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The possibilities - Eeveelution rainbow



POKEMON GO IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD AND I LOVE IT!!!! ALSO PLEASE DON'T SELL THIS ON SHIRTS OR SELL THIS AT ALL PLEASE!!!! or any of my artwork, and if anyone sees anyone selling this or any of my work, please let me know DX thank you!

SO THIS IS THE BIGGEST PAINTING I HAE DONE and wow it was kinda hard getting through it all! hhahahaha!!! like wow!  usually  I spend around 5 hours on a painting on average, 7 to 8 is extremely long for me, and this bad boy took me 11 freaking hours 8C.

My tablet also died at at the last hour I was working on this XC, so my tablet is officially dead, like, it kicked the bucket and went off into the technology heavens. wherever that is haha. But yeah so I didn't think I was going to be able to get this done, but my older sister Cat Gerwig helped me out! She was a total bro and allowed me to barrow her Wacom Intuos4 tablet to finish up the painting, so I was able to get it done :D woo! :D

I'm really happy this painting is done too! it was crazy, man to think I useto spend like 16 to sometimes even 24 hours plus on a single painting back in the day, man I guess I useto have a lot more patience back in the day! jeez I can't imagine how long this painting would have taken me say 2 years ago 8U I've gotten a lot faster and better since then thank goodness XD hahaha

But I gittah say, this is probbaly one of my favorite paintings XD and yes yes I know soooo many people have used the rainbow concept with Eevee but I guess I wanted to make my own version hhaha.

I actually had this idea in my head right after I made the first pokemon speedpaint months ago, but I did't have the motivation to do it until now THANKS TO POKEMON GO!!! FHIRHCWCF NNNFFFFF IT'S CHANGING THE WORLD MAN!!!!
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This has always been one of my favorite pokemon peices ever, I always say it everywhere but didn't find it until right now by accident but I'm glad I did!! It's such a beautiful work of art
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Queria muito fazer um poster desse desenho para colocar no quarto do meu filho. Ele é muito fã da Eevee... :flirty:

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I just wanted to let you know I saw this work as a diamond art on wish

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That is amazing! It shows Eevee's personality.

Beautiful art, so much so that it looks like some clothing manufacturer stole it to profit from it -
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I'm watch you 2 years and your works are AMAZING!
And I'm have a question: can I use poses from your arts?
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This is absolutely gorgeous! :heart:
I found a shop selling this artwork! Are you licensing it now? Would love to buy a print :)
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O.O ^-^ (+,+)
*dies of shock from how beautiful it looks*
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Do you sell prints? I'd love this as a print <3
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Eevee Is my spirit pokemon. I am full of possibilities, and you should to ^^
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This... is awesome
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I love this. I hope you know it's often used oon sites on Facebook advertising it on shirts and mugs
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Shine like a Rainbow!
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This was the first piece of art I have seen of your, and ever since then I fell in love with your work. This is INCREDIBLE!
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Hi I'm a huge fan of your YouTube channel and i love this
sargentman16's avatar
Have this as my phone background home screen. Love it!
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