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Goku and Vegeta blue!


Come see the original speedpaint and it's revision here!
Original (ew :p… redraw of Goku here. 
Revised Goku (much better)…
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Vegeta - Vegetable
Kakarot - Carrot
Raditz - Radish

How did I miss this?
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I love it! So amamzing!
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Still prefer the Erased Chronicles, but holy crap is that awesome!
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Goku's face looks a little weird. Other than that, looks cool.
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Been watching your speedpaints and sketch requests <3
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Goku be like: "AHA I POWERED UP! time to dye my hair blue now lol"
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It's surprising to know you like Dragon Ball.
Hm. I guess I could say about this is, the eyes look a little off, Goku's bangs are weird but the colors are beautiful, the textures are nice nice and... what was the other thing I was gonna say?
I forgot... oh well.
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Question: if i wanted to do something like this. Make an awesome fanart of something then sell ot at a convention. What all would i need in order to do so?
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