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Ask Claptrap! by Wall-eROX24-7 Ask Claptrap! :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 5 6
A Robot's Epiphany
He was built to be the ultimate test subject. Not the source of knowledge itself. No, no, more so knowledge regarding the topic of a quantum space hole and the vast underground facility he once called "home". But he did not know everything about the world beyond. The books he read and the pictures he saw assured him he did, but deny it he did. He denied that he truly knew what it meant to be be human. For somewhere deep within him he realized a sense of emptiness. An emptiness yearning to be filled with something a mechanical being like him could never possess.
Wandering through the blizzard, paying no heed to a word anybody spoke to him. The only thing occupying his mind was his destination at the mysterious mountain peak. Clouded with thought, he disregarded the cold reaching the deepest and most vital parts of his mechanical body, and he wound up collapsing forward onto the snow. Though the pain throughout his body was great, he was more so impressed by the vision he had
:iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 1 0
Pony Jewel v.1 by Wall-eROX24-7 Pony Jewel v.1 :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 1 2 Pony Cinco v.2 by Wall-eROX24-7 Pony Cinco v.2 :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 1 0 Dragon Cinco by Wall-eROX24-7 Dragon Cinco :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 2 1 The things I do in Roleplay... by Wall-eROX24-7
Mature content
The things I do in Roleplay... :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 3 60
Tiger Jewel by Wall-eROX24-7 Tiger Jewel :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 0 0 Wolf Cinco v.1 by Wall-eROX24-7 Wolf Cinco v.1 :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 4 0 What the hell is this? by Wall-eROX24-7 What the hell is this? :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 1 6
Call me Katie
Way down deep in Aperture,
Don't ask where, I wasn't sure.
My power was fading away,
Then you came and saved the day.
You took me apart and such
And then you added so much,
I came to life 'cause of you,
To start my life anew...
Brought me back again,
This time, with hair and skin,
Arms, legs, I was walkin',
All cause they said tests were boring!
My name is Katie,
I'm GLaD you made me,
Your human turret,
Cause now "I'm different."
Sometimes you're scary,
I don't care, really,
Without you I'd be,
So very lonely.~
My name is Katie,
I'm GLaD you made me,
Your human turret,
Cause now "I'm different."
I am a piece of you,
You complete me too,
Have I said lately,
"I love you, Mommy!"
:iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 3 2
Nighttime Stimulations
"AAAAHHHH!" The familiar scream shattered the silence, and instantly woke Atlas and P-body from sleep mode.
"Not again..." P-body beeped worriedly, getting out of bed.
Atlas, still a bit groggy, followed as best as he could down the hall and into the room next door. It was Kronos again, he had awoken from another nightmare. He sat up in bed, rattling from fear and covering his optic with his hands. The two wasted no time in rushing to his bedside to comfort him.
"It's okay, we're here." Atlas sat down and patted Kronos' back gently.
P-body sat with them, and held the little quivering bot's hand, "Just calm down, tell us what you saw."
"Th-the...severed b-body parts...w-wires a-and oil spilled...a-and th-that m-man..." Kronos stuttered out incoherent words, his trembling body still making an awful rattle.
"Just calm down, everything's gonna be alright..." Atlas reached out and pulled his son into a gentle and comforting hug. He felt the little b
:iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 5 12
Mature content
Torture :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 10 8
Eric and Cinco doodles by Wall-eROX24-7 Eric and Cinco doodles :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 2 0 Wat is Dis #4- SLENDER MAN by Wall-eROX24-7
Mature content
Wat is Dis #4- SLENDER MAN :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 4 2
Can Robots Die? part 2 (final)
After only a little farther, Kronos found a large tree that seemed to stand apart from the others. It was larger than the rest, and it had no green things on it.
Kronos took a look at all sides of it, hoping there was a page. But there was nothing. He gave up and turned back in the direction he was heading, when he caught sight of something else. Something tall, black, white and slender.
It looked like a person. Like a tall, slender man.
At that moment, Kronos stood still, waiting for him something. But he didn't. He just stood there, staring at Kronos, but he had no face - just a pale white head that almost seemed to glow in the infra-red light of Kronos's night vision. The slim, tall man reached his arms out for Kronos, not moving his body, whispering.
"Come to have no choice...come to me, child..."
Kronos leaned backwards, his body acting on its own, automatically yearning to get away from him. But his intelligence kept him still, and the fear kept h
:iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 3 16
Wat is Dis? #3- STRESS by Wall-eROX24-7 Wat is Dis? #3- STRESS :iconwall-erox24-7:Wall-eROX24-7 3 5
Here is my's not much, but I hope you guys like it.

I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo


Withered Bonnie by Wolf-Shadow77 Withered Bonnie :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 294 20 Springtrap by Wolf-Shadow77 Springtrap :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 1,161 166 QUEEN FLUFFY by Wolf-Shadow77 QUEEN FLUFFY :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 33 9 Before And After Robolution by Wolf-Shadow77 Before And After Robolution :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 36 6 HACK THE PLANET by Wolf-Shadow77 HACK THE PLANET :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 98 3 We see you by did-you-reboot We see you :icondid-you-reboot:did-you-reboot 315 14 The Gaang by did-you-reboot The Gaang :icondid-you-reboot:did-you-reboot 124 9 Thank You by projectTiGER Thank You :iconprojecttiger:projectTiGER 5,578 866 Spine Technology by Hyperion by Wolf-Shadow77 Spine Technology by Hyperion :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 47 3 Moaning Face Meme by Wolf-Shadow77 Moaning Face Meme :iconwolf-shadow77:Wolf-Shadow77 100 19 Fleet Wolf Tribal Design by WildSpiritWolf Fleet Wolf Tribal Design :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 386 13 Resting Dragon Tribal Design by WildSpiritWolf Resting Dragon Tribal Design :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 360 5 Three Wolf Family Commission by WildSpiritWolf Three Wolf Family Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 680 32 Firefighter Tribal Flame Wolf Design by WildSpiritWolf Firefighter Tribal Flame Wolf Design :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 350 8 Climbing Smaug Dragon Lineart Commission by WildSpiritWolf Climbing Smaug Dragon Lineart Commission :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 325 6 everything must lead... by tobisempai everything must lead... :icontobisempai:tobisempai 294 130


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Just letting you know that I'm not dead!

I recently went on a one week trip to California and I got to meet Wolf-Shadow77 there!! It was great and we had an awesome time, but it was short lived, since my trip was meant for my grandparents. But I swear that one day I will return to California for another week! And I shall spend it entirely with my friend!!
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United States
I'm a girl who enjoys non-girly things like video games, hardcore music, and stuff like that. During my free time, I love to post art, listen to music, and role play with my friends here on DA, on skype, or on FanFiction. I'm always willing to post interesting stuff for you guys, but I would appreciate some feedback. No fav 'n runs please. ^3^

-Portal (1 & 2)
-Pikmin (1 & 2)

-Spam messages
-School(and/or homework)
-Being ignored
-Having stuff faved without a comment >:c

My best buds :heart: :iconportaladdict99: :iconshamon-bananas: :iconkit-botnik:

Close friends :D :iconmanchita1: :iconfinjix: :iconfirewafflez:

My idols :la: :iconfishlover: :iconwolf-shadow77: :iconedskudder:

Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLum The Welcome Stamp by Busiris I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo exciting stamp by Elegant-Rose WHY IS THERE NO MESSAGES by SkeletonMoonlight Thank YOU by Yahiro The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris :thumb131576855: Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness STOOPID stamp by inkscripter Inspired by 'Charm School' by doucheplz The Bored Stamp by AnimeGal007 Stamp - Not Feminine by foxlee FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Music Stamp by Taylorinchains Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette :thumb155632937: Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Online friends stamp by Suyy My friend stamp by Transitus Fangirl stamp by sumenya Wall-e and eve stamp by Strange-little-cat Portal Cake Stamp by Stollrofl Still Alive by stuck-in-suburbia GLaDOS Says Stamp1 by anniemae04 :thumb120945500: Wheatrey-kun Stampu by D00pcakes Stand Back Stamp by ladieoffical GLaDOS Says Stamp2 by anniemae04 Aperture Investment Stamp by HybridAir -Minecraft- Dr. Wood Puncher by NorthboundFox Ceiling Creeper Stamp by HybridAir The Game Stamp by VeggieBaka-Chan Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2: :thumb298706380: BROFIST. by VAL0VE You Disappoint me by VAL0VE I want my own Night Fury stamp by XxSephalxX wolf stamp by war-armor Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum


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