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Hi, everyone! :wave:

I know it's rare for me to write my own journal, though the past few days have been a wonder that I wished to share with everyone that reads my journals :)

There's a new artist to DA, called Twystedroots who creates wonderful sculptures. I'd like to share one of them with you that just arrived at my home today:

Pink firework miniature tree of life sculpture by Twystedroots

The sculpture is a wonder to behold, that fills you with so much joy when holding it in your hands, with colours that are truly breathtaking.

This is the first time that I've purchased an artwork from a fellow artist on DA and if this kind of sculpture brings a smile to your face as it does mine, then fear not, as Twysted Roots has an online shop dedicated to her beautiful creations:

And here is a link to her DA profile page:

The sculpture arrived double boxed with plenty of inside protective padding, with a speedy delivery service. Purchase and delivery details are available via Twysted Roots' website.

Happy shopping! 

:heart: Dreamlight :heart:
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That is so beautiful (and faerie) :love:
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A magical home for our fairy friends, most definetly! - it's a tree you can dream in :hug:

I smile so much seeing its beauty, my friend. The skill needed to produce such a delightful sculpture is exquisite :heart:
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Very beautiful! Love
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Thank you so much WalkinginDreamlight for sharing this on deviant art and for your kind words. I'm very grateful and appreciative that you took the time to do this and would love to link to it if I may on my facebook page and possibly this weeks blog, which I haven't written yet but it would be lovely to add this in. 

I'm so pleased you're happy with it - you've made me very happy with your reaction. 

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You're welcome - Of course you can link to the journal :)

I'm delighted and full of joy! :w00t:
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