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1 - Could you tell us a little about yourself, and when did you find that you were interested in creating Traditional art?

My name is Sara Arasteh. I am a self-taught traditional artist. I currently live in California. I have a BS. in Electrical Engineering and MS. in Computer Science.

As far as I remember, I was interested in art, especially drawing and painting. I doodle anytime that I have a chance. My school books were full of doodles. But specifically, there was an inspiring moment that motivated me to create more. It happened when I was 10 and attended a private adult art class as a guest. The teacher was impressed by my work and asked me to come back for the next class. I was happier than ever, and I still remember that moment.

He not only taught me new skills, but also motivated me to practice more. I continued creating and joining other art classes even when I was in college, however I was very busy with course works. There was a time that I could not learn new art skills or even practice at all, but I never stopped loving it.

Half Empty Half Full
Bubbles of Dream
Lost in an Old Memory
A Ride over the Deep Blue

2 - How did you end up joining DeviantArt?

2017 was a new start for my art journey. I decided to start on a new media, watercolor.

I had not done any serious work with watercolor prior to that. It was a whole new world for me which was very challenging compared to pastel/pencils. I decided to explore other watercolorist’s works. Most of the very interesting works redirected me to the deviant art website.

I remembered the very first day that I created my account; I was very glad that I could find any artist that I wanted with all their beautiful artworks. After a month, I started posting some of my new works to deviant art. DA had a very friendly and welcoming community and soon I got nice and inspiring comments and it motivates me to create more.

Spring Fever
Shatters of Doubt
Eternal Melody
Let the Wind Blow

3 - What is it that attracts you to Traditional art?

I admire both traditional and digital arts. However, I enjoy making the traditional arts more than digital. It simply can be a good feeling found in sketching on paper or mixing real colors.

We have less tools to come up with the right color or an accurate sketch. In digital we can go back or change anytime as needed. In traditional media, especially watercolor, we do not have this chance. We may modify, but we can not totally undo what we did.

We need to decide at some point or let the painting lead us, similar to our life. We can choose to be happy with the path that is in front of us and let it lead us or we can start looking to find the ones with the most clear overview.

We can always change our path, but most of the time, there is no choice to undo what we have done.

On the Edge of Time
Reflection of Freedom
Feel the Music..
Unravelled Destiny

4 - Your gallery is filled with beautiful artworks. Could you tell us about the process that evolves from an idea, into the finished artwork that you upload?

It is not a very straightforward process, the reason that makes it challenging and interesting at the same time.

I have two main inspiration pools. The first one is the work of other artists that inspire me, I gather the link or the picture. Second one is the list of my desired future work titles or quotes that I like.

Sometimes I have something in my mind, from any of the inspiration pools, it is not clearly defined. During the process, the story gradually will be shaped and developed. Some other times, I have a more clear idea, so I sketch it in photoshop or on paper to have a well-defined model. This way is usually much easier, since I know the whole idea.

My favorite part is when I finish the whole story and I need to add small details. To upload, I take a picture and touch it digitally as needed, since the picture does not always turn out well.

Misty Farewell
Somewhere Close to Impossible
Unsaid Words..
A Long Long Winter

5 - Which are your favourite artworks in your gallery, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?

Each one has its own place in my heart, however sometimes I am not very happy with the results.

If I want to pick some of my faves, the first would be: “A Shell As Big As the Universe”. It was one of my first galaxy series. It is a girl who is breaking through a galaxy shell, to say that we can tackle any obstacle, and go beyond boundaries, as she breaks the shell as big as the universe.

The second, is “Miss World”, a woman who has parts of the world map on her face. To say, the world is the unified beauty of different shapes and colors. It was accepted as an iconic piece for the “Beyond Border” art show and I got very surprised when I saw it on a billboard for the first time.

Then last, but not least is, “Once There Was Light”, a girl who is following the shooting stars that are going out of the broken light bulb to see why the light is fading away. For this one I got the Daily Deviation feature for the first time.

A Shell As Big As the Universe
Miss World..
Once There Was Light

6 - Which other artist(s) do you admire on DA?

There are many great watercolorists in DA that I follow and admire like kelogsloops, kimberly80, ericadalmaso, and jane-beata. I am afraid that I can not name all of them. The most inspiring artist for me was agnes-cecil’s.

Her watercolor time-lapse video was one of my first inspirations to start on watercolors.

She uses watercolor in a different way, and her works are very expressive, and still are my number one favorite.

Song of Harmony
Borderless Mind
Mind Chatter

Thank you to Sara-Arasteh for taking part in Feature It Monday's Guest Interview!

Tomorrow I Will..
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Thank you so much for the interview!

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It was a pleasure to feature your beautiful artworks! :)