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Epic Minecraft - The End!

Check out the speedpaint here!…
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My son LOVES this so much! We are in the process of redecorating his bedroom and he said he wants this to hang on his wall. Do you sell prints?

SgtDoggoIV's avatar

Just thought I’d mention this Reddit user is reposting your art without proper credit and trying to re sell it for his own profit. Disgusting

Cake-a-Tron's avatar

Oh my goodness this is heccin' rad. One of the coolest interpretations of this fight and the realm. Loving all the details and glowy parts, this is gorgeous!

coughandcolds's avatar
oH MAN I love all the details in this!!! the potion bottles look especially cool omg,,
Inkendz's avatar
If only the battle looked as cool xD <3
SollyRaptor's avatar
Breath taking. :0
SpartanKing14's avatar
How do you put so much detail into CUBES?
cupcake24345's avatar
This is perfect it's really well made
DragonWolfAlpha16's avatar
Aww yes!!! I love the angle of this picture and all the luminous detail!
Endy7's avatar
Now this, is epic.
AlphaAreus's avatar
Minecraft will NEVER fall. 
Alpha-Maia's avatar
Lol I still play Minecraft! XD
TheBelowGround's avatar
This is bringing me so many flashbacks to my childhood... excellent work! I love it!
GirlWithTheGreenHat's avatar
I never thought I'd ever say "this is the coolest minecraft fanart I've ever seen" but man this is the coolest minecraft fanart I've ever seen. :omg:
kewlbreeze8's avatar
MINECRAFT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
SoldierBoyXIII's avatar
Maybe I'm just reading too much into this, but do you suppose this was Steve's objective from the beginning?  Survive long enough on his own to find a way to slay the Ender Dragon?
MagicalMistyXLL's avatar
SoldierBoyXIII's avatar
I take it by your expression that I gave you more than you bargained for
MagicalMistyXLL's avatar
Well it’s just I never thought of that, but I mean, it makes sense! So kudos to you :)
Paleodraw's avatar
This is so cool, like seriously :o
CherushiMetsumari's avatar
This turned out so amazing!!! I need to take your advice and study shapes more! This was sooo much fun to watch and so inspiring!!!
TheMaroonLightning's avatar
BigBadGull's avatar
This is the most magically beautiful Minecraft painting I've ever seen.😃
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