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WalkingKiddMiles's Profile Picture
Mikey McDonald
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hello, I'm Mikey McDonald, I'm also well know just by my nickname Kidd. I'm a proud LGBTQ Member and I'm a Photographer in Quesnel BC, and I try to deal in many different style. I really enjoy doing any style of photography though. I work for a Company called Right Photography from Maple Ridge during the fall season and other times I'm just working in Quesnel. I'm trying to get into film as of late. I'm nothing that special. I'm a anime nerd, I love Cosplay, I love writing and I love Photography. That's really all.

My Photography company is called - Walking Miles Photography

Life is like a camera.
Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times,
develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out
– take another shot.
Its been a very crazy few months for me.  I've had ups and down and I thought my life was on cloud nine to only be dragged to level 20 of hell. I got married in October and I thought my life was gonna be good and keep going. Only to have my wife walk out on me in March. Not really any reason for it. Some stupid excuses and that's all I got. It was a bad few months. I drank far to much and was drowning myself. I was depressed and I felt like my whole life was ending. . . I gave up on my passion, I stopped taking care of myself and I stopped caring about work. My Life was shit. I don't know how I survived or how my animals survived. I guess I'm blessed and had my brother, my family, my friends and even my Ex-wife family still to help me through all of this. ( yes even after this break up, separation I still talk to my new family and they keep me around. I'm so blessed for that.) I've become close friends with someone who also had there wife left them. Now all we do is go on adventures and take pictures and it's perfect.

It took a few weeks and my amazing friends to boost me up and tell me that what happen was for the best because the Mikey they knew had day months before all this had happen. That they didn't see me doing as much photography, or gaming out or nerding. That I had turned myself into something else to make someone else more happy but not make myself. . .

So I took a few to myself and figured my shit out. I decided to find the Mikey I knew once again and lots of healing process. I started to travel randomly again, and get out and go on adventures for photography. I started to nerd out again and I started watch anime, play video games.

My wife may of left me, and that's okay. I understand. Maybe we weren't simply meant to be after all and that is fine. I hope for the best for her and that maybe down the road we will be friends again and talk. I don't hate her for anything that has happen. I was angry at first and now after I've thought about it. I wish nothing ill of her other then to fix herself in the future so she will one day find happiness. that is all I wish for her now.

I have found someone, or they found me. I don't know. But it was great. When I first meet her randomly in Kelowna. I thought I was going to get laid but that was the last on our minds. We talked for hours, we went on adventures. Arcade ( Kicked her ass in Go-kart racing.) and went and did Exit. Next day we just went on an epic walk and looked around Kelowna. Safe to assume I just had so much fun with her.

She came up for Pride in Quesnel and I think I had the most fun in my life. She helped out for the event big time. She even helped out at my house. She cleaned, cooked and took care of my dogs well I was working all the time. She helped herself with the pride Society. She is just a blast to be around. The distance sucks but you know what. That makes people closer in the long run.

It's safe to assume, That I am no longer in that dark place I thought I was in. I'm glad that I found someone who needs me and I need them. She is truly amazing. I can't wait to have her here again too visit.

It's safe to assume, That I am back. I am strong, I am me and I have amazing Photos to come again. I've gone on some amazing adventures and stories to tell. I'm back to being me, and my energy is strong.
  • Listening to: Your Call-Secondhand Serenade
  • Watching: Orange is the New Black
  • Drinking: Pepsi Slurpee




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Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Happy Birthday Mikey. I hope it's safe and awesome one for you.
Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
After patting your belly for eating a delicious burger, you hear the doorbell ring. You get up slowly as the burger, fries and milkshake you ate has made you quite tired and heavy. You pass some gas and then burp while making your way to the door. You unlock the door and open it to find a short, Oldman with yellow skin standing there. He wore big, round, thick and frameless glasses. He had white long sleeve shirt with a blue tie, dark green dress pants and a cane in one hand. The old man was looking up at the sky and then pulled out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his forehead “Well you’re certainly doing your job today Mr. Sun” said the old man. He then adjusted his glasses but the suns beams on his lenses caused him to suddenly light his dress shirt on fire “Oh no, oh well I might as well say what I came here to do. Um my name is Hans Moleman and I was paid five cents by MobisNewNest to come here and thank you for favoring a piece in his gallery. Have a nice day” said Hans. He then turns around and walks off into the distance while still on fire.
Wetterlage Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016
All my best wishes to your birthday :shamrock:, dear mikey!  :iconwhiteroseplz:  :hug:
I hope that you're fine and that you have a great summertime! :sun:  :-)
Wetterlage Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016
I thank you very much for your kind :+devwatch:!   :iconflowerthnxplz:
WalkingKiddMiles Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
no prob!
Blaze6145 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Happy bday!!!!
WalkingKiddMiles Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Blaze6145 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Among course! God bless you!
Livelifedifferently Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Frostbitten lips; give them a kiss
Look at my eyes that reflect my smile.
My smile, so great, it cannot wait
to press itself upon your face.
Your kisses are cold, but I do not mind
Your the one I think of all of the time.
I am winter, but you are spring
But go, my love, bloom and sing!
Look at my shoes; they are not there
My feet, in the snow, they are so bare.
But they are not cold; not in the least
My love, like my thoughts, they won't decease.
I've found you; Now your mine!
Captured in a trap I made out of twine.
My heart for bait, then watched with my soul.
Why I must have you; you shine like gold.
A snowy kiss, my lips never miss.
They wait, they wait, then capture their prey.
They go separate ways, then they meet the same day,
right on your lips, your lips are their prey.
"Why my cheeks?! Their as cold as ice!"
Before kissing me, you should of thought twice.
My dear spring fairy, your no match for me.
Soon, very soon, us two will meet ♥
Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

While reorganizing your closet one evening you are interrupted by your doorbell ringing. As you proceed to answer the door you’re annoyed at the ringing because of how many times your unknown guest keeps pressing the button for the doorbell. You open the door and before you stand to individuals. One was Caucasian with brown hair, braces and wore a black t-shirt with letters AC that was spaced with a lightening logo and then followed by the letters DC. The other was Caucasian as well with blond hair and wore dark blue shirt with the words METALLICA written on front. The one with the METALLICA shirt continued to ring your door bell. “I’m here now so you can stop ringing that” you say calmly as you waive his hand away from the doorbell. “Huhuhuhuhuhhuh DING DONG! Hey Butt-Head you wanna know what would be cool, if it like went DING DONG THE BITCH IS DEAD Huhuhuhuhuhhuh like that wizard of Ozzy movie Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” said the blond haired guy “Hehehehehehe It’s wizard of Oz numb nuts Heheheheheheh” replied the Butt-Head “Oh yeah Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” replied the blond haired guy. “Can I help you guys” you say annoyed by their immature conversation. “Hey Beavis what did Mobis say we gotta do again? Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” said Butt-Head. Suddenly Beavis takes his shift collar and brings it up over his ears until it covers up to his forehead, just leaving his face showing then shouts “I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO, I THANK YO FOR THE FAVO AND I NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE! Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” yelled Beavis. At this point you’re annoyed and about to rage “That was cool Hehehehehehe, so can you like let us in and give us food? We’re your guests Hehehehehehe” asked Butt-Head. “Ok, we’re done here” you reply as you’re frustrated and slam the door in their faces. “Aw man that sucked Huhuhuhuhuhhuh” said Beavis “Hehehehehehe Hey Beavis, wanna pee on the doorbell? Hehehehehehe” asked Butt-Head. “YEAH! YEAH! Huhuhuhuhuhhu” said Beavis.

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