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Made for Entertainment - Mettaton and Frisk

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Published: November 24, 2015
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Come watch this on Youtube!!! :D Here!!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulUvLx…

So HAhaha I wasn't planning on doing this for this week's video but haha I thought why not right? XD Hahaha So like... Ever since I did the AU Steven Universe pictures I've really grown to like this look and I'm thinking about doing more pictures this way. It's cool because it's very similar or closer to how I do my traditional works ya know where it's heavy contrast and with pretty few selected color pallet but of course with differences being as it is digital and not ink. It's almost like a mix of my digital style and my inking traditional style and I seemed to have grown to really like it. I don't know haha I still prefer my more straight up painted look over this as far as my digital art goes but sometimes this is really fun to do XD it's simpler and has a nice look to it and is way easier to produce haha.

SO ANYWAYS So Mettaton is one of my top three favorite characters from Undertale and I just had this cute image of the two of them just rock'n out on stage together him and Frisk. lolol The positions were really fun it's just not your average position/pose at all. It was easy to draw Frisk in such an extreme position but it was kinda difficult to get the positioning right on Mettaton someone who's a bit more proportionate and not as simple of a character design as little Frisk lol. But eventually I got it where I'm happy with it haha I don't know XD haha

Mettaton and Frisk (c) Toby Fox Undertale
Drawn by me
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praxcrown5Hobbyist General Artist
Love it! 
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CoffeeqCatsHobbyist General Artist
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Standing like that, they should fall over lmao
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Sky-KaiserStudent General Artist
Ultimately, this is pretty much what happened in the fight between Frisk and Mettaton EX. It wasn't just a battle... it was a performance! 
AliceAngel-BorisWolf's avatar
That is my favorite animation
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GigglegirlHappyHobbyist Digital Artist
How do you do it?
CharaLA FriskLA The smols wanna know to plz tell us 
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whiskeykelHobbyist Writer
I just watched your Youtube video and it's amazing!!!! Love your work! <3
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I don't like the Undertale fanbase but damn, they make some of the best fan art.
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I saw your Film and it. was. SUPER AWESOME!

liked the reactions of mettaton, (rating up scene)
frisk dance scene w/ mettaton right after their short skirmish (cuz mettaton waslike i have an idea.)
your interpretation of star perfait(forgot name of drink) w/ rainbow
Sans in bar spiits out drink in front of the flaming guy (no pun) when he saw frisk on TV.
good coordination with music and movement.
animation is long and arduous but you have made it so very tasty.
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This is awsome! :D (Big Grin) 
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ElectroSkull64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww such pretty colours and awesome poses c= these two are the best.
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BronyguardianHobbyist Filmographer
I can't stop looking at this. Everything about it is perfect. I say: A fabulous work of beauty!
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AliceChibiHobbyist Digital Artist
I have two characters that are really similar to mettaton and frisk and I really want to steal this pose

Sorry. I cant help myself.
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Art-2-GoHobbyist General Artist
amazing..... just HOOOOOWWWW!?!?!Hug :happybounce: La la la la La la la la La la la la Love Love Love 
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KittyKatGamer1013Student Artist
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Why does this remind me of Lilo and Stitch?
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JNerd300Student Traditional Artist
Love it!
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Qianye666Student Digital Artist
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Your animation was and will ever be one of the bests undertale's fan animation in my opinion. 
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