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1 - Could you tell us a little about yourself, and when did you find that you were interested in creating digital art?

I am Alexander Rommel, was born in Russia, now living in Germany. I have studied landscape architecture and urban planning.

I have always been doodling around, but have been mostly too lazy for painting. In 2012, I came in contact with digital art for the first time, realized how cool it is and bought a graphic tablet in early 2013. Since then, digital painting is my favorite technique.

Big Cloud
Virgin Land
late autumn
Air Brush

2 - How did you end up joining DeviantArt?

I had a Deviantart membership even before I started digital painting. I uploaded some photos I considered good and was experimenting with photo-manipulation.

Age Of Discovery
Gone Astray (to the stars)
Sea Of Trees

3 - What is it that attracts you to digital art?

A great thing in it is, that the software gives you nearly unlimited possibilities of creation.

Still, you need your own hand and mind to create a good artwork. Against the common opinion, its wrong that the computer does most of the job for you. It's more of a mutual relationship, a symbiosis.

Another practical thing about digital art, is that it needs not much preparation, does not produce waste, any smells or high costs. I am a chaotic person, so for me its good to spontaneously be able to decide when to paint, when to stop and when to start again.

Wild Water
De Syv Sostre
Ghost Ship

4 - Your gallery is filled with beautiful artworks. Could you tell us about the process that evolves from an idea, into the finished artwork that you upload?

The process is not that spectacular, I guess. First, I do some composition sketches usually on paper. The main painting process is mostly not continuous and consists of larger breaks of several hours or days. At least, when it’s not a commission with a tight schedule.

a world ruled by nature
The Sea of Space
Phoenix Nebula
made of water

5 - Which are your favourite artworks in your gallery, and why do they hold a special place in your heart?

The piece, "On Shore of the sky" is kind of special, it was the first artwork which reached really many people, and got a large response.

The artwork, "Made of Water" is good, because it tells that you don't really have to have anything to feel good, and you can create something out of nothing.

I like "The Sea of Space" because of its calmness, and "Bonfire" because I think it's just cool.

On shore of the sky: Artistic Journey contest
Below Sky Level
split-second tree

6 - Which other artist(s) do you admire on DA?

I love the works of Artem, Cheboha, Alexey Andreev, Alexandra Khitrova, Niken Anindita, Alena Aenami, Gary Tonge, Alex Ries, Cyril Rolando … to mention some.

Though the content often differs from mine and from each other, still they all have their own way of inspiring me, making me say just “wow!

a drop of the universe
Where we come from
On Shore Of Space
Sky Bridge to the Wheel of Sun

Thanks to Aerroscape for taking part in Feature It Monday's Guest Interview!

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what a beautiful works :wow:

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@Aerroscape is a very talented artist indeed :)