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Emma commission

if you're interested in a commission, send me an email at


I’m still taking a bit of a break from youtube, getting work done for other people such as Salem and a couple commissions such as this piece right here! This piece is a larger commission for Numianimation! Numi contacted me a while back when my commissions were closed, so I reached out to her to see if she was still interested, which she was, and thus so here we are! She has an Undertale AU called Soulshards, and this is her OC Emma! The music in the video has either been commissioned for her AU, or fits and is open for people to use in their youtube videos as long as they give credit (I checked! XD) How cool is that?! So go check out her social medias, especially if you have any questions like she mentioned above! :D

Numi’s Tumblr: Numi’s
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Looks like another creator has left the scene

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Delete....? man that's a different story.

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Thats so cool! :> wish i could draw like you

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The art itself is really inspiring, and the music...

Well, props to everyone who contributed to this speedpaint!

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Yeetus deletus.
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She looks heavily influenced by Flandre Scarlett. At least that's the impression I got from the images on the creator's DA account.
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She stole my name. >:(
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*COUGH* lots of people had the same name *COUGH*
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Don't worry, im well aware, just poking a bit of fun at it.
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This oc looks so fricking cool!
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Great now I wanna see Emma have an awesome fight with Betty.
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So cute and quirky. S.
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This looks amazing and such details
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This is amazing!! I love it!!
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This drawing is amazing and the OC and song are both great too
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OH my gosh! This is amazing! I wish I was as good as you are.
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Gorgeous <3

I wish I could commission you so badly. Love your art. 
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wow, I wish i had enough money for this, it look amazing!!
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