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blue Diamond - Steven Universe

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Oh man I hope I didn't spoil the new episodes of SU for too many people. I just couldn't wait to draw Blue Diamond she's just so sad ad pretty. She sure has a super long face tho XD but that's ok! I hope I got the angle of her face right, I was unsure of it but I think it's ok but, idk XD It's not your average face shape but IDK! I tried lol

Overall I'm still really happy with this piece, it came out a lot more like idk, realistic than I anticipated, but there's still a lot of cartoonyness to it so hahah idk XD YAY SPACE ROCKS!  I want to make one of Yellow Diamond in a similar composition, where it's a portrait but like framed in a Diamond with like planets and stuff around her like the hieroglyphs of the four diamonds (from the Diamond communication place on the moon) to I kinda went off of that as well as the shapes in her little carrier thing. I'd love to make one of White and Pink Diamond too but I don't know what they look like ;n; and I don't want to guess and just go for it and then it turn out to be super wrong lol
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I watched your speedpaint of her its very beautiful indeed!
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This is a great picture!
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[Steven Universe] Blue Diamond 3
This has been reposted and wrongfully sourced as the original elsewhere with no credit to you.
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I got rid of this art from my page.
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What about the rest of the art that doesn't belong to you? You need to take those down too.
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Wow, the color itself is amazing!
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random blue woman in a robe gets depressed after seeing a lot of hard pink glowy stuff deep inside floating balls
(no offense this is amazing)
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It's from A kids show called Steven Universe. It is not as random as you think.
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I know but I just wanted to try to be funny (apparently it backfired)
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Very beautiful and unique
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AAAAA I Actually remember buying this from you at Wondercon this year! I was the one who bought the last one with all the money I had left which was like 5$ ;0;
Im so happy that this is hanging up in my room now! You're so kind and your art is amazing! If youre ever going to be at any other cons ill be sure to buy more prints from you!
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aaa so beautiful~!! <33
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ahh ha ha ahh ha ha ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha..
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P.S. if you want to know how they look, you can still check the paintings on the wall of the moon base
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good job, you've captured her emotion really well
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