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Cuphead and Mugman!!! :D… COME SEE THE SPEEDPAINT! :D 

OHHH BOI!!!! LOOKS LIKE IT'S UP AND READY TO GO!!! I haven't gotten to play this game as much as I would have liked so far, but oh man!!! everything about it is absolutely adorable! :D :D
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If you gave a god the drawing tablet:

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Game grumps memories haha
Lovely work!
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This is such an awesome piece!!!! Love 
I love the way you drew the Cup Brothers and the bosses! :excited: The bosses look so threatening, and the brothers look scared yet ready to hold their ground against their enemies! Excited Blush The colors in this are stellar, and I love the poses everyone's in! :Excited-Love: :Excited-Love::Excited-Love: Although, my favorite parts to this piece are the expressions of the brothers. Mug looks so scared, yet ready to fight side-by-side with his brother, and Cup looks unsure, but ready to take on whatever the world throws at him! I love it! Daisy excited Daisy excited Daisy excited  This piece is one for the Favorites! :happybounce: Heart +fav 
Incredible job on this piece! Keep up the stellar work! Clap Clap Clap 
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This is pretty good.  You managed to capture the 20'2 art style while still combining it with your own.  I like the shading because of how simple it is, yet how it looks so stunningly beautiful when the final product is out.  Cant wait to see more of your art!
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The throwback to 20s-30s animation caught my eye even while the game was under development, but it seems like they didn't want to make a playstation version :(
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Nice work! i like you put in the scrapped boss as well!
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This poster should get 9,999 favorites, 999,999 views and 999 comments
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here's a real high class picture!!
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very good !! i love cuphead and mugman
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Excelent art, you inspire me 
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Woah, this is awesome.

Also, really guys, how can you punish her because other people are selling her art and hard work. You wanna see it without the mark, buy it😐
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What, never had your dick sucked by a cup before?
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do i see bat devil
Oh my jesus
But seriously, this is amazing! I love the detail ^^
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Another great work WalkingMelons (>w<)! i love cuphead <3
 Cuphead - Cagney Carnation Icon 
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Haven't played the game but I do love that old school style.
I particularly love the devil at the top, his grin is terrifying!
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                      I   I
____________I   I____
              [ ]            --- I                 
              [ ]            --- I         
              [ ]            --- I                   
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