portal 2 characters except Katie and Kronos (c) Valve

Katie (c) :iconwolf-shadow77:

Kronos (c) me
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