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Mr. King Dice!!!

Wow I'm surprised I didn't upload this sooner lol oops. I made this back in like January or December or something lol 
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Don't mess with him!
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Well i still am looking dapper even after all these years thank you it looks BEEotiful 
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Awesome! Do you take requests?
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The Devil's right-hand man...

(Remembers the boss fight...)

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no she dosen take requests but you migh be abel to commission her
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I was searching for this for months lol
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First off I want to say I love your art here and secondly someone stolen this image. So I've search for the original artist who made it. Here the link to the Stolen art here:   GYGYUI by cryqui

they claim they made it and just finding this show that you made it not said person. Thank you for reading this. Just warning you of what happen.
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i think people who see that knows its walkingmelon's art
its best to just ignore or report them
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Absolutely stunning!!
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;-; Amazing as usual
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Amazing! I'm surprised you didn't put your watermark on it though!
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When I saw I was like: Did she uploaded this already? Or am I blind??

When I read the description I was like: Ohhh..... She forgot to upload lol
Who want's to mess with him? *raises hand.*
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yeah you really went all out with that one
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This is fucking amazing man!
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how on earth are u doing the glowing effect?! i been trying to do it for ages but cant get it right
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She's actually got a tutorial of it on her YouTube:
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OOOOO thank you!!
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