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1 - How did you end up joining DeviantArt?

I joined DA 12 years ago. I was just looking for “Neverwinter Nights 2” fan art, but I found much more. DA is one of the most important parts of my life now.

Her faith
Commission : Alchemist
Commission : Flowers

2 - What is it that attracts you to digital art?

As it’s been said, I can’t call myself a digital artist.I have no preference between digital and traditional art.

Commission : Sobek
Commission : winter dusk
Commission : Leive
Commission : I must go

3 - Your gallery is filled with beautiful artworks. Could you tell us about the process that evolves from an idea, into the finished artwork that you upload?

Most drawings in my gallery are commissioned works. So, ideas and characters are not mine, everything belongs to my customers.

Commission : Lady Nona
Commission: Keeva
Commission : Aria'lys Jai'galaar
Commission : Vadariya

4 - Which are your favourite artworks in your gallery, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?

Well, I no longer upload personal drawings that means a lot to me. As for my commission gallery- yes, there are some favorite and most successful works, but I wouldn’t like to show my preference. I think it would be impolite to the rest of my customers.

Commission : Arwyn
Commission : Hallador and Andromeda
A New Member by Isbjorg
Commission : Campfire

5 - Which other artist(s) do you admire on DA?

Haha, It’s the same question as “what if your favorite book” or “what is your favorite band” =DThe list is endless.

Commission : Winter Wedding
Commission : Princess
Commission: Celestial glow

Thanks to Isbjorg for taking part in Feature It Monday's Guest Interview!

Commission : Huntress
Commission: Diane de Valombre
Commission : Prisoner
Commission: Serilye
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Thank you so much for featuring me! :heart:

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A pleasure to feature your wonderful artworks! :heart: