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Katie and Kronos were walking down a catwalk when they came across the turret production line. "Hey!" Katie smiled, running toward the line. Kronos followed.

"Stop! Identify yourself or I will shoot!" a voice said.

A human, about the size of Katie stood before them. He had dirty brown hair, he wore a brown shirt and black pants, and red eyes that glared at the two kids. A defective turret.

Katie stopped, "You're a defective turret! You're not supposed to be here!"

The rejected sentry smirked, "I'm a free turret! I go wherever I want!"

Kronos looked at the boy as if he were speaking in a foreign language, "Free? The only thing GLaDOS has ever set free is a human test subject."

"Well she doesn't want me anyway! I've decided to control my OWN fate! Now back off if you know what's good for ya!" Defective pulled out his guns and pointed them at the two. Kronos flinched, but Katie didn't even budge. She only crossed her arms.

"Alright, your funeral pal!"


"Aw crap! Hey, squeaky voice, can I borrow some of your bullets?" he asked Katie.

"It wouldn't work even if I DID give you bullets! But that's not the point! Why did you put a defective turret in the template's place?"

"Cause, we defective turrets deserve a chance to show what we can do!"

Katie smacked her forehead with her hand, "You're DEFECTIVE! You CAN'T do anything because you're broken! Don't you understand!"

Kronos had never seen Katie act this way. She seemed angry, and she was normally the most calm and curious turret he ever met. But seeing her shout almost made it seem as if she wasn't herself.

The defective turret wasn't too happy either, and he kept arguing with her. Kronos considered stopping the argument, but decided not to interfere. Just when it seemed like defective was going to lose, he piped up. "Hey, kid! Do you know where you came from?"

Kronos hesitated at the random question, " My parents wouldn't tell me when I asked them."

"She knows." Defective grinned evilly, pointing at Katie.

Almost instantly, the turret's cheeks turned a deep scarlet. Horrible memories flooding back. "Sh-shut up! It was an accident!"

"W-wait, you know where I came from?" Kronos asked.

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" Katie shouted, hiding her red face.

Kronos took the hint and dropped the subject.

"Yeah, as I recall she saw 'a lot'!" Defective chuckled.

Katie only whimpered, pulling her hood down further over her head. Kronos stood up straight to make himself look taller. "Hey, leave her alone."

"Oh ho, I don't mean to get between you and your girlfriend, pal!" Defective smirked.

"Wh-? Why would you say THAT? She's just my friend!" Kronos said.

"Yeah, you say that now, next thing you know you'll be 'more than friends'."


Now it was Kronos's turn to be angry. His circuitry heated up to the point where his system began a cooldown process. It was one thing to make fun of him, but he drew the line when people made fun of his friends.

"You're looking pretty steamed, pal! I bet you're embarrassed that-" Defective couldn't even finish his sentence before he was tackled to the ground by an angry Kronos.

The two wrestled each other, while Katie watching helplessly at the sidelines. She knew she couldn't break up this one.

After about five minutes, Kronos had pinned Defective to the ground.

"AHHH! I GIVE! OKAY! I GIVE! I'M SORRY!" the broken turret screamed.

Katie couldn't help but grin and wonder if her mother would be proud at Kronos's fighting skills.

Kronos released Defective, who turned and ran away without saying another word. Heaving with simulated breaths, Kronos turned to Katie.

She gasped, getting up and running over to the robot. "Kronos, your optic is cracked!"

Kronos didn't look up at her, "I'll be fine. It's just one crack, I can still see."

Katie frowned, leaving him alone.

"You want to fix the template?" he asked.


The two of them went out onto the catwalk and caught a turret before it could land in the incinerator.

"Are you okay?" Katie asked it.

"Yes, thank you! Why did it reject me? I'm fine!" the poor turret asked in a similar voice.

"Someone switched the templates with a defective turret." Katie explained, "Will you be the new template?"

"Of course!" the turret chirped happily.

Katie rushed off back to the template as fast as she could. Kronos following as best as he could. Katie wasted no time in taking out the defective turret and replacing it with the functional one.

"New template accepted." the announcer said.

Katie stayed and watched to make sure it was going to work. She saw a functional turret come in.

"Template." The announcer said.

"Hello?" the template asked.


"Hello." the other turret answered.

The turret passed, and a defective one came in.




"Put me in the game, coach!"

The defective turret was rejected.


Katie sighed with relief, she now felt at ease knowing that her fellow robotic turrets were now getting through production safely.

Kronos twiddled his six fingers nervously, "Hey...Katie?"

She turned to look at him, "Yes?"

"Um, about what that defective turret said..."

Katie looked away, blushing once more. "N-no, I'd rather not talk about that."

"No no, I'm not going to ask that. I-I was just wondering...we are just friends...right?" he asked, twiddling his fingers.

"No." Katie answered.

Kronos looked up, surprised.

"We're BEST friends." Katie smiled.

Kronos was relieved, "Okay. I was just curious."

Katie looked down at the floor for a moment, "I want to thank you. For standing up for me..."

Kronos shrugged, "It was nothing. It's what best friends do..."

What she did next shocked Kronos, she jumped toward him and wrapped her arms around his core, embracing him tightly. Kronos froze, he had seen his mother and father do this before, and he only received them from his parents. What were they called? Hugs? He never expected to have almost a happy feeling while receiving a hug from Katie.

He noticed something radiating from her, something truly alien to him. He was taught by his mother that humans constantly leak this stuff called "warmth" into their environment.

Kronos's body had been constructed with a truly advanced metal that allowed sensations of heat and pressure to be detected and recognized.

The feeling of her warm human skin pressed against his cold mechanical casing gave him a nice feeling similar to happiness. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and returned the gesture.

After a few seconds, Katie tugged a bit. But Kronos didn't let go. He wanted this feeling to last a bit longer...

" can let go now." she said.

He opened his optic and released her, "S-sorry."
Now I know what you're thinking... "DAWWWWW! Young love!" Now don't go about saying that just yet, I'm not quite sure if it'll go that way. XD

Remember! I don't own any of the characters except Kronos! And Katie belongs to :iconwolf-shadow77:

I matured this cause it's SLIGHTLY suggestive...better safe than sorry.

If you want to check out how Katie knew where Kronos came from, then click this. XD but be warned. It's PG-13. [link]
portaladdict99 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
I was looking through your gallery (yes, I know I probably seem stalker-ish... I'm sorry! You're just so awesome!) And I'm wondering why this is under 'mature filter'. (BTW if you hadn't figured it out yet, which I would be surprised if you hadn't, Y HALO THAR!!!) :)
Wall-eROX24-7 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, hey! XD I didn't know you had a DA!
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