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Amethyst attacks AAAHH
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Published: December 29, 2016
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SEE THE SPEEDPAINT OF IT HERE! www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY38o1…

So, even though I did draw the whole sketch and painted everything in this painting, the composition Idea is not mine, that's the collab part of this picture. My friend Sincerely Sam Came up with the over all composition and I fleshed it out to help her out, and painted it, so she came up with the idea and composition, and she also is going to do her own colored version on her Channel probably in a few days which you can eventually find on her channel here!   :D  www.youtube.com/channel/UCHWFj…

I did an all nighter last night in making Amethyst and then did a day trip with my friend's to Flagstaff, and I am only now getting to upload the video for this week. lol I haven't slept in 32 hours. lol

..... goodnight =v=...
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LucyInTheSky144143|Hobbyist General Artist
The best.
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atram95|Hobbyist Artist
Is Outstanding!!
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CelmationPrince|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome Illustration on Amethyst here! Keep up the Progress!
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Kondork-The-Great|Hobbyist General Artist

Hello! I don't mean to bother, but I find this piece of art very creative and think it would be perfect to repost on a Facebook page I help run. It is called the 'Crystal Gems' and we are non-profit. We just like to repost peoples art (with credit of course) so they can spread their art to a wider audience. But, if you do not want this piece reposted, that's fine! Just let me know and it will not be posted. If you do want your art posted, feel free to reply to this comment with any other links. Though, the links you provide have to be related to the art in some way (i.e: not just a regular blog on Tumblr., but one dedicated to your art). Links that we accept are deviantart, tumblr, Facebook pages, redbubble, and instagram. If your link has a lot of NSFW art, please let me know so I can mark it as such! 

If you would like to check out the page, here's the link:


I hope you have a great day! 

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Asher-William|Hobbyist General Artist
Omg! So goooooooood!!!
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floofishade|Hobbyist Digital Artist
let me just

save this as my background

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CreativeCookieArts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks like the ppl who animate SU drew this
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Nice one. This is a must fave for any SU or Amethyst fan. 
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hbuckets|Hobbyist General Artist
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MacaroonBurst|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Find the 1 and you will get kissed in 11 days
find the $ and you will have good luck for 2 years



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Find the m and your wish will come true
Repost to 9 other pictures and everything will come true..ignore this and you will have bad luck for 9 year
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This is so goood PeriLa  It has that really cartoonish and lovely and amazing style of Steven Universe but it also looks so realistic and awesome, it's so cheerful and bright. Amethyst and her expression is great too  Peridot Icon 15    Are you planning on making fusions, because I would love to see Sardonyx Classy Laughter 
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MarkKornich1|Student Digital Artist
pink heart bullet  :fluttershy: oo may i really love your art style!:rarity: pink heart bullet 
                pink heart bullet keep the great job <3pink heart bullet 
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She loks so amazing and fun! 
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Do NOT mess with her.
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Freyabumbaya|Hobbyist Artist
with her whip curling around her I can just imagine her derping and pulling it and it tangling her up lol d: cant get it out my head now xD
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LiaAmethyst|Student Digital Artist
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🎶"I will fight for the world I was made in, the Earth is everything I've ever known!"🎶
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SunniiCherrie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how shiny your art is, it's so eye catching!
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MiniatureUnicorn|Hobbyist General Artist
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mjlkshake|Hobbyist General Artist
I w I s h I c o u l d d r a w l I k e t h I s
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eskainne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this has the most amount of my favorite shade of purple that ive ever seen and i love this so much
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Very cool!Amethyst Emote 1 
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