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Umm...joined this group December 27th, have submitted a few digital works that are still waiting for approval.  Seems like an awfully long time, what's up?
I'm sorry about that-just lots of craziness.
I am currently the only active admin for the group and life has been kicking me in the butt.
I will be able to be active again, and will be opening submissions for additional admins shortly.
Thank you for your patience!
I appreciate your response.  Hope things calm down a bit for you.
Hey can I get some critiques on some of my drawings to improve my skills?. 20190308 110501Side profile Drawing. Would be grateful for any advice given. Also the side profile drawing was a drawing made via a reference of someone else's drawing called. Raichiyo33. Just figure I'd give credit where credit is due.
Sure thing. I'm working on a video tutorial for you-I'll be able to post it by the end of the week.
Sweet thank you very much; I'm gonna be making sure to try to post often to show my progress. I'm gonna attempt be making a full body character next. A lot of what I know right now is generally self taught and stuff. I've either found on youtube or from books i've read so far.

So yeah I'm eager to learn from more experienced folks than myself and I'm always looking for room to grow as well as do better on the things. That I'm weak at as well. This is a hobby but I do want to better myself and see where I can go with my drawing skills.
Sorry, I haven't forgotten about your tutorial. I've just been having some trouble with my computer. I will be able to upload it for you later this week.  Thanks for being patient.  
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