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Kronos was running all around the test chamber surveying everything in a flurry of movement. So many new sights!

P-body's trigger finger twitched anxiously, keeping a close eye on the little robot. She noticed a lone turret appear, P-body calmed down when she saw it was just Katie and turned back to Atlas to continue on with the test.

Katie smirked and caught Kronos off guard by jostling him, and making the turret warning beep. It was enough to spook him, tensing up with a startled beep before darting behind a panel hanging loosely off the wall. Katie clutched her sides and laughed.

"Hey! It's not funny!" Kronos beeped in defense.

"That's payback for the wrestling match earlier." Katie said, looking smug.

Kronos uttered a mechanical sigh, turning around to see a wall with a bunch of scribbled writing on it. "Hey, what's that?" he warbled.

Katie crawled inside to see what the robot was looking at, "That's one of the mysterious drawings!"

Suddenly the panel was closed behind them, trapping the human turret and robot child inside.

"Ah! No! Let us out!" Katie shouted, banging against the panel.


"Where is he!? I can't find him anywhere!!" P-body chattered wildly.

"Shh, calm down. He's probably just playing with Katie again." Atlas warbled calmly.

"That's what I'm afraid of! They're both always so curious!  And do you know what humans say about curiosity??"

"She got burned in the incinerator...?"

"No, 'curiosity killed the cat'!"

Atlas shrugged, "What's a cat?"

"I don't know, but it sounds dangerous! It still makes sense, because those two are always getting into trouble!"

"P-body, just calm down. We'll tell GLaDOS, and she'll find them."

Meanwhile, the two children were making their way through  a dark and eerie room filled with turret parts. This gave the former robotic sentry a shiver up her spine, as she avoided looking at the mutilated turret parts.

Kronos continued on boldly, but cautiously. Katie had every right to be scared of this place. It was dark, and the sound of screaming turrets could be heard faintly echoing off the walls.

Distraught with her thoughts, Katie failed to notice the low droning behind her. It wasn't until the drone was practically right beside her that the sentry turned around.

Anxiety quickly forgotten and fear replacing it immediately, Katie stared back at her reflection in the shimmering red eye of a King Turret.

It was large in comparison to most like it, and Katie being only an eight-year-old human turret, the King Turret was massive.

Katie attempted to take a step back, but was cut off at bumping into Kronos, making him notice the massive turret that stood behind them. Frightened sparks raced through his circuits, making him tremble.

Seeing the two confused and scared, the King Turret revealed its sideguns, locked and loaded to fire. Large red laser pointer eye directly on the terrified kids.

Katie grabbed Kronos's arm and pulled. "We have to get out of here!!" she cried.

He couldn't move, dread gripped his small body and refused to let go. Never had he ever seen something so horrifying. And this was definitely worth being afraid of.

"MOMMYYY!" Kronos squeaked, covering his head with his arms, curling himself into a shivering ball of metal. It was all he could find himself able to do. He was getting dizzy from the excess electricity his motor created as a result of fear.

The King Turret aimed, rockets targeting the defenseless robot. No hassle, no fight. Exactly the kind of prey the turret had been hoping for. But a flash of red threw off its focus.

Katie did the only thing any other sentry would've done. She pulled out her weapons and fired.


Caught off gaurd by the sudden bullets, it fired a rocket to the ground just to the side of the defenseless robot. Sending an explosion of debris around the two kids. The turret blared its displeasure. It turned towards its elusive targets only to find an angry P-body glaring up at it, Kronos hiding behind her long legs.

Katie, still trembling, slowly lowered her weapons as P-body stepped protectively in front of the sentry and her son, glaring feircely and giving a warning growl at the massive turret.

But it moved to fire at her.

She was not allowing this kind of behavior any longer. She'd spent weeks dreading the idea of bringing her little boy out into the world of testing for exactly this kind of reason, and no overgrown turret with leopard spots was going to prove her fear was justified.

P-body scooped up both Kronos and Katie and ran with speed and agility she never knew she had.


A rocket had been fired at the three and exploded right next to P-body, causing her to lose grip of both kids and get sent tumbling over piles of debris left behind.

P-body head a robotic screech of pain as she franticly searched for the missing children.

"Kronos!? Katie!?" She beeped over the explosions.

Her horror only proved justified. The smoke cleared, revealing a gaping hole that was god knows how many miles deep.

"KRONOS!!!" P-body screeched.


"K-katie?!" Kronos attempted to yell, but only made a feeble beep.

"I'm here!" coughed the turret, waving smoke from her eyes.

The little robot dragged himself out of the murky water, and laid to rest on a sheet of scrap metal. He groaned in pain from the liquid that had gotten to his wiring.

Katie had made her way over to him, carefully pulling the young robot away from the electronic hazard.

After Kronos had dried off, he sat up and looked at his friend. She was next to him, but her back was turned, and she sat clutching her knees to her chest. She must have fallen in the murky water too, because she was soaking wet and shivering and had pulled her hood down to allow her hair to dry. Lucky for her she didn't experience pain when falling into the liquid. Her watertight human skin had its advantages.

Kronos tentatively reached out and tapped her shoulder, "Katie...?"

She hesitated before answering, "Yeah...?"

"Do you know where we are?" he asked, a bit hopeful.

Katie didn't even look at her surroundings, she already knew there was no way she could ever get back. "No...I don't."

"B-but I thought you knew this place like the back of your own hand!" the little bot beeped in worry.

"Yeah...I meant the upper levels. I've never been down here before..."

At this, Kronos began to panic, "H-how are we gonna get back then??" he scooted over by her side, so he was able to see her face.

"I....I-I...." Katie's voice quivered, she couldn't bear the thought of never seeing her creator/mother again. "I don't know..." She whimpered.

Kronos noticed a clear drop of liquid run down her cheek from her eye, "H-hey, are you okay, Katie? Your eyes are leaking!"

"'s nothing." she said wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

Kronos's curious side began to get the better of him, "Is that what happens to humans when they're sad? They leak from their eyes?"

Katie sniffled, "Y-yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Oh..." he paused, "W-well don't worry. I'm sure if we stay put someone will come get us. My mom always told me if I ever got lost I should stay where I am until someone finds me."

Katie stood up, "No, this is Aperture. There's no way someone will find us before.....b-before it's too late."

Kronos suddenly felt that spark within him. His urge to explore the unknown had once again begun to burn even brighter than before. "Yeah! We're going on an adventure!"

Katie raised an eyebrow at the robot. He was only as big as her, and unlike her, he was unarmed. He really had no idea about the horrors of Aperture. "It's not that easy..."


"WHAT!?!? KATIE IS DOWN THERE!?!?" GLaDOS shouted.

P-body and Atlas stood before the furious AI, praying that they wouldn't be disassembled violently. "And so is Kronos!" P-body spoke up, "Atlas and I NEED to go down there and find them!"

"I agree...Blue, please step out for a moment." GLaDOS said, all of a sudden sounding calm.

Atlas hesitantly walked out of the chamber, leaving GLaDOS and P-body behind.

"Okay, tell me exactly what happeded. Why did you bring Green into testing when we made an agreement not to?"

"W-well...he just wanted to see what we do while testing. And I thought team building would be a safe enough testing area to do this..."

GLaDOS, if she had hands, would have slapped her forehead, "Orange...I'm the one who makes these tests. They are never safe..."

P-body pressed her hands against her chassis, "I know... What was I thinking!?"

"Well, my daughter is down there with your son. And since I can't leave, you and Blue are going to have to find them."

P-body beeped, "Right! I won't rest until I find my son!"

GLaDOS shot her a glare.

"A-and Katie. Her too..."


Kronos struggled to climb up the catwalks. Even with Katie's help, climbing up from each broken catwalk was quite an ordeal.

"C'mon! Just one more!" Katie said as she gripped onto Kronos's arm with both hands.

He uttered a mechanical grunt as he pulled himself up to the final catwalk, "Rrrgh! I got it!" he rolled onto the metal platform, then stood up and dusted himself off.

Katie leaned against the rail to take a breather, "Jeez, why are you so heavy??"

Kronos shrugged, "Hey, at least we made it."

Suddenly, the rail Katie had been leaning on gave out. She screamed as she lost balance and started to fall down into the abyss they had just climbed out of.

Acting quickly, Kronos lunged and grabbed the turret by the back of her hoodie, saving her from the fall.

Katie removed her hands from her eyes, panting with fear as he pulled her back up.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Y-yeah...let's get off this thing." Katie led the way off the catwalk and crawled behind an open panel.

Kronos followed, "What's in here?"

"Nothing." the turret said bluntly, "I just need to rest for a while."

"Oh...well, go ahead and sleep. I'll keep watch." he offered.

Katie lied down and pulled her hood up, "Maybe, you should get some rest too."

Soon there was silence, Katie had fallen asleep. Kronos looked around and saw nothing but panels, an old radio that somehow still worked, and tin cans. Kronos listened to the radio's tune, the music was so soothing it sent him to sleep mode after a while.


When Katie awoke she was half hugging Kronos, and he was subconsciously accepting the hug, Katie broke away.

"Wha... what happened?" Kronos beeped sleepily.

"N-nothing happened. Nothing at all." she said, letting the little robot go back to sleep mode again. Katie now felt really awkward and now wished she could get away from Kronos, but she knew she couldn't just leave him. She also didn't want to fall asleep again in case it happened again and he noticed. Though the hug wasn't intended, she felt embarrassed about it.

So, four hours later and the two kids were both asleep. Kronos began to stir and he woke up again to find he was half hugging Katie... his optic opened wide and he pulled his body away from her, and waking her up.

"What's wrong?" she asked, noticing Kronos looked embarrassed, Katie's eyes went wide.

"N-no..." she said, shakily, "W-we know what...weren't we?"

"YES!" Kronos screamed as if it was the end of the world, "Okay...let's just pretend none of this EVER happened, okay?"

Katie simply nodded in agreement, her cheeks a deep shade of scarlet.

They both heard static, and then a song started to play.

"You can be my It girl!
Baby, you the sh*t girl!
Lovin you could be a crime!
Crazy how we fit, girl!
This is it, girl!
Gimmie twenty-five to life!
I just wanna rock all night long!~
And put you in the middle of my spotlight!
You can be my It girl!
You're my biggest hit, girl!
Lemme play it loud! Lemme play it loud like,
Whoa oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh oh!
Lemme play it loud! Lemme play it loud like,
Whoa oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh oh!"

Katie's face turned even redder, as she quickly reached over and tried to turn off the old Aperture Science radio a few feet away.


"-He's my dilemma, one half of me wants ya!
And the other half wants to forget it!
My dilemma from the moment I met ya!
I just can't get you outta my head!"


"-I'll keep you my dirty little secret,
(Dirty little secret)
Don't tell anyone or you`ll be just another regret,
(Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
My dirty little secret,
Who has to know?"


Kronos jumped in surprise when Katie pulled out one of her firearms and shot the radio. Once it was destroyed, she put her gun away and sat back down.

The two of them sat in awkward silence, until Kronos finally spoke up. "Hey, another drawing!" he said getting up and walking behind another panel.

Curious, Katie followed him until they came to a wall with a large painting of GLaDOS, and the last human test subject.

Katie's eyes widened, "It's Mommy and Chell!"

"Who?" Kronos asked.

"My mommy, GLaDOS." Katie repeated, pointing at the robot in the graffiti.

"No, I mean Chell. Who's Chell?"

"She's the lady who killed mommy a long time ago, and then brought her back to life."

"Wow, that's tough for a human."


"Where is she now?"

"Mommy let her go back to the other humans."

"Wow..." Kronos stared in amazement at the painting.
No comment. XD

EDIT: i didn't make the robot's speak in robot XD my bad.

Kronos (c) Me

Katie (c) :iconwolf-shadow77:

all the rest (c) Valve
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