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1 - Could you tell us a little about yourself, and when did you find that you were interested in creating traditional art?

Even as a child, I was drawn to watercolors, I loved seeing Janusz Grabiański's artński+ilustracje and Oraz J. M. Szancer and other authors illustrations.

It didn't work then, but 11 years ago it came back and continues to this day :)

Uroczy Poranek/ Lovely morning
Lagowski blask/Lagow in shine
Pelnia lata/Midsummer
Azure beauty

2 - How did you end up joining DeviantArt?

My friend recommended this website to me.

Jesienna Nostalgia/ Autumn melancholy
Sowa Sofia/ Sophia the Owl
Bialy Ksiaze/White Prince
Kacze opowiesci/ Duck Tales

3 - What is it that attracts you to traditional art?

That it creates something tangible and unique and all these gadgets!

Adios pomidory
Porzeczkowa Kisc/ Currant bunch
Jajka w indygo/ Indigo eggs
Taki szczypiorek/Just spring onion

4 - Your gallery is filled with beautiful artworks. Could you tell us about the process that evolves from an idea, into the finished artwork that you upload?

It is often the case that I see something that delights me, I take "reference" photos, review them, compose and visualize (in my head) colors and wasches. Sometimes it doesn't work :)

I also use photos of other people (it's hard to take a picture of some birds or animals), but then the watercolor probably doesn't work that well (to me).

Romantyczny Klematis
Warm meadow
On the green meadow
Anemonowy Dyptyk

5 - Which are your favourite artworks in your gallery, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?

There are times when you have an impression: it paints itself, the stains are arranged perfectly and then I like this work more than others, but that does not mean that others like it the same ;)

Porzeczkowa Obietnica/ Currant promise
Tofik Z Ulicy Kociej II/ Tofik from Kocia Street
Zimny dran / Cold rogue

6 - Which other artist(s) do you admire on DA?

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:


Cryptid Creations:




Sad rabbit / Adorable Bunny
Przed Burza/Before the storm

Thank you to Stokrotas for taking part in Feature It Monday's Guest Interview!

Trzy Pieknosci/ Three beauties
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Thank You very much for invitation! :heart:

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You're welcome! :hug:

It was a wonderful opportunity as well to see more of your gallery and see the life you breathe into your artworks, which are beautiful to behold :heart: