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blue Diamond - Steven Universe



Oh man I hope I didn't spoil the new episodes of SU for too many people. I just couldn't wait to draw Blue Diamond she's just so sad ad pretty. She sure has a super long face tho XD but that's ok! I hope I got the angle of her face right, I was unsure of it but I think it's ok but, idk XD It's not your average face shape but IDK! I tried lol

Overall I'm still really happy with this piece, it came out a lot more like idk, realistic than I anticipated, but there's still a lot of cartoonyness to it so hahah idk XD YAY SPACE ROCKS!  I want to make one of Yellow Diamond in a similar composition, where it's a portrait but like framed in a Diamond with like planets and stuff around her like the hieroglyphs of the four diamonds (from the Diamond communication place on the moon) to I kinda went off of that as well as the shapes in her little carrier thing. I'd love to make one of White and Pink Diamond too but I don't know what they look like ;n; and I don't want to guess and just go for it and then it turn out to be super wrong lol
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