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Undertale - True Pacifist


So sorry for the bad quality and all the watermarks. I've been facing a lot of art theft lately, and not the kind where people just repost, but I mean the kind where people SELL my stuff. yeah, the bad kind of theft! and I know if I posted this at regular quality, even with a standard Da watermark it would still be a buffet on a silver platter for those art thieves  XD SOOOOO sorry! I had to post this in the lowest quality as well as watermarks stamped all over the piece. I'm honestly still scared that people are gonna take chunks of this and sell it. but I hope I did a good job of killing the quality to deter stupid pirates! XD 

But if you want to see the full thing without watermarks, you can see it in my latest video! (cough cough if you art thieves  screen shot it, it's still gonna look like crap muahaha)  :D…

so anyways WOW! This was such a HUGE painting! AGAAFHIEHCFW but after 27 hours it's all done!!! :D And yes! This (or after my compilation video of all the parts) is the conclusion of my Undertale speedpaints! there still will be at least one more Ut animation of course with Megalovania, but as far as speedpaints go, this is pretty much the finale. I've been wanting to move on from UT for a long time, and I think this is a perfect way to go. 
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Did you use ibisPaint to make that?

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She draws in a version of Photoshop. You can NOT make stuff like this on mobile lol

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Hello, is there a way to pay for the full quality, unwatermarked version(for this as well as the genocide route one)? I want this as my phone wallpaper lol

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This is the single most spectacular piece of art work of undertale that I have ever seen.

You're art skill level is over nine hundred Google plex.

That's like nine hundred Google plex more than my art skill level.

So basically I don't really have any art skill.

But seriously this is GOOD!

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This is my favorite image on the internet, and there are many images on the internet

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no joke, it really is beautiful ;w;
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I love your art! You probably won't see this comment, as this is an old piece, but you are a huge inspiration for me!

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I need this as a poster!!! are you selling it anywhere?
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Its like I'm seeing every CHARActer

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Meanwhile...I wait for my phone to load the pic...And once it does...Imma screenshot it....

And use it as my wallpaper OwO
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"Sees tons of Watermarks" Nvm.
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I love this picture so much ^^ and I like watching your vids of the colouring process ^^ It would make an amazing poster ^^
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This is unbelievably gorgeous and I wish I could transfer my thoughts to text adequately 
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This is so awesome. You catched all the important parts of the game in this artwork and man, the huge amount of characters... I saw your video and it still drives me crazy. I can't even describe how well done this is. 
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Undertale True Pacifist can also be known as... "Toby Fox's Divine Comedy"
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oh my god,this is amazing
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Oh my god, this is amazing. Wow!Underswap Sans Icon
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how are you so amazing?  This is the best think I've ever seen...
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Aaaa this piece is so amazing! :love: :love:
I would love this to be a poster, I would definitely buy one <3 (You're not selling any anywhere are you? Just wanting to check I didn't miss it xD)
But anyway, I just got into Undertale recently and found your speedpaints on youtube, and found out you had a deviantart too! Just wanted to say I think all your art is absolutely gorgeous, keep it up! :D
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