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Published: April 27, 2016
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Come see this on youtube!!! :D www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzhS5c…;

OH MAN!!!!! Asgore was really fun to draw! it was funny because in the beginning I was really unsure about his positioning and all that jazz, but mid way through the painting I'm actually really happy with the set up, and now that it's done, I'm REALLY happy with it!  

Oh my goodness armor is so fun to do. XD like with Asgore and Undyne, armor is just always a lot of fun to do XD and all the little details with the symbols and stuff from Undertale. super fun. And complimentary colors with purple and yellow are always cool sauce!  I'm really happy with this painting a lot! like a lot XD hahah

So I made this video in Adobe Premium pro, I'm trying out the program in a trial and like holy cheese it's like super complicated but like cool? you can do SO much with it it's really awesome! but like holy cow I don't know how to use it at all! but that's ok! because thats' why you learn ya know?! :D Looks like Camtasia doesn't like macs :C so I might just have to. and what's LAME IS THAT NONE OF THE PROGRAMS I USE, not Elements 11, Camtasia, Word, or Adobe Premium, have my FONT 8U they don't have my favorite font that I put in all of my videos DX which is SAD!!!! If anyone reads this, if anyone knows if there's a download or plug in to find the font called Penultimate Light, please let me know cuz I can't find it :c
So enjoy this new less interesting font :C

I'M GETTING MY PRINTS TODAY YAY!!!!! 8D I'm so excited!! HEIRCJLWEJCEWJEW I'll post pictures on tweeter!!! :D

the song is Asgore theme (Bergentrückung with intro) From Undertale by Toby Fox.

man I've been waiting to use this song for a long time. SUCH a good song fhewhfeuwlhfew

man I really feel like I took another like big turn in improvement recently. like I look at my Waterfall, Toriel, ErrorSans and now ASGORE and I look back and my older pictures before that and I can really see a difference, especially how I'm getting faster too. I'm really happy about it lol. And with this Painting I only used the Oil Pastel brush for everything. with the exception of a little bit go glow for the flames, which makes up all of 1% of the painting haha.
Hope you enjoy it guys!!! :D

I use Photoshop Elements 11
and a Wacom Intuose 5
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Alexey5421Student Digital Artist
ASGORE attacks!
You quietly tell ASGORE you don't want to fight him. His hands tremble for a moment.
You tell ASGORE that you don't want to fight him. His breathing gets funny for a moment.
You firmly tell ASGORE to STOP fighting. Recollection flashes in his eyes... ASGORE's ATTACK dropped! ASGORE's DEFENSE dropped!
Seems talking won't do any more good.
All you can do is FIGHT.
Frisk: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why? I hot hurt him I can kill him.
Flasback (Torile: Fight me or leave! Undyne: Honestly, killing you now is an act of mercy...!)
Frisk:Why? dis Wrong.
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Brings honour to asgore.
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TnynfoxStudent General Artist
God-Emperor of Monsterkind
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onehitpointStudent General Artist
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ArieannaProductionsStudent Filmographer
It's the king!!
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IceyyCatHobbyist Artist
holy shit this is amazing
Mind Blown Meme (Mind Blown) [V1] 
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IceyyCatHobbyist Artist
Im back again owo
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I'm one of your biggest fans I'm a little sad to know your stopping UnderTale speed paints but I still watch your videos just like I always DO!   p.s love the drawing!Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachus nuzzles cheeks 
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h-reshiiHobbyist Digital Artist
he's almost doing a dab
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LiaAmethystStudent Digital Artist
*asgores music playing*
Ta Ta Ta!!...
TatatataTATAAA tatarataTAAAA!!
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iPad9Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love asgore ;_;
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MegaAbsolAngelHobbyist Writer
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IceyyCatHobbyist Artist
Holy crap this is amazing

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JetMalekProfessional General Artist
Ahh, I *loved* reading your comment with this! ^___^!!! It's *such* an amazing piece-- & I'm so glad you loved it so much too!!!

Just, *wow*. This angle, Asgore's expression, & all that fire... it just, sums up the moments in that fight so perfectly. *Thank you* for working on this & sharing what you've made!!!
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foxxieeeeStudent Digital Artist
woah! Can I post some of your undertale art on my fb page please? *v* ( i do credit) Asgore Icon 
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IdioticBirdStudent Digital Artist
Ahhhh your art is really pretty!
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SarahHeavenBirdStudent General Artist
You are that great artist from YouTube! 😍
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SmolBeanDerekHobbyist Digital Artist

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Aquaif1Student Digital Artist
Hey ! Really Nice job ! Can i use this picture for a YouTube video ? Of course you'll be credit !
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Omg it's beautiful <3 Can we use it with a friend for our cover ? ^^
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Can I just say for the record that Asgores fight is probably my favorite fight in the game for it's thematics alone? While he's not my favorite character, I love the way Toby designed this fight in the game. The atmosphere, the dialogue, the music. ESPECIALLY the music. When I first fought Asgore, I remembered being awestruck by just how regal he made Berguntrucking with Eight Bit sounds, the way the dialogue appears to the music being an excellent touch. Then I see asgore turn to me, a sad look in his eyes, and say, "Human. It was a pleasure to meet you... Goodbye." Then he WHIPS out his Massive red trident. I'm just thinking to myself, "Holy crud this looks intimidating. How am I-" And then, he raised the trident up, and completely destroys the mercy option! That moment. That one single moment. Made my jaw DROP from how shocked I was that he did that. It's the most memorable moment in the entire game for me, which is what defines a good fight and a memorable fight to me.
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eddsfoxStudent General Artist
i was about to say the same thingAsgore Icon 
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Man, my art looks like a 2 year old drew it compared to yours.
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