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MegaManX and Zero

This game is a freaking classic. However unlike a lot of the NES and SNES games I grew up with, Mega Man, or Mega Man X was not one of them. It's a shame I didn't have it in my library of games when I was a child to experience when I was like 8 or younger, it really is such a titan. (this and Maga Man 2) When I was younger, even knowing nothing of Mega Man, I always said Zero was my favorite character, simply for his design XD I mean just look at him! He's so cool! I almost put the "Z" on his shoulder, but I know placing it on the back of the shoulder wouldn't be accurate so I ended up not, that's my only regret about making his back face the camera XD Man, I sure have noticed that I'm taking a lot longer on my pieces than usual. Usually on average I take about 5 hours give or take on a single piece. But lately I've been going to 10 hours or more! :V which is fine, nothing wrong with that. XD I am really happy with how the pieces are coming out after all! I can see improvement in my work before I disappeared for 6 months before May. who knows, maybe I'm feeling the need to be more defined? who knows. Either way I've been really happy with my latest works so far, and this Mega Man X piece is no exception. At first I wanted to go with a yellow based color pallet, but considering the contrast between the negative colors of red and blue, making the background red for Mega Man X and the background blue for Zero just looked too good NOT to do. but I gottah say... I need more Green in my inventory :V haha XD I have reds, purples, oranges, yellows, pinks, and blues, but little to no green. XD I blame it on the fact that I live in AZ and green is never a color I see naturally on a normal basis, everything in AZ is brown and yellow XD hmm...... I'll have to change that. Official WalkingMelonsAAA MERCH SHOP!: PATREON (get rewards like Discord and see early videos! :D)… Twitch:
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They both look awesome. :D

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Wow... Esta bellisimo, simplemente hermoso, mis más profundos respetos y mi màs grande admiración, una gran pieza de arte sin duda, muy al nivel de lo que hoy representa megaman x

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Dude.... I have to say this looks freaking amazing! You did an amazing job with the shading and proportions! It makes them seem like they could come to life! ^~^
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They are The Lone Hero, The Maverick Hunters!
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Fantastic illustration 👍🏾👍🏾
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Love the contrasting colors and lighting :D
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Death battle (wizard and boomstick)
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love this :) 
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Oh, I love this! I've only ever played one Megaman game (Starforce on the Nintendo DS), but I loved the story and the gameplay, and of course the art style and music! This picture here is absolutely awesome! (And it's ok about not having green, I prefer blue and red anyhow).

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x and zero i can't imagine one without the other they make such a good team, the best of bros.
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Is it me or does something seem off about zero’s eye? Other wise fantastic picture.
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my childhood Edward Elric - Icon 
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I have Mega Man X games in Switch.
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