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Published: August 4, 2016
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COME SEE THIS MADE HERE!!!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpAFaN…

HOLY COWW!!!! This is one of those instances where I record it, and I don't keep track of time, the painting comes really good so naturally I think it took like at least 5 hours (because when I paint time doesn't exist) and then I plug the recordings into Adobe Premier and see that the whole thing only took like 3 and a half hours.... 8U THAT'S BANANAS!!! THAT'S LIKE... SO FAST!!! so surprised when I saw that! MAN I SHOULD HAVE MADE THIS INTO A SLOW PAINT!!! This would have made a GREAT ONE!!! being as I think this picture overall came out WAY better than the mew painting, blending, composition, shading, value, lighting etc. but sadly I can't make it into one because I didn't record my whole screen when doing it, just the crop I usually always do. sorry :C


Ya know, FUN FACT: I useto draw Jasper all the time about a year or so ago before I started youtube. she was just so fun to draw! And still is! ALSO my very FIRST video and speedpaint was OF JASPER!!!! AND WOW YOU CAN SEE THE IMPROVMENT!!! SEE?!www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnqSlU… like crazy super sauce beans! I mean, given that wasn't really me trying, it was just a test run but hahah still the improvement is crazy!!! So here's an actual full painting of Jasper this time rather than a quick tester that only took 40 minutes. XD like dang that was still back when I went by the username of PikminAAA hahah good memories. XD I like literally kinda went back to my youtube roots on this one XD hahaha

I'm SUPER Happy with how this came out and I'm still surprised how little amount of time I did it in. idk hahaha. XD

So I have another convention this weekend so I'll be pretty quiet in the comment section for the rest of the week, but I'll be back on monday and GUESS WHAT GUYS!!! TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY AT GODIVA!!! THAT MEANS MORE STUFF FOR YOUTUBE I AM A FULL TIME YOUTUBER NOW!!!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!!! 8D IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE MY DEAR LEGION OF ART NERDS *hearts*
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wildguardianangel31Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, Jasper sure is scary.
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Devil-Mech-IronsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Why are some of the hashtags-


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ItinerantDjuradhanHobbyist Traditional Artist
What a bulldozer. I just love a beefcake. Well drawn, and well done.
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dylandevianfriendHobbyist Digital Artist
A big cheeto
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xXMr-LinkXxHobbyist General Artist
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Kondork-The-GreatHobbyist General Artist

Hello! I don't mean to bother, but I find this piece of art very creative and think it would be perfect to repost on a Facebook page I help run. It is called the 'Crystal Gems' and we are non-profit. We just like to repost peoples art (with credit of course) so they can spread their art to a wider audience. But, if you do not want this piece reposted, that's fine! Just let me know and it will not be posted. If you do want your art posted, feel free to reply to this comment with any other links. Though, the links you provide have to be related to the art in some way (i.e: not just a regular blog on Tumblr., but one dedicated to your art). Links that we accept are deviantart, tumblr, Facebook pages, redbubble, and instagram. If your link has a lot of NSFW art, please let me know so I can mark it as such! 

If you would like to check out the page, here's the link:


I hope you have a great day! 

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hypo-potamusHobbyist Digital Artist
look at her left hand
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DarkLylaStudent Filmographer
The best!!!!
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onehitpointStudent General Artist
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superstarminer11Student Artist
CHEETO PUFFLenny Jasper 
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ZaneNidroinStudent Digital Artist
which programe have you?
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LiaAmethystStudent Digital Artist
I would say "AWESOME!!" like all of your arts. But i dont like jasper... she almost kill amethyst 😭😭😭
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ZazzyleeyHobbyist Artist
Jellyfishiez look at yur wife

i found em
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JellyfishiezHobbyist Digital Artist
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HeatherBellGreyHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! The speed and movement is awesome!
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TheAnonymousIdentityHobbyist General Artist
XDDDD I love your art!!!
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Pastel-KittehHobbyist Digital Artist
Her face somehow reminds me of evil Flippy :iconfliqpyplz:

But This is an amazing piece, good job ❤❤❤
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SmilingM00NHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! La la la la 
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so creepy (but in a good way)
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supernoodledoodleHobbyist General Artist
Whoa! That looks so cool!
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Would not want to run into that in a dark alley.  Nice picture.
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SugarKookie101Hobbyist Digital Artist
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shikkakyuuHobbyist Digital Artist
my wife
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