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Crossing Twilight - Zelda Twilight Princess



OH MY GOODNESS FINALLY!!!!! COME SEE THIS ON YOUTUBE HERE www.youtube.com/watch?v=115yTv…

idk why but I just had like, idk this was like the painting of inconveniences! but before I start saying anything, I want to give a shoutout to my BUDDY BASSECHO! I was having a hard time coming up with a composition with this piece and he was the one that suggested a do like a split way composition, and that fit pretty true to the classic art of Twilight princess, so I'm giving him credit for the help on the suggestion, with one half being twilight and the other being not. So THANKS BASS ECHO! COME SEE HIS CHANNEL HERE! www.youtube.com/channel/UC05q... he's an awesome voice acting bro, and he's gonna start making regular uploads in a few months or so, so stay tuned on his channel to hear some incredible content! :D

Anyways! YES THIS WAS JUST.. GAH! Not only am I drawing like 4 characters that are highly complicated and detailed, like that's not so much a problem, but for some reason I just was having a hard time finding motivation to do this piece. and if you couldn't tell from the beginning, haha I was having a hard time puzzle them together. it looks like I figured it out really fast in the video because the clip speed sped up from 100, to 8000, BUUUTTTTT in real time I was really struggling with it, but I figured it out in the end!

And then Work at my day job suddenly packed me with hours, and I had to put this on hold for about a week, which always sucks to start a project and than you can't touch it again for like 6 days, that's like, kinda kills the flow you started. and then I had some tech difficulties but GAH@ CRIOEHWE IT WAS A ROUGH RIDE MAN! but now that it's done I'm really happy with it lol.

so yeah with this piece I kinda took a different approach with painting it. If you can't tell it's kinda splotchy in places, which to me I kinda has a cool like water color effect. Which is what I intended lol, and it's one of the methods I use in my digital drawings, and I really like that look a lot, and I felt like it was pretty appropriate for Twilight princess because of the art style the game is in. (despite that SS is all watercolor based apparently) And another tng about Twilight Princess is that there's a lot of crosshatching underneath the color in the work, and I was an inker with pen and paper far before I picked up the digital medium, and so I incorporated a lot of cross hatching and sketchyness in the piece. I thought it looked really nice to have that look and again I feel like it fit the game really well, so I also allowed a lot of the sketch/line art underneath to remain exposed, which is something I don't usually do in my paintings, but in this case I thought it was a nice tough upon the splotchy color effect as well as the cross hatching.

And for those of you artsy legion reading this, if you are wondering, YEP! I am using the two same brushes I use in ALL of my paintings. The same good ol fashion Soft Oil-Pastel Brush... actually that's the ONLY brush I used in this entire piece. So there you go! :D I just applied different techniques to have it look this way lol.  

There was a lot of fun things in this though, mainly Midna because I love her. but one thing I have done for years is make silhouettes or black figures have a little bit of depth in them rather than just making them flat. It's just something that I've always loved to do, and so it was really fun making both normal and shadow midna. Another thing about midna, if you notice, is that the side of her headwear flips. I did that on purpose because in Tiwlight princess the entire world is flopped based on whether or not you chose right handed or left handed when you begin to play, or at least the Wii kind is like that, so you never really know if it's her left eye covered or right, and the reason why I switched it in the piece was because I thought it looked cool, and being as TP can do that, I didn't feel bad doing so haha.

anyways! The songs I used are
Faron Woods. from TP
Hyrule Fields from TP
and Midnas Lament from TP but the Brawl version.
I wanted to use the Trailer music for Twilight Princess but Nintendo said NOO!!!!!!! so I used these instead which is some of my favorite TP music.

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Hello just wanted to stop by. You have such amazing art just curious if you take art trades?