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Hery guys!!! I FINALLY Made a Patreon account!!! :D And wow holy cow I really need to update this journal skin hahah because DANG THIS IS OLD!!!

Anyways Haha XD a TON of people have been asking if I take donations to show either support or to help me out along the way for future art and animations. Now this Patreon account isn't going to be like most that I've seen, and when I say that, I'm saying I'm not requiring anyone to pay me in order to see my art. I want to share my work for free for everyone to see on both my youtube and DA, just as I have been for  years and I don't want people to feel the need to pay me in order to be apart of my legion of art nerds and to enjoy my art and animatics. This also means that if you give me any donations, I will not be giving you a personal reward in return, nor will I be selling anything on my patreon, but of course you will still see my weekly uploads for free every week for your enjoyment.

I am setting this tip jar up only for people to donate by their own choice and decision if they so choose. Any tips or donations would be greatly appreciated and do help me in investing better equipment for animations such as a proper animation program, and better programs for painting such as Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI which I cannot currently afford, so your donations do help me greatly and will help me along the way to create better animations in the future and faster, so your donations would be going to a good cause with your support. <3 

So yeah I just wanted to update that with you guys!!! :D THANKS FRIENDS!…

PS. I am a Patreon turnip l:>
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CNeko-chan's avatar
Good luck getting new equipment.

may the creativity be with you.
sophie12320's avatar
yes!! I wanted so bad to support you! When ill get more cash, that'll be in next month, ill donate it :D
f-ern's avatar

Ahhh I hope you get enough money for Photoshop!!!! I would have Sai, but the stupid no PayPal when using a Gmail account is what's stopping me X'D

I have to use FireAlpaca XD

PS How much is Elements 11? I know Elements 14 is like $145 US or something ridiculous so I was just wondering X'D
sketcher-taku's avatar
theres alternatives like krita. just make sure you download either 32 bit or 64 bit. cause a 32 bit will lag like hell on a 64 bit comp. theres also medibang
f-ern's avatar
I actually have sai now! Thank you very much for the alternatives though, I'll keep those in mind for friends :D
sketcher-taku's avatar
Great. Word of advice though allllllwaayyyss make sure you aren't line arting on the sketch layer unless maybe of you're going pajnterly. Czuss I don't know why but some art programs just merge layers when you aren't looking for son reason
f-ern's avatar
Thanks, I've done that before and it was annoying XD
Draco-Inferno's avatar
Yay! Good luck ^^
Amous-Anona's avatar
Wait, if you don't have Photoshop or Sai, what program do you use then? :o
WalkingMelonsAAA's avatar
I use Photoshop Elements 11 :>

which isn't Photoshop lol
Amous-Anona's avatar
Oh okay XD Good luck in trying to get SAI and PS, you already make epic art, so I look forward to what you make with those ^-^
Lilacuity's avatar
I heard from her video she uses photoshop
WalkingMelonsAAA's avatar
No I use Photoshop Elements 11 XD which is very different from Photoshop. 

I wish I had photoshop XD
Lilacuity's avatar
Ohhh okay!!! (Ahh you talked to me *faint*)
Amous-Anona's avatar
That's what I thought too, but maybe Melons meant a better version of Photoshop in the journal then...? Idk, I was just curious ^-^
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