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Undertale Genocide rout! - But nobody came

Here's the opposite of when I made the true pacifist rout painting here!  Undertale - True Pacifist by WalkingMelonsAAA

Come see the speedpaint of the genocide rout here!
part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…

(full compilation is coming out soon)

Here's the true pacifist compilation video!…
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Man, it's been so long since I did anything Undertale. I had been so passionate at first, but by the time of mid 2020, I had honestly run out of momentum. It still saddens me at my lack of drive to Undertale, but i can still respect it and hope there are other passionate people who still keep it alive

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Beautiful...just beautiful.

I wish this route wasn't an option in the game. It broke my heart having to kill Asgore in the pascifist ending. Doing genocide is physically impossible for me :/

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Welp, guess Chara became the one that carries the black pot (the blaming) again!

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Well at least until one check who's crying at the bottom right of the pic

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saw that after posting that comment heh

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This is amazing, I love it! :)

I was surprised that Frisk, Chara and Asriel were there with a sad yet terrified expressions as if like they never want this to happen and it's all thanks to the PLAYER from the outside world, who controls Frisk to commit genocide and kill everyone including Sans, Asgore and soon, Flowey (Asriel) OUT OF CURIOSITY. This leads Chara to fully become evil and attempts to erase the world out of existence.

So, get the picture PLAYER? This is what you've done. Your the true villain of the Genocide Route, not Frisk, or Chara. It's YOU, the PLAYER. Do you feel accomplished about that ending now?

Anywho, excuse me about saying stuff like that. I know that people out there never wanted this to happen and that's okey, people makes mistakes all the time.

Overall, great job on this art. You did a amazing artwork! :D

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Welp, at least I didn't even DOWNLOAD THE GAME YET!!!! And I made myself get 3 thousand present spoiled

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Omg! So cool! So perfect! I love it.

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I have seen the speed paint!!!
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You are such a good artist!

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This is amazing Because its undertale and it looks really smooth it looked like it took a while 10/10

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This piece is so amazing! I do not even know what else to say =D Just great!
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Hey, Would I be able to make this into a pixel art in Minecraft? If you would allow me to do that, could I possibly get a copy without the watermark or should I use it as is? Your choice on that part. 
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people steal her art.. alot, its not bad to add watermarks
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It's a joke about the placement of it. I get why they added a watermark.

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oh, okay. sorry.
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It's no problem!

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A Pacifist painting and now this?!

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this is so epic...
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I saw all you´re Undertale art. It´s really awesome!!! :D
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