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His mind was screaming in protest. His actions were going against everything his programming told him.

He didn't know much about the outside; having been activated for only three weeks does limit one's knowledge of things. But he considered himself to be advanced for his age.

Though really, advanced or not, this was somewhat crazy.

But despite the warnings going off in his brain, he pushed forward. Ignoring his doubts and mustering up a bit more courage from the voice that only encouraged this sort of boldness. He continued on steadily.

He liked that voice. True, it was the voice that had gotten him stuck behind a few boxes in the diagnostics room. And the same voice that had him lost in a tangled web of recharge cords. And the very voice that knocked him into the wall, loosening a rather large camera from the wall, sending the heavy object directly on his head.

But despite the fact that said voice often lead to trouble, it also helped him uncover new and exciting things. A whole nother world beyond the diagnostics room. Beyond the break room.

A place only known as 'The Hub'.

The first time he had ventured outside the break room. The voice had coaxed him out using his curiosity combined with boldness, his mother having left to a place unknown to recharge her energy supplies. Something she did often. It had been the perfect opportunity to answer the voice's call. His own need to see more.

Sitting in the break room was all well and good, but thrills didn't come to those who hide indoors.

His programming beeped its warning, but he ignored it. It always turned out to be worth it in the end. Especially when he had returned with the turret that had provided hours of fun for him. True, the bullet holes littering the break room had his mother giving him disapproving looks, but it had been more than worth it.

Besides, after that he became less afraid to venture into 'The Hub'.

But the room had lost its appeal of being new. For almost a whole week his mother had stopped trying to confine him to the break room and allowed them free range of the Hub. A day or two of being permitted to investigate had been fun but after his mother had given him the okay, excitement turned to boredom. Things were just less fun when one was allowed to do them. But where the room had once brought thrill, it now brought something else... doors.

A brand new challenges. His mother and father were allowed past those doors, it was only fair he'd be able to follow. And it's not that he thought his parents were keeping anything from him. Eventually they would probably be apt to letting him pass through the doors. But who knew when that would be? Especially with them still uneasy about letting him in the Hub.

The robot his mother called their creator had left a little while ago to the different rooms, leaving the Hub unattended. If he wanted to go without anyone annoyingly pulling him back away from the door, now was the time to do it.

It had been slightly more difficult than he thought it would be, and a few times he had understood exactly why the creator and his mother stopped him from doing it. But he had made it and laughed at them for doubting his abilities.

He was often called reckless by the creator's voice.

So be it. He was reckless. But he was going to see the world outside those doors before him, so nya.

Circuits buzzing with excitement, holding his head high, he stood up, wobbling a bit. Crouching back down, he took a moment to regain his balance and headed for the stairs to the first door.

After trying to push the door open, he tumbled out in a summersault once it opened by itself. Startled only slightly by his stumble, he shook out his chassis and looked around the hallway.

Not what he expected, but he couldn't be choosey about new worlds. He lifted his head, scanning the hall a bit before walking along the wall to look at the monitor as well. Plenty of familiar radio waves; his father's and his mother's were plentiful.

Glancing over from the monitor he stared at the edge of this world; the disassembly chambers. He grinned brightly. Already something new.

Breaking into his fastest run, which looked odd with his bulky frame and stumbling nature of his legs built for long falls. But his excited expression fell as he watched the large shadow form on the wall before him.

Putting his feet out in an attempt to stop himself, instead he slid, the momentum of his body still moving forward. He awkwardly tumbled into the wall between the chambers, leaning upside down against it, giving him an upside down view.


The little robot shook his head, clearing his vision before looking up at a surprised Atlas staring down at him. Kronos' optic upturned into a sheepish smile, but it faded to an ashamed expression when he saw his mother by his side.

Instead of getting angry, P-body hung her head with a defeated sigh. She walked in front of Atlas, kneeling down next to her son.

Kronos let out a long beep resembling a whine, arms extended in an attempt to enhance his excuse. P-body ignored it though, simply leaning down toward him. Inspecting him a bit, and convinced he was fine, she clutched his frame, lifting Kronos off the floor.

He folded his arms, glaring at the ground as he was embarrassingly carried back to the break room by his mother, dangling from the light hold she had on him. He winced when he heard giggles from his friend, Katie. She was a turret, but unlike all the other turrets, GLaDOS had turned her human, giving her the ability to go where she wanted. She had white hair and a white hoodie that was always worn over the head, black pants, and a handgun in each pocket.

P-body set a pouting Kronos back down next to Katie who gave him an 'I told you so' look. Kronos tackled her.

P-body sighed, attempting to break them up with a warning beep, but Atlas laughed, enjoying the spectacle. P-body gave him a dirty look for laughing at her expense, but he ignored it and instead smiled and uttered a warble, "Relax P-body, they're just playing."

It was a good cop/bad cop routine the two had started, and Atlas was content to play the role of the officer the young bot preferred. P-body let out another stern beep. Stunned for only a moment, Kronos and Katie recovered from their short fight. Katie then quickly got to her feet and stormed out.

Kronos snickered at her as she left.

P-body just gave a defeated sigh, and sat down in a nearby chair.

After doing some research with her companion and determining the traits of the young robot, GLaDOS had quite forcefully suggested they give the child a greek name like his father.

Thus, he was named Kronos.

She liked the name, and every day it proved to be less embarrassing than the one Atlas would have chosen, had GLaDOS not interrupted.

All in all it was a learning experience, but while the little bot was learning fast, Atlas felt impatient. His anxiety for Kronos to be born was now replaced with a growing excitement to take them out into the world he and P-body knew to be Aperture Laboratories. He wanted to bring him along for a test, to train him how to use portals...

But GLaDOS refused and said that none of that was going to happen until he was at least five or six weeks old. And training would have to wait even longer. P-body was apparently on the AI's side, not even wanting him out of the Hub let alone in a test chamber.

GLaDOS explained that she had not yet made a reassembly chamber for the little robot. And before he was going to do any handling of a portal gun at all, she would have to finish.

Baby steps. Atlas sighed and reached over to pat Kronos on the head. "How about we take him down to "Team Building"? Those tests are safe for the most part."

P-body opened her eye in surprise at him. He had to be kidding. She was definitely not thinking that far ahead, barely having the energy to plan out the next five minutes. She'd been pretty slow and slugggish the last few weeks, more than while processing. It was normal. She was recovering. She didn't have the patience or energy to deal with Atlas's pleading to take Kronos along for a test. Didn't he realize that those chambers opened a whole plethora of deadly traps the little guy could get into?

She bopped him on the head with her portal gun.

Atlas scoffed, batting her gun away and pulling Kronos up into his lap to play with him.

P-body watched them play. She was already content with the fact that he would be a difficult one to test with. The hyperactive little robot would give GLaDOS trouble, that was for sure.

P-body slowly rose off the chair. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take him to "Team Building". Those tests were pretty safe and simple. Perhaps it would win her points as the 'good cop'.

But JUST to "Team Building". Atlas and Kronos could beg all they wanted to, but they weren't going any farther than that.
Yaaaay! Kudos to :iconpatar976: for giving me an awesome name for the little guy! ^^

Kronos (c) Me.

Katie (c) :iconwolf-shadow77:

All the rest (c) Valve
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